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Batu Caves

Inga M, United Kingdom, Julho 2010

The beautiful Batu Caves just outside KL

272 steps

Craig C, South Korea, Março 2010

An impressive statue & a few steps to climb. Coming down is more difficult than going up but the view over the city is worth the effort.

Anne & Gordon at Batu Caves entrance

Anônimo, South Korea, Janeiro 2010

Entrance to the 287 steps up to Batu Caves

Pics with an iguana

Michel-lyn M, Thailand, Outubro 2009

I had to pay extra for this photo, but it was so worth the money! I got about 5 photos taken with my own camera. This is at the entrance to the cave.

Monkey See... Monkey Have...

Leiza, Australia, Dezembro 2008

After reaching the top we all had a bottle of water, but Amy wanted an ice cream. After two bites , this little monkey decided he need more than Amy, so here he is enjoying a nice cold ice cream on a hot day!

Monkey Me

Zandy, Agosto 2016

Selfie with the monkey when I had the chance. Too bad he's not looking at the camera :

Batu Caves, KL, Malaysia

Zandy, Agosto 2016

View from the top.