• Local: Heraklion, Greece
  • Duração: 5.5 - 6 hours (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Gorenberg.k , Setembro 2016


Avaliado por: George K , Agosto 2016

The trip included a tour of the palace of Knossos, a tour of a winery/olive oil store, and time in Heraklion to walk around, eat lunch or go to the museum. Overall the tour guides were very knowledgeable particularly about the palace and it was a very full and comprehensive day. Coming from Elounda, the bus ride was a bit long, but it was also nice to drive through the different towns and see the other cities in Crete.

Avaliado por: Barbara , Agosto 2015

Book the morning tour and avoid some of the crowds and heat. A great start to our vacation. Tour included wine and olive oil tasting at a nearby town. Delicious and informative.

Avaliado por: Reece K , Setembro 2014

Perfect amount of time and very great your guides! Highly recommend and I'm not a big tour/history person;)

Avaliado por: marcos1603 , Setembro 2014

Buen servicio, a tiempo y los guías muy buenos

Avaliado por: Yasuyuki K , Agosto 2016


Avaliado por: Thomas J F , Julho 2015

The guided tour to Knossos was very good. We could have spent more time there and there were a few too many people on the tour.

Avaliado por: Charlotte Turner , Junho 2015

Was picked up on time and the trip was well worth it. I would have given five stars but from our hotel in Elounds to Knossos took over two hours due to picks ups along the way and back. Seeing history in the making when you discover the palace was built over 400 years ago only to be discovered by an Englishmen in the 1900's

Avaliado por: Sally H , Setembro 2013

Interesting tour with a very knowledgeable guide, but the group was quite large so we couldn't hear her all the time. This tour also included a trip to Heraklion with 1.5hrs of free time to explore, plus a 45-minute visit to Peza, where we had a complimentary glass of local wine and sampled olive oil. This wasn't included on the itinerary so would've been nice to know beforehand, but was still enjoyable.

Avaliado por: Alen K , Julho 2013

We are very satisfied. Your staff was wonderful. We had one problem with the change in the museum hours. It greatly limited our time at the museum.

Avaliado por: Elizabeth H , Junho 2013

The half day tour I booked for was on a Monday, but I was contacted to be told that the date was to be changed to Saturday, which was not suitable and so I was scheduled for a Tuesday tour. Although no one told us so, it turned out that we had been put on a full day tour with a Russian group which also included a visit to a winery/olive pressing plant and an hour or so in Heraklion. Luckily, we had the time to accommodate this change, but I think we should have been told about it. Having said that, our English speaking guide at Knossos was excellent and we enjoyed the day.

Avaliado por: Julia G , United Kingdom, Agosto 2011

We enjoyed the trip and had a first class guide for the palace of Knossos. Glad that the trip was in the morning as it was very hot as we were leaving.

Avaliado por: Avery K , Junho 2016

The tour and our guide were great! We learned a lot about the history of the ancient palace and then had an hour to explore and take pictures on our own time. 1.5 hours guided tour and 1 hour on our own it was the perfect length of time to fully experience Knossos.

The museum was also wonderful to see. You can get a better understanding of the daily life and culture.

I had a few problems with the tour.
1 I found the group was way to big for the guided tour it took forever for people to pay the entrance fee we ended up waiting at least 20 minutes just to collect everyone to start the tour, it took a long time to move from one section to another. The last tour I went on had about 20 people and this one was at least 35 people. It would have been better if it was a smaller group of max 20 people.
2 There was a wine tasting between the palace of Knossos and the museum which isn't mentioned anywhere in the tours description so I wasn't expecting it. It was ok, but I would have rather spent the time it took to drive there and the 45 minutes at the tasting to explore the city of Heraklion instead.
3 Since we had the wine tour we only had an 1.75 hours to view the museum and get something to eat so we had to go through the museum faster than I would have liked to to make sure we had enough time to eat and get back to the bus on time.
4 I don't understand why they don't include the price to get into the palace and museum into the cost of the tour, I find you waste so much time paying for tickets that could be better spent enjoying exhibits.

Avaliado por: cruiser2005 , Junho 2015

The guide let us spend too much time shopping, otherwise, the trip is ok.

Avaliado por: Soloracer , Outubro 2011

Both of our guides were really good and had a lot of knowledge on the area. They were also helpful in making sure we made our connections back to the hotel so that we could catch our flight to Rhodes. The only complaint would be the cost of the tour for what we received. The booking said it was a 5 hour tour but really was 1.5 hours at site and then a short bus ride to the town square for a couple hours of shopping / free time. I expected more. The museum is closed due to renovations so perhaps that is part of the problem.

Avaliado por: Phil C , Setembro 2016

A thoroughly dispiriting experience, offhand and disinterested tour guides and an interminable wait for the tickets at Knossos - or should I say Disneyland - itself.

Avaliado por: Nany , Outubro 2015

We paid a high price for this tour of the Palace at Knossos and a tour of the city of Heraklion. This tour consisted of a bus trip to the site as short 6 km trip we could have taken by taxi or bus from next to our hotel and a TERRIBLE guided tour of the palace. The guide was absolutely awful. All she was worried about was her next cigarette. She forgot her photographs of the palace and simply went through the motions of the guided tour. We had studied the site quite a bit before the tour or we would have not gotten anything out of it. The tour of Heraklion was just to drop us off in the middle of town. A TAXI to Knossos is 8 Euros. We could have hired a private guide for so much less than we paid. We have traveled a lot in Europe and have taken this type of tour before, but this one was the worst ever.

Avaliado por: Aparna J , United States of America, Outubro 2015

Knossos is not a very interesting artifact and our tour was horrible! Tour was in German and English. She seemed annoyed at questions and sounded like she was reciting from a memorize script. We left early to make better use of the day.

Avaliado por: Kevin K , Agosto 2015

We have been booking with Viator for many years but have never been so disappointed with one of their tours. This was not the tour as advertised by Viator. Specifically -
- the tour lasted some 8 hours even ignoring the pickup time etc of which only 1.5 hours was at Knossos - we didn't even get to see the full site.
- we spent an hour and a half at a winery which isn't mentioned by Viator - we had no desire to pay money to see a film about wine making!
- there was no bus tour of Heraklion - we were escorted into the city centre and then left to our own devices.
In addition, the coach was very old with almost no air conditioning. It was genuinely unpleasantly hot. Also worth noting the tour was bilingual with half the tour being Russian. Many of the English speaking folks just wandered off at Knossos because they lost interest waiting for the guide to finish talking to the Russian guests.
Overall, it seems Viator just haven't done their due diligence here. Would not recommend this tour.