• Local: Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Duração: 16 horas (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 170,00

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Avaliado por: Jeff B , Novembro 2016

This is an excellent trip as long as you know what you are in for, so please read the description! It is a full 16 hours from start to finish, but it was one of our highlights for our trip to Costa Rica! The guide was very knowledgeable and friendly and had made the border crossing multiple times so he knew how to make it as quick and painless as possible. You will spend a lot of time in the bus but each stop and each tour was unique and exciting. Highly recommend this tour if you can handle sitting for long periods of time. It was a great way to see the country both Costa Rica and Nicaragua and experience a bit of the local cuisine and shopping! I would not recommend it for children as it was a long, long day! As long as you have an adventurous spirit, this is very worthwhile!

Avaliado por: Tina R , Setembro 2016

This tour was very interesting. Our bilingual tour guide was very educated and professional and provided us with information about the country, volcanos, and the culture on our way to Nicaragua, which made the bus ride seem shorter than it was. The food was good, especially the lunch. Communication leading up to the day of the trip was also very good. This tour was worth the price we paid and we would highly recommend this tour. Kenny and Tina Robertson of Kansas

Avaliado por: Robin W , Maio 2015

The highlight in my 7 days' holiday in Costa Rico.

Brian, the tour guide, is very nice and knowledgeable. Overall it's a safe, well organized trip.

Avaliado por: bigfoot6ft6 , Dezembro 2014

Brian our guide was outstanding. Especially enjoyed Granada. Horse carriage ride, lunch, and souvenir shopping on the square were highpoints. Catarina scenic views were nice, and souvenir shopping at the local market was best on our trip. Masaya Volcano was picturesque. Breakfast in Liberia was delicious. Only negative is border crossing to/ from Nicaragua. Long wait and redundant checks by health and customs personnel Use the bathroom in CR as it is free. Will cost you $1-$5 to go in Nicaragua while you clear customs. Souvenir sellers in Nicaragua Customs Stop are aggressive.

Avaliado por: Yalila M , Outubro 2014

This tour was truly more than what my best friend and I expected. Very organized and full a little surprises. Loved our tour guide Marco. He was very knowledgable and friendly. great trip!!!

Avaliado por: Michelle I , Março 2014

Excellent day trip! The guide and driver made the border crossing very smooth. We learned some great details about Nicaragua and now want to visit again for a longer stay. The volcanoes were awe inspiring and the boat trip was very relaxing. Breakfast wasn't anything special, but lunch was delicious! My only qualm was that we were quite rushed at the market, but the tour was great other than that!

Avaliado por: Tiffany H , Março 2014

Amazing tour, in large part due to the personality and knowledge of our guide, David. The country is beautiful and we made stops including a boat tour of Lake Nicaragua, walking through Granada, and a view of the volcano. We picked up four people who had started the tour a couple of days earlier and spent nights in Granada, then continued on to conclude the tour with our group. I strongly encourage people who have the opportunity to take advantage of this option, since Granada is beautiful and offers many things to do and see if you extend your stay. I was amazed by the enormous energy windmill field that we passed when entering and exiting Nicaragua. Overall, this was a wonderful tour and well spent excursion, in large part due to the additional information offered by David. Thank you!

Avaliado por: MARTHA W , Janeiro 2014

It was a long day, but so well worth it! The tour guide did a great job, especially getting us through border control seemlessly. The bus was comfortable, the sights were beautiful. The lunch was awesome, exceeded expectations for sure. We always felt safe and well taken care of by the drivers and guide. The carriage ride thru Granada was the highlight. The views from San Juan Del Sur's Christ statue were spectacular. Through out the entire day, we saw so much, yet never felt rushed.

Avaliado por: djfuzzy4eva , Julho 2013

My tours were amazing!!!!! I had a great time. I would definitely recommend the Nicaragua day trip!!!! Nicaragua is beautiful!!! The monkey island, Masaya volcano etc. Just beautiful!!! Ziplining in Costa Rica Awesome!! I had a blast!!!

Avaliado por: robert g , Junho 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Brandon H , Fevereiro 2014

The tour itself was great. I agree with everything the other reviewers said. Long, but worth it. We had a 2.5 year old with us and he actually did fine with the trip. There IS a lot of driving time (especially the return... it was about 3.5-4 hours with a stop at the border in between) but the tour guide fills it with useful information and after a full day of activity our son just fell asleep. My review while 4 stars would really be 2 stars if I were rating only Viator. But I rated the tour and I'll just tell you my experience going through Viator in Costa Rica was not great. The Viator tour description included a bit more than we actually received and we found it difficult to make contact with the local operator we were supposed to call when we arrived in Costa Rica. We also found that the tour we were on was the same tour that other hotel guests booked locally for less money. All in all it was an unnecessary hassle. Some countries it's useful booking these kinds of trips with an American company but in this case it caused more confusion. The Viator agents however were very responsive and did refund us for the items promised and not delivered (carriage ride, cruise in Nicaragua). If you go with the right expectations it's an amazing experience. We were a little doubtful about the quality of our tour operator given the issues we faced in communicating with them (not 100% due to the language barrier, but poor organization, disconnected numbers, careless review of information sent etc.), but it turned out to be a great company (hotelbeds) that did the actual tour. We were pleased once we re-aligned our expectations with those of the other hotel guests on the same tour.

Avaliado por: Maricela S , Fevereiro 2014

Mark was a fantastic tour guide! Filled with information, and wow, every word in English and French, and perfect Spanish with the locals! A very long day, but sooo interesting. Lunch was fantastic. Amazing experience and 4 stamps in th passport in one day!-score!

Avaliado por: Darville O , Janeiro 2014

Excellent guide and driver, the food at the late lunch was excellent. It is a long day, but worth it.

Avaliado por: Annette L , Setembro 2013

This was a fantastic day trip. Guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. All others on the trip noted their satisfaction as well. The carriage ride through Granada was beautiful. I would highly recommend this trip if you have the time.
Annette Loso, Vermont

Avaliado por: Samantha S , Abril 2016

Loved seeing the country. Granada was wonderful as well as the boat tour around Lake Nicaragua. The bus ride was very long and bumpy and the guide did not give much info about what we were seeing or doing.

Avaliado por: Miriam L , Junho 2015

I was definitely underwhelmed. Very long day and long wait times at the border. The only cool part was the active volcano but you can't really see much because of the sulphur. If you are visiting Costa Rica, I would recommend visiting other places in Costa Rica.

Avaliado por: Kay W , Janeiro 2015

After our initial issues with making our reservations, we were pleased with your transportation arrangements in that you sent a van to our location while another was traveling up to meet us in La Cruz with the other participants in our tour. The person who picked us up at the hotel did not speak english which was a challenge since we did not know that we were going to meet up with another group but were pleased with the group of 3 that met us and spoke fluent english. We enjoyed the stop at the Masaya Volcano but would have enjoyed a trip to the visitors center to better understand the volcano causes and results...Granada was beautiful. it was our understanding that the tour of the city by horse and carriage was included in our cost so we were surprised to find it would cost each carriage an additional $20.00 for the tour. The tour was very good for us as our guide spoke perfect english, but other participants did not have english speaking guides which would have been disappointing. Lunch was delicious.

Avaliado por: America M , Setembro 2014

The country is enchanting to go and see, however most of the time is spent at the borders dealing with immigration and lines. The tour guide was not happy with the tips he received, (one should be careful and think before they speak, never know when someone might know the language).

Avaliado por: Liliana Q , Novembro 2015

The tour guide and drivers were excellent, they had a lot of attention with us, but because all the people in the tour were english speakers, they didn't speak any spanish at all and one of person in my party didn't speak very good english. The bus was very old and very uncomfortable for such a long trip, the driver that pick up us was there at 6:00 AM and we were told to be at the hotel lobby at 6:45 so he was angry and telling us that he was about to leave, when it was the company fault, also and the most important complaint is that they didn't told us that we needed the plane ticket reservation to enter again to costa rica, so it was difficult to get the access again in customs.

Avaliado por: Laura K , Janeiro 2016

Apparently, this tour doesn't exist. My hotel concierge called them on Friday Jan.15 to confirm our pick up time, and that's what he was told. We received no notice, email or phone call from them to let us know this. I rescheduled another Nicaragua trip for the following Tuesday through the hotel - but maybe fate was trying to tell me something, because it turned out to be the only tour I strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND. Sixteen hours of driving, long lines at the border crossings, and no dinner stop. The volcano is great, but not worth the rest of it.