• Local: Jerusalém, Israel
  • Duração: 10 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: 44merganserd , Novembro 2016

Beautiful trip.

Avaliado por: bje501 , Novembro 2016

It really was a full day trip. Amazing sites, beautiful landscape. A truly memorable trip.

Avaliado por: Takako D , Novembro 2016

Our guide did great job.We saw a lot of places in 1 day.

Avaliado por: Geoffrey C , Novembro 2015

Very good and enjoyable trip. Mina was an excellent guide with a depth of knowledge of Israel and Jerusalem. The trip went very smoothly , from the pick up at Ashod dock to the return to Ashod. The small number 16 on the excursion was also good.

Avaliado por: Patricia E J , Novembro 2016

Our guide was very knowledgeable. Good driver who managed to get us close to the centre.

Avaliado por: gfuji , Novembro 2016

Our tour of Jerusalem was terrific. Slight delay leaving VIATOR signage should be a bit clearer - just a man with a clipboard who had no Viator identification, we had a terrific guide Moria who was personable and very knowledgeable. We made good use of our time and saw lots of wonderful sites in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, the final portion of our day Bethlehem was a HUGE disappointment. The guide was terrible. He was not able to show us the nativity site because he said the 'line was too long' and we would be delayed ??. He walked us to a restaurant terrace to point to a spot in the distance that he said was where the angel had appeared to Mary. Then, he took us shopping. Not at all what it should have been. And everyone in my group of 6 AND the entire van of 16 were really disappointed to have had such superficial and unsatisfying view of Bethlehem. So Jerusalem portion would be a 5 Rating and Bethlehem would be a 1 Rating - cannot recommend. But since Moira/Jerusalem was the major portion of the day, I rated the overall tour as a 4.

Avaliado por: Irene C , Novembro 2015

Fenomenal la pena el poco tiempo disponible y que la excursión era en inglés el guía fenomenal

Avaliado por: Sue H , Novembro 2016

Our guide was very knowledgeable but was of the Jewish faith, and we are Catholic, so I felt she didn't understand the meaning of visiting some of these sites to Christians. It was more like a scripted history lesson. Very disappointing to be told the major sites we wanted to see - like the manger was Jesus was born, Golgotha where Jesus was crucified and the tomb where he was laid were too busy and the lines too long so we couldn't see them.

Avaliado por: ellen van evelingen , Nederland, Novembro 2015

Wij stonden om 7:30 bij de cruise terminal en niemand met onze naam op hun bord voor de excursie.
Een gids heeft voor ons gebeld en er zou iemand komen, maar er kwam niemand. Wederom vragen aan de diverse gidsen en 1 bracht ons naar een israelische gids en deze heeft ons in een groepje van 18 personen geplaatst waar nog 2 plaatsen waren.Na 1.5 uur van onzekerheid waren we erg onzeker over de excursie en of deze wel zou zijn die we besteld hadden. Rond 9 uur vertrokken en wisten we nog niet waar we zouden komen. Uiteindelijk wel Bethlehem en Jeruzalem bezocht en op het laatste moment hoorden we waar we waren. Helaas niet aan onze verwachting voldaan en ik weet niet of ik in de toekomst bij viator weer een excursie boek.

Avaliado por: jakata31 , Novembro 2016

As much as I like Viator this was not a good excursion. First we were taken to Bethlehem for an extended stay at a souvenir shop because the church we were to see wasn't open. On arriving at the church it seemed obvious it had been open for quite a while and was undergoing so much restoration it was impossible to see anything. A waste of a great deal of time that would have been much better spent elsewhere on a very busy day. Our guide, Sandy, was much more into politics, American and local, than he was into the Christian religion. He rarely related any of this tour to the Christian events the areas were related to. Although appearing friendly, Sandy was abrupt at answering questions and was just 'going through the motions of getting us through the tour. On our most important stop, the Church of the Sepulchre, our guide didn't even mention anything about many of the most important areas of the church spending most of his time talking about the inner politics of the church. Amazingly,the church was opening Jesus's tomb for the first time in hundreds of years that day. We found that out after we returned home! Luckily we had studied about the church ahead of time but even so we were so rushed we didn't have time to hardly see or enjoy it. This was a very disappointing excursion for the most important day of our long trip to Jerusalem.