• Local: Houston, Texas
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Pamela P , Janeiro 2014

See above comments....applicable here too.

Avaliado por: Natalya S , Dezembro 2013

My experience with this shuttle service was very pleasing. Everyone was courteous and friendly.
All details were well organized and on time. If I am in this area again I will definitely use this service.

Avaliado por: ELBA D , USA, Agosto 2011

The driver was very corteous and helpful - It was an easy trip and got to my destination in NO time at all. I wish you would add ------HOME ADDRESSES also.

Avaliado por: Monique F , Outubro 2016

Once you check in at the Sup er Shuttle desk, they is a small wait time. Overall, no complaints.

Avaliado por: Liz H , Agosto 2016

Very good thanks

Avaliado por: Gail D , Julho 2016

Prebooked this before I left home was gtrst to just know i had transport to the jotel on arrival after a 14hr flight. Great driver very friendly.

Avaliado por: Ronald B , Setembro 2015

Bit of a wait at the airport after a long day and late evening flight. Driver was very courteous and got me to downtown Houston safely.

Avaliado por: Kathleen B , Março 2015

Inexpensive and exactly what we expected

Avaliado por: Asia N , Agosto 2014


Avaliado por: Ray D , Julho 2013

After a long 9 hour flight the last thing I needed was a receptionist who was unable to make a decison based on very slighty truncated information Confirmatio number on my printed Voucher. She was clearly having a " bad day" but there was no excuse for indifferent Customer Service. I observed others treated similarly. Had to phone the SuperShuttle toll number and advisor there was very helpful and eventually I was able to gain my trip to the hotel. This was not a poor Review of the SuperShuttle service just on an individual at the desk. Got to my hotel satisfactorily and the Viator experience was good

Avaliado por: Dianne A , Outubro 2012


Avaliado por: Colin Raymond S , Agosto 2012

My experience in excellent id not have to wait long at the airport and the pickup was on time.
the driver was friendly and helpfull. I wpould definitely use this service again

Avaliado por: Joan M , Maio 2012

Oh I had a front seat view. could see the city properly. loved it. friendly chatty and professional driver.

Avaliado por: Dr Diana Hartel D , Junho 2013

The shuttle service itself is good,although I had some difficulty finding the ground tranportation desk at the arrivals terminal, which lead to some confusion. They should provide better instructions and signage.

Avaliado por: Amanda L , Junho 2013

HaD A Long Wait ForTheShuttle At The Airport ToThe Hotel

Avaliado por: Stephen R , Setembro 2016

I wouldn't have given this driver a one star but at least he got me to my location in one piece. I do not agree with a driver that is constantly plugging away at the GPS while driving and constantly looking down at the GPS - that is the same equivalent as texting and just as dangerous. If necessary, he should have plugged in all dresses before leaving and put it on audio mode because this driver almost took 2 wrong turns and quickly drove across lanes to get in the right lane on the free way so he wouldn't miss his turn.......... very dangerous........ on top of this, I gave my time or arrival and still had to wait 1/2 hour to be picked up - my plane got in around 7:30pm and I didn't get to hotel until 9:30pm......... bad business....... I don't like the way Houston SuperShuttle works at all.

Avaliado por: gushaz , Maio 2015

I am still waiting for the full reimburcent

Avaliado por: Judith C , Março 2015

Not very good at all .The girl on reception had never seen the vouchers before so that took a long time to sort out, we then had a 40 minutes wait before a shuttle came and then an hours drive till we got to our hotel. We would have been better getting a taxi.

Avaliado por: Anthony M , Outubro 2014

You have to book your return 24 hours in advance. We didn't. We hadn't arrived 24 hours earlier. Had to take a taxi.