• Local: Juneau, Alasca
  • Duração: 7 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: stevieg2077 , Junho 2016

This excursion was probably the best I have ever done on any cruise and I completed it with my wife on our honeymoon. Our tour guides were Kit and Casey and they were awesome! We really got to experience everything throughout the 8 mile hike including the rainforest, the Mendenhall glacier, and even got to go inside of an ice cave. My only recommendation is that you definitely have to be in pretty good shape as you truly do scale walls, climb down rough terrain, and scale the glacier throughout the advanced hike. You get all of the necessary equipment provided i.e. raingear, backpack, harness, walking stick, and spikes for your shoes and they give you plenty of snacks and water. I would recommend this excursion highly as it is WELL worth the price! Thanks so much for an awesome time and memorable experience!

Avaliado por: Alex G , Setembro 2014

Great experience!

Avaliado por: Karl H , Agosto 2013

We were fortunate enough to schedule this excursion prior to leaving for our cruise. Boy are we ever so happy we did. Simply put this excursion was well worth every minute and beyond description. We were hoping for a nice excursion where we would hike, climb and trek to and on the glacier as advertized and we were not disappointed. As a matter of fact we were surprised to the extent of time we spent on the glacier. Not only did we hike through the forest, climb bedrock, manage switchbacks, trek on the glacier but we also got to explore underneath the glacier and go into the ice caves. What an amazing sight it was walking into the ice caves. Words cannot describe the beauty, the colors and the feeling you get when you enter and walk into the ice cave.

Our guide Brad was stellar. Not only is he a trained guide he is full of local infromation, knowledge and facts of the area and glaciers and supportive of the entire group. It is obvious why Brad is a guide. He took us to areas we would never have thought we would get to see. This guy ROCKED.

Hiking and treking on top of the glacier is an experience everyone should do once in their life. Add to that going into the ice caves and you have the best excursion ever. No doubt about it. We took several excursion during our week in ALASKA and this was by far the best.

Avaliado por: DANIEL C , Julho 2013

This was worth every penny! The guides treated this as more than just a job- you would have thought it was their own business. We had a good, scenic hike to the glacier, and then once one the glacier it was truly unique. I'm in my mid 30's and decent shape, and was not exhausted at the end. You need to come prepared as the brochure recommends. I had great weather on my trip but it would be much more challenging in the rain. Check the forecast even though they bring gear to cover you. Pictures will not do this amazing trip justice. I cannot be more in favor of this trip than this, and I am a tough judge!

Avaliado por: Dmitriy G , Julho 2013

Absolutely amazing! We were very fortunate that the weather was great with lots of sunshine and no rain. The trek to the glacier was formidable but not outrageously difficult. I would recommend anyone visiting Juneau to check this tour out, it was the highlight of my trip.

Avaliado por: Lisa T , Junho 2013

Amazing Hike! We had two guides for a group of 11. They worked well with each other and made sure everyone enjoyed the hike and made sure we were safe, Brad and sarah were awesome! They were very knowledgeable and enjoyed what they were doing. I would recommend this hike! You must be in great physical is a difficult hike...however the most breath taking hike i have ever done!!! My only recommendation is more water is needed, they provided snacks and water. But, one water bottle in not enough for this 7 hour hike! This hike was the highlight of my Alaska Cruise trip!
We got to see inside a glacier cave...the most amazing! Wonderful views....this hike is a must! By far, one of the best exciting, breath taking things I have done!!!

Avaliado por: Irina T , Junho 2013

Wow. What a breathtaking tour! I didn't know being speechless could be so literal. It was really amazing to actually walk on the glacier, while everyone at the visitor's center was so far away. This is definitely not an easy hike, it is very long and strenuous, but definitely worth it. My friend and I got lucky and it was just us two and the tour guide, so we went at our own pace. The guide was great! He stopped when we needed to, and took photos of us. He even readily jumped in the water of the streams to help us across. Being on the glacier was unbelievable; we even got very crisp water from a glacier stream! :) I would definitely do this again. Everyone should have this experience. Worth the price and then some!!!

Avaliado por: Decsel M , Junho 2013

Oh my god it was the most amazing experience we had, as a family. We were a group of six and we had three smart tour guides answering all our questions helping us specially me because I was afraid of hiking. Also one of the girls took her boots of and gave them to my daughter. When we finally got to the glacier it was breath taking, we had time for pictures and we also played with the snow. Absolutely recommend, but you need to be in shape for the walking and climbing, it’s worth every penny that we paid for the tour. Thanks for every thing. Melon family

Avaliado por: Rob W , Julho 2012

It's hard to know where to begin. If you love glaciers, mountains, hiking, or want to try ice climbing for the first time this is THE trip to do in Juneau. Our guides, Travis and Connor, are extremely charismatic, bright and knowledgeable individuals who made my first glacier trek and ice climb the trip of a life time. I seriously had one of the best times of my life, I was grinning like an idiot when they took us into glacier caves and had us ascend a vertical wall of ice. Everybody tried it and got to the top. Bring a GoPro if you've got one or have someone film you from the bottom. This trip alone has inspired me to get into more technical mountaineering. I do a lot of backpacking/day hiking in my spare time and this is a good way to cross into the more technical aspects of mountaineering. All the while you are trekking on top of a glacier in Alaska. I had most of the gear prior to the trip but they provided quality technical gear. Petzyl, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardwear. This was the highlight of my trip!!