• Local: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Duração: 12 horas (aproximadamente)

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Alistair S , Julho 2016

This was a pleasant full day trip and quite relaxing. The Cai Be Floating Marker was a bit disappointing - there was not as much to it as the Thai equivalent outside Bangkok. The cooking class consisted only of making spring rolls and a salad. Despite that the trip was worthwhile.

Avaliado por: Thi Hong An P , Janeiro 2016

Excellent tour, highly reccommended. Our tour guide Frank was very knowledgeable and funny too. Floating market was not as busy as I thought, but we went during winter in December/January which is not tropical or fruit season. This trip included a mixture of some boat riding, short bicycle ride, cooking class and food factory tours. A bit of everything is a perfect mix.

Avaliado por: Elizabeth S , Novembro 2015

Excellent tour!! Amazing Value - you get to experience a full day of fun on the mekong delta. The cooking demo was great and yummy.

Avaliado por: Paul S , Junho 2015

This was a fantastic trip. I went on the trip solo while my husband had business. Other travelers were wonderful as well as our guide. I would definitely recommend this trip to others.

Avaliado por: Jessica H , Abril 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Jennifer H , Fevereiro 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Paul W , Dezembro 2014

Excellent tour, probably the highlight of the few days we were in the area. Managed to cram a lot of things into the day which is brilliant as some other tours can feel like you spend more time travelling than seeing!

Avaliado por: Jacquelyn C , Outubro 2014

This was a fantastic tour, loved it very much - we had teenagers with us and they loved it too. Tour guide was great, loved the bike ride and the cooking. The lunch was amazing with so much food. Great day had by all.

Avaliado por: Alamo25 , Australia, Janeiro 2014

It's my honour to be the first to review this newly available tour run by Threeland Travel. We were picked up at 6.15am and joined by another couple so there was only 4 of us on the tour plus our guide Moon and a driver. The drive to Cai Be took a few hours and we had one rest stop. We got on a boat and toured the Cai Be floating markets. This is how the locals live not some tourist setup like you see in Thailand. Boats sell just about everything and we got fresh coconuts to drink. We stopped on an island to see how they make various popped rice treats, coconut candy. Plenty of free samples and they were delicious, please support the locals by buying some snacks. We then walked to a bee farm where our poor guide Moon got stung on the ear by an angry bee! Thankfully he was not allergic. We enjoyed honey green tea and tried some royal jelly. We then boated to another island where we were fortunate to arrive on a day of a local wedding. Our guide knew the bride and groom as he visits the island frequently so we got to see a bit of the wedding, went for a walk around the fruit plantations, ate fresh fruit and watched a cultural music and dance performance. We then boarded a row boat for a relaxing 20 minute paddle through the river canals of the island. We then travelled to Tan Phong Island for lunch. The 'half-day cooking class' was just wrapping some spring rolls with pre chopped ingredients, it took 10 minutes so this wording should really be changed as its misleading. The food was delicious and plentiful - papaya salad, our spring rolls, a gigantic whole fried fish, noodle salad and fresh fruit. We then went for a bicycle ride around the island (30 minutes) it was all flat and gave a great insight into how the villagers live. We then returned to the mini bus for the non-stop ride back to the city where we were back at the hotel by 5pm. My only recommendations - helmets for the bike ride would be nice and seatbelts in the minibus as the roads are very bumpy at times!

Avaliado por: Stephen F , Janeiro 2017

Really enjoyable, well organised and well paced trip. Our guide Jack was knowledgeable, friendly, and humorous. The only downside was the difficulty contacting the tour company to confirm the tour and advise the pick up address, took 5 attempts and was only sure we were actually going the day before.

Avaliado por: Nicky B , Novembro 2015

The tour was excellent and our guide AK was very good. The only criticism was the fact that we run very late. The pick up was very late as well as the drop off. The drop off was supposed to be at 17h00 at the hotels, I only got dropped off at 18h35. I had other commitments and this caused a great deal of stress after I took the time to check this several times, I was assured that we would be back at our hotel by 17h00.

Avaliado por: Sally M , Janeiro 2014

A good tour with a variety of activities and a very entertaining and knowledgable tour guide.

Avaliado por: Emma G , Abril 2016

This trip was fairly average. The surroundings and landscape are lovely and the bike ride was fun. However, our guide was unremarkable and I was disappointed with the 'cooking course' which was not a cooking course, rather we chopped a few vegetables which were used to make our lunch. The food we ate was of good quality and the fish was particularly nice. The tour was complete by 12pm, we then ate and went back to HCMC. I wouldn't go so far as to advise people not to bother with this trip as the delta is worth seeing, but in comparison to the four other trips we did in Vietnam, sadly this ranks our least favourite.

Avaliado por: Robert T , Março 2016

We had a great day! Jayjay and the driver picked us and the other guests up and took the three hour drive to the delta. Jayjay was a wealth of information and history answering our questions before we asked them. Making our own lunch was fun, seeing life on the river, it was all great. The only bad part of the day was being told that we were being put on a bus for the drive back to HCM City after paying a higher price for the van. we were told they would hire a taxi to take us back to our hotel, but instead we traveled all over the city dropping off passengers in the bus instead. I sent a message to the company about it, they said they would look into it, but I never heard anything back. It was a good day, but the transport at the end of it was disappointing.

Avaliado por: Jamie T , Julho 2015

Very Nice Tour, a little bit heavy on stopping by shops, but overall good experience. Expect a several hour drive to get to the Mekong Delta.

Avaliado por: Beth , Novembro 2015

Our Mekong Delta trip did not go as planned. Booked on Viator to do the full day that included the cooking class and the floating market. Viator works with a third-party vendor which is called Threeland Tours, a local transportation company. They work with another local tour guide company.who actually. We were told to be in our hotel lobby for a pick up at six to 6:15 AM. We were there at 6 o'clock in the morning. I then chose to call the tour company to confirm the pick up location at 6:15. I was told they were 15 minutes away. I waited another 20 minutes and called a second time to confirm the hotel location, there are three hotels of the same name and Saigon and this was the reason I was concerned. They never came.

Once I got them on the phone for the third time I was notified that it was too late to go on the full day tour that we had booked on that tour we would only be able to get on the half-day tour which did not include the cooking class or the floating market. Needless to say we were very upset by this especially after my two attempts of getting them to the right location. The local tour guide company sent a car to pick us up and take us to their local office to meet up with the group for the half day tour.

On a third attempt we contacted Threeland tours at the local tour guides office to see if they would send a car to meet up with our original group. They refused and had no sense of concern about not getting us on the tour. I would not recommend ever using Threeland tours.

At the end of the day we went on our half-day Mekong River tour. It was good although we paid 100 dollars for the entire day with the cooking class and the floating market which we did not see. I would suggest instead of paying that kind of money to viator, just hire the local tour guide and do the same tour for what would've cost 25.

Avaliado por: Paola N , Dezembro 2014

This tour delivers exactly what it says it will do. The highlights: being able to watch the Mekong' people preparing and producing their sweets and candies and wine rice. All done manually. It takes you back to the times when everything was done manually. I wasn't looking fwd towards the cooking class, but it was actually more fun than I expected. The tour guide Bihn was also very good and his english was excellent. The van pick us up on time and run according to schedule.
The low points: the floating markets is not much of a market really, just a few boats here and there. They don't tell you that is not 'selling season' until you get there and question the lack of boats. But you get an idea of what it will be like. The island is ok. But my biggest disappointment is reserved for the bike and boad ride around the island. The bike ride is not scenic at all, you just ride through a concrete road with lots of motorcycle traffic. The boat ride is really like a boat ride in a dirty creek at the back of city suburb. Nothing as natural as the picture. It has potential and it could be done better.

Avaliado por: Robin P , Março 2014

We have mixed feelings about this tour. There is no doubt the delta area and islands are beautiful and a must see whilst in Vietnam but this tour was really quite disappointing. The drive down in a cramped transit van was uncomfortable at best, although the rest stop was at a very pleasant location. The floating market tour consisted of two boats selling pumpkins and another fresh fruit. The coconut candy factory tour really just felt like another opportunity to be pressured into buying the same type of souvenirs you can get all over Vietnam. And the cooking class, well I'm sorry but 5 minutes rolling spring rolls and tossing salad does not make a cooking class and the rest of the lunch could only be described as average at best. The folk music was fantastic, really well done and interesting. That, the bicycle ride and scenery were the highlights of the tour.

Avaliado por: Nicole W , Janeiro 2017

Danke an Viator für die fehlerhaften Veranstalter-Infos E-Mail und Telefonnummer stimmten nicht und auf meine Mails hat auch keiner reagiert. Super !!!
Dank Hilfe über die Live-Chat-Funktion konnte ich mich dann doch noch mit dem Veranstalter in Saigon in Verbindung setzen und bekam dann auch eine Abholzeit genannt, die auch nicht eingehalten wurde. Knapp eine Stunde später kam eine nette Dame um die Ecke erzählte irgendwas von Stress und Urlaub und Chaos und setzte uns erst mal im Büro wieder hin. Dort warteten wir wieder ca. 30 Minuten bis uns ein Fahrer mit einem anderen Paar zum Bustreff außerhalb von Saigon brachte.
Das ganze ging 1 1/2 Stunden später los als geplant und war als deutsche Tour gebucht weil meine Begleitung kein Englisch sprach - auch das habe ich in der Buchung nochmal ausdrücklich vermerkt. Leider hielt es auch hier keiner für notwendig mit mitzuteilen, dass der Guide, der übrigens sehr nett und kompetent war, nur Englisch spricht, so dass ich den ganzen Tag am übersetzen war. Sorry, aber so hatte ich mir das alles nicht vorgestellt. Wenn man jetzt noch die Stundenlange Rückfahrt nach Saigon, über Landstraßen dazu nimmt blöd dass wir vom vormittäglichen Transfer wussten, dass es eine Autobahn gibt auf der nichts los ist war der Trip definitiv nicht empfehlenswert und echt zu teuer. Andere Reisende haben uns erzählt dass Sie direkt vor Ort um die Hälfte günstiger gebucht haben und dass hier auch alles geklappt hat.
Die Buchung von zu Hause habe ich bewusst gemacht weil ich dachte:
1. dass ich einem so großen Veranstalter vertrauen kann
2. und auch die teurere Variante gerechtfertig ist, weil es ja ein deutscher Reiseleiter ist,
beides leider ein Trugschluss. Ich kann es nicht empfehlen.

Avaliado por: Manuel P , Abril 2016

La verdad encontré la excursión poco interesante.
Si no ha viajado mucho, puede que lo sea, pero sino.
El mercado flotante no merece la pena.
La clase de cocina, no es tal clase
y el paseo en canoa, es como si estuviera en un río en cualquier país, pero con mucho calor.