• Local: Jasper, Canada
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Avaliado por: Sandy I , Agosto 2016

We walked to the summit after getting off the tram. It is quite a walk but the views are incredible!

Avaliado por: Greg P , Agosto 2016

Was the highlight of the trip...that last 200 meters to the summit was the stuff dreams are made of when you finally arrive at the top. Three stops for air and we were there.

Avaliado por: alisont61 , Agosto 2016

Great views from the top. Well worth the journey up.

Avaliado por: PETER L , Julho 2016

Even though the day was less than perfect, the adventure was great!

Avaliado por: Nasima J , Julho 2016

it is a must do activity at jasper

Avaliado por: lynn18k , Julho 2016

Do this your first day in Jasper! Even make it your first activity! On the way up, they tell you about the surrounding mountains and lakes that you are seeing. Then when you get to the top, it's a great place to take photos. And then take the the hike, to the top. Steep in some places, but you'll feel accomplished when you're at the peak. What a fun experience!

Avaliado por: Mae A , Maio 2016

It was awesome,everyone enjoyed it especially the kids,it was great experience and definitely recommend to family and friends.Staff were awesome and very helpful.

Avaliado por: DEBRA C , Setembro 2015

Fantastic...great views of Jasper and surrounding areas..

Avaliado por: Michael B , Setembro 2015

The tram tour is excellent, but only if you take advantage of the hike to the top of Whistler's Mountain and have lunch at the café in the upper station. If you only go for the ride and the view, you might think the cost is a little high. The food in the café was excellent! The hike was a little difficult, and probably not suited for the elderly or small children baby carriages will definitely not roll on the path as at some spots was very steep. The views are amazing if you catch it on a clear day.

Avaliado por: Alice T , Agosto 2015

Stunning views on top of the mountain we had lunch in the restaurant and went for a walk to the top, its very cold so take a jacket don't forget the camera. We loved Jasper.

Avaliado por: blessing n , Junho 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Letha G , Outubro 2014

A "must do" if you're going to Jasper. Great trip to the mountain. Good food and great service. Highly recommend to anyone!

Avaliado por: , Agosto 2014

My family and I were amazed. Of course we had the Perfect clear Day. Everyone who hosted us were friendly. We will be back again in the fall to see the colours.

Avaliado por: Leona P , Agosto 2014

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Lisa B , Julho 2013

Breath taking views, efficient service, very friendly staff - especially the Geordie lad in the kiosk!

Avaliado por: Loy T , Agosto 2012

Such magnificent views.
Lovely Kiwi tramway hostess!

Avaliado por: Heather G , Australia, Outubro 2009

Definitely a must-do in Jasper and the views are spectacular. Every photographer will love these views and the snow was amazing.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Australia, Outubro 2009

Loved everything about that trip but the only thing I didn't like was the really packed carts, but other then that it was awesome and I would do it again.

Avaliado por: Joern D , Agosto 2016

Sensationelle Aussicht vom Whistler Mountain, bleibt in Erinnerung. Rückfahrt zu nachgefragten Zeiten mit Wartezeit verbunden.

Avaliado por: Jan D , Agosto 2016

Nice views and lot to do going up

Avaliado por: Martini , Julho 2016

The organization for the tram at the base is excellent..there is overcrowding at the top when coming back down. The tram and view itself is magnificent. It is a must see in Jasper.

Avaliado por: john p , Julho 2015

Very popular. Had to wait over an hour but when at the top its was a great experience and great restaurant.

Avaliado por: Jules , Julho 2015

Enjoyed the view from the top of the skytram absolutely amazing looking at all the mountains and blue lakes. The only downside you have to pay 8 return each for the shuttle numerous hotel pickups in Jasper to get you to and from the skytram last one back to Jasper is 5.30pm, and when we visited at 3.00pm it was extremely busy so we were given a ticket number, and made to wait until our number was called to board 45 minutes therefore making it hard to walk to the summit once you get off 1 hour due to the last shuttle leaving at 5.30pm even though the skytram is open this time of year until 8.00pm. Recommend you go early in the morning at it opens when it is probably quieter and you have lots more time to enjoy your time at the top.

Avaliado por: arehman.rajhi , Julho 2014

Definitely worth it. Great vistas and the trek further up gives a good workout. Also lunch on top was great.

Avaliado por: Nathan T , Junho 2013

Good but need more shop things up top