• Local: Freeport, Bahamas
  • Duração: 3 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 19,99

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Kym S , Novembro 2016

Awesome experience!! Thank you

Avaliado por: Belinda S , Julho 2016

Driver was excellent and trip to beach was relaxing and enjoyable!

Avaliado por: Jenifer M , Abril 2016

Our driver Bryce was awesome and so informative! Beach was nice, we did not snorkel but they had snorkel equipment to rent. We had a stingray a little one come right up near the shore where we were.Not crowded which was great.

Avaliado por: fiora.42 , France, Maio 2015

super plage , même s'il faut payer 10 Dollars pour juste entrer sur la plage , des jarres sont disposées dans l'eau tous les poissons sont là pour nous, avec ou sans masque, de plus nous sommes transporter en limousine, ou voiture de luxe, n'hésitez pas.....

Avaliado por: Keith D , Março 2015

This tour was amazing!!! I would definitely go again

Avaliado por: Amanda P , Fevereiro 2015

Tour was great. Got picked up in an Escalade limo which is always a plus. We even got a little local tour in for nation on our way buy a guide we had riding with us in the back. He was running a tad late, but we got back on time so it all evened out. Would definitely use them again!

Avaliado por: John T , Dezembro 2014

Great relaxing getaway from the crowds. The food was not good the chicken wings were very greasy and soggy. The beer and the mixed drinks were good though. I would highly recommend this for the money you cant go wrong.

Avaliado por: David B , Setembro 2014

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Lori P , Junho 2015

We actually ended up going to a different beach as we were the only ones and there was a very nice non-crowded beach where the entry fee was only 2. The transportation company Fran's Tours and Limousine Service was great. They dropped us and asked us what time we wanted picked up... then they even sent a limo. We will be using them again when we return to Freeport in a couple of months.

Avaliado por: Sharon P , Outubro 2014

We loved this excursion. Our shuttle was there right on time waiting for us. All 17 of us. She was so much fun. She gave us lots of information about the island and what we were seeing and entertained us with jokes and singing. The beach was not crowded at all. Maybe 10 or 15 people besides our group. We had three young children with us and the water was calm and safe. Our shuttle driver (I wish I could remember her name. It started with an S.) stayed with us until it was time to return to the ship, so we were never worried that we wouldn't be back in time. She even took us to her special swimming spot and let our teen agers dive in for a few moments. What fun! I would recommend this excursion for those who would like to avoid the high cost of ship sponsored excursions. SRP

Avaliado por: Clifford R , Setembro 2014

The place is new, clean and very nice . The staff was wonderful and the food was really good, try the conch fritters ! The driver from the port was Bryce, he is funny, very knowledgable and proud of his home island. It was like getting an island tour , totally awesome. Bryce is nice! lol

Avaliado por: chrst2dn , Abril 2015

The pick-up time for both excursions I booked was at 8:30 am, with all of us going to Paradise Cove. One pick up was in front of Senoir Frogs and the other pick up at the cruise terminal. We did not know that Senoir Frog was a mile walk from the terminal. Since we were all in the same party and going to the same place, we just assumed we could all be picked up in front of the cruise terminal although how we could all have the same pick up time at two different locations was beyond me. So after calling Fran's Tour pick up service, we were finally picked up at 9:00 am. The guide was very informative about the island, but once we got to Paradise Cove, she gave me daughter and her boyfriend their snorkel gear, placed a few drops of baby shampoo in the masks, took us to the desk to pay the fee for the island and told us they would be debriefed by someone else about where they could and couldn't go. She left to do another tour and said she would be back. As soon as my daughter got out to the water and went to put the mask on, it broke. She went up to the people where we checked in and they called the tour company. The gentlemen named Brice answered the phone and told her that his wife was on another tour and she might be able to bring another mask back in an hour or so. So at this point the pick-up was 30 mins late, the mask was broke and my daughter missed out on an hour of snorkeling time. I personally called Brice and he questioned me as to whether she went over the equipment with us. I told him that no she did not, and he proceeded to tell me that basically it was his wife's word against ours and that he could actually charge me 25.00 for damaged equipment. I had three other witnesses that could vouch that she did in fact not go over the equipment with us. He told me she would be back by 10:45 to drop another mask off. When she did come back with the mask, she still didn't go over with my daughter the mask to make sure it was not broken or worn in any way.

Avaliado por: amilloyd , United States of America, Junho 2016

To be honest, it seemed a little run down. I realize that this is not the wealthy side of the island. The establishment was not open when we arrived in the morning. Also, keep in mind you will need to pay for EVERYTHING when you get there. The posted admission price of 4 does not apply's actually 10 per person because we arrived via a tour company. I heard the snorkeling is great on a calm day. It had been storming the day we arrived so there was not much to be seen. The staff was friendly and informative but I would not recommend anyone new to snorkeling if this is your first time.

Avaliado por: Diane D , Agosto 2016

I could not find the Viator transportation. After leaving the ship, we looked around and could not see a sign anywhere for the bus .

Avaliado por: Diane D , Agosto 2016

I could not find the Viator transportation. After leaving the ship, we looked around and could not see a sign anywhere for the bus .

Avaliado por: Mel S , Agosto 2016

The local excursion group refused to take us on the excursion because not enough people booked it for them to make enough money! Unbelievable! It was only a 30 minute drive to our destination and still they refused to take us to that reef to snorkel for the excursion we had pre paid for. And now it was too late in the day to book any other excursion. They could have at least emailed us before hand so we could make other arrangements. But now we are standing off the boat dock with no where to go and it is now noon. They then talked us into going to a closer beach where Brice the head of Frans Tours said they was a reef right off the beach we could swim right to. Right... after they dropped us off we found out we were at a busy tourist beach with absolutely no reef in site and only a flat sandy bottom. Even the local workers on the beach made it clear there was no reef anywhere near that beach. Horrible excursion group. Not honest! Avoid Frans Tours!

Avaliado por: Janice T , Julho 2016

It was AWFUL!!!!
First off, it took us 30 minutes to find the people. On the trip to the beach, we were informed that he could have taken us to a less expensive beach, but guess what we just passed it. We get to the beach area, pay 9.00, get a free drink...the girl ask how did you get here, we told her with Bryan or Bryce whatever his name was. she immediately took back our drinks and it cost us 15 to on the beach! On the trip back he was rude....Not a good experience at all. Would never use this service again!

Avaliado por: Steve D , Junho 2016

Thundering, lightening, funnel clouds spotted so we were not able to go!