• Local: Juneau, Alasca
  • Duração: 6 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: ko24fan , Setembro 2016

Rained all day but didn't dampen the experience. If you want more time at Mendenhall Glacier, this is not your tour. Whale watching with Juneau Tours' Naturalist Tommy and Captain was awesome! They put us in the middle of 6 whales that put on a show. Full body breach 100 yards of the stern was the highlight! Salmon Bake was good.

Avaliado por: Marvin E , Agosto 2016

Outstanding tour. Our guide who drove us from event to event was informative and friendly. The whale watching was just amazing - we saw numerous whales and the ship and crew were fun and supportive. We had just enough time at the Mendenhall glacier - see it now, as it continues to recede and is considerably smaller than when I saw it 12 years ago. The salmon bake was first-class, and a great way to finish the tour. The food was great and the venue was inventive - they even had a fire for toasting marshmallows. Overall a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone.

Avaliado por: John L , Agosto 2016

What could be more majestic than seeing whales surface and breech. What a thrill! The guides were knowledgeable about the whales, the boat was stable and fast. The captain was sure that both sides of the boat got to see the whales and made an attempt to follow them. Mendenhall Glacier was great, just be aware that this tour will not get you on the glacier, just close to it. The salmon bake was enjoyable. Salmon baked over an open fire, great sides and live music while we were there.
I highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: Robert D , Dezembro 2013

We booked this tour outside of the cruise line offerings, through Viator, and it was the right choice. Not only did it include 3 different activities, but we had our own separate transportation, 5 guests in a 12 passenger van, that gave us more flexibility with scheduling and more room. While my wife and I were a bit skeptical about whale watching, we had a great time! The Captain and his guide did a great job getting us in position to see multiple humpbacks, sea lions, and Orcas up close. We didn't go to the visitors' center at Mendanhall Glacier, but we did have time to walk the trail up to the waterfall and get a closer view of the glacier. While some folks were disappointed with the salmon bake, trying to compare it with the cruise menu, we took it for what it was; a quaint, relaxing, picnic-style atmosphere. The salmon was very good and there was a musician for entertainment. Overall we had a great time and would recommend this tour!

Avaliado por: kirsten p , Julho 2013

Our family was taking a cruise and I was a little skeptical booking an excursion not affiliated with the cruise line but wow what a great experience we had with our Juneau excursion and Viator! The whales, glacier, and salmon bake were top notch. If you are considering this excursion sign up now it is an experience you will never forget. Kirsten, Mississippi

Avaliado por: Iris S , Julho 2013

The tour to Mendenhall Glacier gave enough time to view the glacier and the visitor's center. The bus was small enough to be comfortable and not have to wait for lots of people to exit or return. The whale watching boat was comfortable and once again small enough so everyone got a chance to view the whales. The crew was very knowledgeable. We saw many whales, including one that came completely out of the water. This was wonderful. The salmon bake was nice but not my favorite part. Their bus driver was very knowledgeable. The only complaint would be not knowing you have to walk so far to get to the start of the tour. One member of our group had difficulty walking and having to rush to get there was not good. We had to ask multiple people where to meet the tour in the beginning.

Avaliado por: Charlaine M , Julho 2013

We had a great time. The Salmon Bake was delicious and what a wonderful site. Mendenhall Glacier is a breath taking, we even saw a bear. But the best was the Whale Watching, we saw so may whales. The boat was new and the crew was just

Avaliado por: Gary L , Julho 2013

All three activities were excellent. The glacier itself was pretty awesome, and the nearby tourist center explaining what you were looking at (free admission for those on this tour) was fascinating. We saw quite a few whales, although I wasn't able to get a great picture of a tail. This was mostly my fault because I just didn't point the camera in the right place at the right time. Beautiful scenery and lots to see. The salmon bake was unbelievable, both in food and in scenery. It is held in an area with running streams all around. Wonderful tour; recommend it highly.

Avaliado por: Loie , Outubro 2012

We truly enjoyed al aspects of this tour. The guides were exceptional and we did manage to see several whales. The salmon bake was amazing as was seeing the Mendenhall Glacier. I wish the weather had been less dreary but guess one expects that in September in Alaska!!

Avaliado por: Patricia M , USA, Junho 2012

We were very pleased with this "triple tour." Wish we had had more time at the Mendenhall Glacier - there was so much to see! The whale watching was outstanding - saw two pods of Orca whales plus eagles and sea lions. The salmon bake was delicious. All staff involved in each area of the tour were great. We had a wonderful time and highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: Patrick J , Agosto 2016

Mendenhall glacier and whale watching were awesome. Our driver was so relatable and informative. The salmon bake was just ok - could have skipped it.

Avaliado por: Marvell R , Setembro 2013

We enjoyed the excursion everything went according to schedule

Avaliado por: Judy T , Agosto 2013

The glacier was fantastic. I wish we could have had a little more time to walk down to the falls area and get closer. The alternative whale watching that you got us on was very good. I was actually glad for the chance to be on it. Of course we don"t know what it would have been like if we had gotten on the boat we were scheduled for. But the girl doing the commentary and the captain were very experienced and showed us a great trip. I would highly recommend them to your tour in the future. Thanks for making the arrangement changes for us. Judy

Avaliado por: chow , Julho 2013

GREAT Alaskan experience! However, if you are travelling on a cruise and this is a shore excursion for you, you may want to skip eating before partaking on this tour. The tour starts off with the Salmon Bake. The group does everything possible for the guests to see whales.
I would also suggest that the tour group do a better job in trying to direct guests that paid for the tour---because once off the ship, it is difficult to find where the tour group meets. The reason for 4 vs 5 stars is because the tour starts with the Bake (and no one tells you that) and it is confusing and difficult to find the tour group once off the ship---kind of nerve wrecking---no signs-lots of people

Avaliado por: Wendy , Julho 2012

Great tour. There was miss communication between the local tour company and the bus company. At one point we had to walk and find the bus.

Avaliado por: nardcornish , Junho 2012

Went on this tour from our cruise ship and it was great to get to see all 3 things in one tour. Salmon bake was tasty, Whale watching was a lot of fun but Mendenhall glacier is the highlight. It really is wonderful

Avaliado por: Celina T , Setembro 2012

The whale were not as close as we were hoping.

Avaliado por: Aneesa K , Julho 2012

My biggest complaint is that we were told that the Salmon Bake was a "dinner buffet" so we made sure to eat lunch prior to the excursion. However, the very first stop was the salmon bake which we didn't really get to enjoy as much as we would have had we come with empty stomachs. The salmon isn't seasoned but they add a sugar glaze to it that can overwhelm the fish if too much is used.

Mendenhall Glacier was breathtaking and well worth the trip. The whales were really cool but after the first hour, it got pretty monotomous.