• Local: Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos
  • Duração: 2 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Suzanne C , Janeiro 2017

Wonderful experience! Rum punch, snorkeling, stingrays, and an experienced guide who took very good care of us newbies!

Avaliado por: Bradley W , Novembro 2016

Amazing experience! Our boat captain took us to a reef to snorkel first,he gave us bottles of food to attract the fish. Beautiful! He then took us to Gibbs Cay and got in the water,the stingrays came up to him. As he put his arms in the water they swam up for hugs. We got in one at a time for kisses from the stingray and some really Awesome pictures! It's an experience you won't forget! We can't wait to go back!

Avaliado por: Lynda F , Outubro 2016

Amazing. A must do when in Grand Turks! Thanks to the Captain and his mate for a great day!

Avaliado por: Kristen C , Outubro 2016

This excursion was EXCELLENT!! I would highly recommend it to everyone! We arrived in Grand Turk on a Cruise, and it was only a short 5 minute walk down the beach until we arrived at their boat. Our two tour guides were SO nice and very personable. There was about 12 people total. It was a very intimate excursion not like the one's we saw that were booked through the cruise line that had over 100 people. On our boat ride to our first stop, the guides gave us some history about the island which was very interesting! Our first stop was snorkeling at the coral reef, and we saw tons of fish, and a little shark!! It was harmless, and the guides fed it. Next we went snorkeling at the drop off. We were given water bottles with bread by the guides to feed the fish out of. When you opened the top, there must have been a hundred fish swarming you to try and eat! AND we saw Harry the Barracuda!! What an experience! Next, we went diving for conch so we could feed the stingrays at our next stop. When we arrived at Gibbs Cay, there was about 10 stingrays swimming around us. At first I was nervous, but the guides made you feel extremely safe, and the stingrays were very gentle. Each of us got to hold and kiss the stingray! Our amazing guides also took the fresh Conch, and made each of us Conch and salsa salad! It was delicious!! This excursion is one you absolutely cannot miss!! I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Avaliado por: Mary-Jo P , Junho 2016

They were great...didn't nickle and dime you for extras like pictures or video, helpful, and caught conch, made conch salad fresh and gave us the shells....amazing experience

Avaliado por: James S , Junho 2016

My family had a wonderful time on this trip. The beach was beautiful and our group of 6 was the only one participating in this excursion. It was an intimate experience and ours kids absolutely loved it.

Avaliado por: Robert W , Abril 2016

Great Trip, walking on the small island was wonderful, snorkeling with the stingrays was wonderful, our guides were very accommodating, and helpful.

Avaliado por: ROBIN M , Abril 2015


Avaliado por: John H , Março 2015

This your was perfect. The captain was very knowledgable and accommodating. The weather and te island were perfect. Of course the stingrays were the stars of the show. My little one, who is only 19 months old even enjoyed touching the sting rays. Highly recommend this tour!

Avaliado por: steale74 , Fevereiro 2015

Daniel was very very nice and kind. Highly Recommended

Avaliado por: Patty D , Dezembro 2014

It was a small group if six which was really nice. Daniel our tour guide was so good and environmentaly conscious which I appreciated. We got to see and touch stingrays and saw beautiful fish while snorkeling.
I would definetely do another tour with Daniel.

Avaliado por: Craig R , Dezembro 2014

The crew was great and found us on the beach without us having to wait long. Our family had the boat to ourselves and the crew was very accommodating for my kids 4, 5, and 7 years of ago.

Avaliado por: Karen S , Outubro 2014

Was awesome our guide brought a stingray to me. He showed me how to pet it and whisper to it . The awsome part it fell asleep on me for at least 10 min. It was fantastic

Avaliado por: Bummy , Setembro 2014

Great tour guides......would rather tour with non cruise excursions. More flexible, try harder to provide service, are less formal and outgoing. Great experience for me and my family. Highly recommend the Stingray Adventure.

Lester B.

Avaliado por: Jessica F , Julho 2016

It was just my family on the tour so it was great! The guides caught conch right from the boat and cleaned up the shells as souvenirs which was a pleasant surprise. The stingray encounter was really cool and the area where we were taken to was beautiful, however all the tours went to the same exact spot so I think it scared some of the fish away for snorkeling. Still worth taking the tour though, had a great time.

Avaliado por: peter o , Junho 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Deborah I L , Setembro 2014

The snorkeling was amazing. I really felt like I was on the wall. Even though I personally wouldn't go down that far. The guys on the boat were very good at making sure my kids and I were comfortable with our abilities. They didn't push us beyond our limits but gave us a great experience. I also appreciate that we felt no rush or sense of urgency to get out and done. Small group and very personal touch.

Avaliado por: Constance A , Junho 2016

The tour was good but we ran out of gas on our way back to the ship and if the ship hadn and #39;t alotted extra we would have missed boarding. The tour guide knew his business and took care of things except the gas.

Avaliado por: Daniela R , Setembro 2014

Gibbs Cay was beautiful and there were certainly lots of stingray to swim with. Other than seeing the stingray in waist high water, there were little fish to see. I only gave this three stars because our guide did nothing to make our trip special. The ad said the guide would handle the stingrays and tell us about them. He did none of that. I don't even think he left his boat. On top of that the snorkel equipment we were given has a gasoline fuel smell to it. I changed masks three times and the smell was still present. Bottled water was supplied but the cooler that it was in was dirty. Overall the boat was unkept. When we left the island both engines had problems starting.

We were assigned to Island Seas Adventures and our Guide was Tim. He was pleasant, but as I said he did nothing to show us about the stingrays or to get us close to a reef that we later found was close by. He did not have life vests that were usable for snorkeling only the official coast guard big vests, not that you needed them to see the sting rays, but if you want to go out further the current did get stronger. At first were happy that the island was remote and that there was little activity other than us. But, it turned out that several other boats came in with visitors. The good thing about that was that their guides showed us about the reef and they were picking up the stingrays, taking pictures etc. Overall it was fun, but that was only because the other guides made it interesting. For a simple boat ride to a remote island it was a little costly at $60 per person.

Avaliado por: Heather J , Dezembro 2015

More time snorkeling and less time at Gibbs Cay would have been nice. Very few stingray at Gibbs Cay and though our guide caught one for us to touch and pet, the rest of the time spent there I has wished we would have spent out viewing the reef.

Avaliado por: James K , Fevereiro 2015

Nice guide and boat ride but no sting rays to interact with. I heard from others on the trip including the guide that afternoon is the best time for the rays - we did morning. If morning really isn't that great, I wish they would only arrange afternoon trips. My wife didn't get to see stingrays in Grand Cayman with me last year so I really wanted her to see them this time. I know nature isn't predictable and the guide did his best to roust them up. He also provided an additional snorkeling opportunity for those with the time to do it, to make up for the lack of rays, so I rate him pretty highly for his effort.

Avaliado por: Larry L , Maio 2016

I recently went on the excursion to Gibbs Cay in Grand Turk with Frankie and Cal. I am very disappointed in this tour, and I feel that your description does not at all reflect the experience we had. The tour was supposed to be two hours. Our tour was only one hour. Frankie showed us one stingray and then spent the rest of the time smoking on the boat with the Cal. In the description that I paid for, it states, Bob in the water with your knowledgeable guide to learn about the stingrays habitats, breeding patterns and life alongside humans. There was virtually no interaction with your guides and any of us on this tour. In fact, the only way we could pet the stingray and learn anything about them was to pretend that we were on the tour with the other group who had wonderful guides that were very involved with all of the customers. There was no offer to hold up the stingrays so we could take photos with them. It was complete involvement.

The description also reads, enjoy stops along the reef to dive into the warm Caribbean water, which teems with sea life. There were no stops along the reef to dive into the water. We went straight to Gibbs Cay and then back all within 60 minutes.

With only one day in Grand Turk, we spent a lot of time deciding how to spend our valuable day there. We were terribly disappointed with this day which did not measure up to your description by any means. I hope you will find better tour guides who actually want to be there and interact with your customers so that no one else wastes their time and money on this tour.

Avaliado por: Maxine , Outubro 2015

I was the only one booked on this tour, so the owner didn't even show up, instead, he called one of the other tour comapnies and I went with them. The boat broke down and we had to wait to get it fixed. The other 6 people on the trip were also on a cruise, so instead of missing the cruise ship, we forgoed the snorkeling part of the trip. We saw 3 stingrays and held one to take a couple of photos. Very disappointing and would never recommend this company to anyone.