• Local: Juneau, Alasca
  • Duração: Flexível (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Mark R , Julho 2013

Kids had a great time panning for gold and the food at the Salmon bake was fantastic. Our guide, Tom, was a wonderful and entertaining individual who took great care of us. It was a great day and well worth the money!

Avaliado por: Elizabeth P , Outubro 2012

Panning for gold was a great experience. The Salmon Bake was awesome. We even saw the salmon swimming up stream to spawn (mid Aug) food was good, nice picnic grove atmosphere.

Avaliado por: Angela F , Junho 2016

City tour was great. Steve, our driver, was a hoot as well as very informative and entertaining. Gold panning was also a lot of fun, but we wished we had more time to pan.

Avaliado por: Francie C , Agosto 2013

Struck gold on this one! Great fun, interesting for young and old alike. Gold Rush Randy went the extra mile with his local knowledge and the salmon bake was in the perfect setting with delicious food.

Avaliado por: PAOLA , Julho 2013

Nice experience but the time to enjoy the salmon bake was too short. Maybe 30min more would be needed to really enjoy it and not to be in a rush. Great tour.

Avaliado por: Jo B , Setembro 2012

This was a fun experience and the best tasting clam chowder and salmon I ever had. THe one issue was with us being shuttled from place to place. We were sent to eat first when it said gold panning first so we had already eaten lunch - then when we were returned to get a shuttle to pan we ( 4 of us) were put on a shuttle with everyone else who was headed to the salmon bake- so I think that end of things could use some coordination. We waited for quite a while.

Avaliado por: Curtis , Julho 2012

This was a blast. The salmon bake was terrific, but both my wife and I truly enjoyed the gold panning experience. About the only thing I would ask for is more time prospecting.

Avaliado por: Barbara M , Junho 2013

This tour was one that our group of four was really looking forward to, and since it was Father's Day and our men were very enthusiastic about it, my sister and I felt quite proud of ourselves for getting the tour booked. The only hitch was that just before the tour began the weather changed from a beautiful day to cloudy and by the time our bus arrived at the gold panning site the weather turned stormy with thunder, lightening, and heavy rain...which continued for the entire time we were there. Our guide told us this was quite rare but we attempted to go ahead with it until the continuing downpour and the unease caused by being out in lightening sent us back to the bus. Our guide offered ponchos so our upper bodies weren't wet, just our feet and up to our knees. We were fairly soggy but we went on to the salmon bake, which was wonderful! The whole setting was inviting and the food was plentiful and delicious. A guitarist serenaded us while we enjoyed our meal and to top it off we roasted marshmallows for dessert. It was chilly but there were heaters that warmed us up. I am sure this tour would have been the highlight of our trip if Mother Nature had just cooperated!

Avaliado por: Sharon E , Julho 2012

Excellent tour! Found some gold! Salmon bake was superb. Lots to eat and a good variety!

Avaliado por: Chad R , Setembro 2012

Based on the price paid for this tour, I feel it was not really worth it. Those in charge of the tour seemed disorganized, telling us we needed to be back to the original point of contact by 3pm for the gold panning part of the tour and then changed their mind after we got there to 3:30. So we basically wasted 30 minutes of our time in Juneau standing and waiting. Then when we got on the shuttle for the gold panning part, the driver thought he was to take us to the salmon bake part afterward, but 4 of us had already been there. Not sure where the communication break-down occurred. While the food was good and the gold panning were fun, I think it was priced about $30 too high.

Avaliado por: LISA H , Setembro 2015

Waste of time and extremely expensive for what you got. The gold panning spot was just a spot on any river. We went on another gold panning excursion in northern Alaska that was much better. Salted pans, I guess that was ok, but that was the only good part. Not enough time. Then off to the Salmon Bake. Food was cool and like cafeteria style - not worth the . Entertainment was awful. Would never recommend it to anyone.