• Local: Heraklion, Greece
  • Duração: Varies (1 full loop lasts 60 minutes) (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Maria Y , United States of America, Setembro 2016

Great service.

Avaliado por: Kenneth L W , Australia, Agosto 2015

Heraklion was a lovely place to visit. HOHO bus was very good and frequent.

Avaliado por: Barbara , Agosto 2015

A great way to get a lay of the land when arriving in a new place. The drivers and workers were all very helpful!

Avaliado por: Lois S , Outubro 2016

The HoHo was a great option for us. We stopped at the Knossos Palace and paid the entry fee E20 each and E10 each for a small group guided tour 1 hour with George who is located just inside the entry gates. Much cheaper than the option of tours offered by the cruise line or any other small group tour we could find on-line. Our next two stops was the Archeological museum abt E8 ea and then shopping and lunch in Heraklion. Good value and excellent sites to see some of the 4000 yo Minoan culture.

Avaliado por: Eleni B , Setembro 2016

There are 2 Hop on Hop Off lines. The red line takes you to all the important stops. The red Line takes you to all the Blue line takes you, but also takes you to a couple of places outside the city, We were not so happy with that because it didn't appeal to us. There is a cost differential between the two, the red line is more expensive than the blue line.

Avaliado por: dobarr1 , Agosto 2016

This was a good service because we could get to where ever we needed to be around Heraklion. The only problem was the buses were jammed with people. We were lucky and we were able to get on and off when and where we needed. Some of our friends were not as fortunate.

Avaliado por: Thomas J F , Julho 2015

The hop-on, hop-off bus tour was fine and relaxing and reasonably priced.

Avaliado por: Ping , Outubro 2016

Not highly recommended

Avaliado por: Stacy , Julho 2016


Avaliado por: Stacy , Julho 2016

Easy and cheap way to get around the city. However, busses were rarely on their assigned schedule. Often times when the bus would finally get there we would sit and wait at random stops for 20/30 minutes. And when we stopped they turned off the AC so we'd be sweating

Avaliado por: Brooke C , Junho 2016

This tour was very hot and uncomfortable and much longer than advertised in the brochure. There was not much to look at in Heraklion and if I traveled there in the future I would have chosen another tour to take me further out in Crete.

Avaliado por: tracicavallaro , Junho 2016

Total waste of time

Avaliado por: Raphael B , Setembro 2015

The city is quite small, by walk it would have been OK for the central part. Also, the bus was late or went too early in Knossos, we had to take the public bus for 2 euros to come back around 4pm. I recommend to use the public bus at 2 euros instead of 30 to go in Knossos and walk the downtown of Heraklion which is really small.

Avaliado por: vernon j , Agosto 2015

Drivers failed to give clear details of the stopping points. They often failed to stop and instead just slowed down, as a result we missed the stop we wanted. First bus had a canopy on the upper deck, it was over 40 degrees and this was essential, the other buses had no canopy and it was far too hot to sit on thr top deck when stopped in traffic. Ther wer just 10 seats downstairs these were generally full.