• Local: Kyoto, Japão
  • Duração: 2 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: fumikops , Novembro 2016

I read all of the positive reviews about this tour and decided to reserve this for my grandma and me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DINNER TO ANYONE!!! It was a unique experience that we will both never forget. I was worried that it would be cheesy since it is mainly for tourists, but it felt authentic and we got to experience Kyoto's omotenashi hospitality. There are translators who provide explanations in English and Japanese so even if you don't understand Japanese, no problem. I also love that they allow and encourage photos and videos so that we can leave with many mementos. Good food, unlimited drink, games, warm hospitality. We quickly lost track of time since we both had lots of fun, but if I remember correctly, it was about three hours. In addition to the games, each of the geiko personally visited with tables to talk with us and answer our questions. When we left, we waited a few minutes for our taxi. Since it was cold, they apologized even though it was not a problem and not their fault as we waited on a bench near the exit. They then brought out a warm blanket for us until the taxi came - real omotenashi. Totally worth it! Would do it again!

Avaliado por: jramos206 , Outubro 2016

This was an unbelievable experience! It's akin to meeting a unicorn! The opportunity to ask questions and learn from the Maikos was a highlight of our entire trip! The beautiful dancing and music to the drinking games all you can drink were spectacular. The show takes place at a well-known ryokan the ryokan also has a restaurant that serves traditional Kyoto Kaiseki cuisine. The food was stunningly beautiful same chef. Don't miss this!

Avaliado por: Kelly S , Setembro 2016

This was such a high quality experience. Loads of fun to meet the other dinner guests, and the maiko themselves were beautiful and very graced in conversation. I recommend it for everyone!!

Avaliado por: Kenneth M , Agosto 2016

Awesome. This was a wonderful experience. It was well worth the price. The only weakness would be the food. It could be improved.

Avaliado por: Vanessa L , Agosto 2016

An amazing night and definitely a one-of-a-kind experience getting to interact with Maikos. The place that the dinner is held is also absolutely beautiful and the food was good too :

Avaliado por: Gianni S , Agosto 2016

The maiko performance and Kaiseki dinner in Kyoto was one of our favorites from our trip to Japan. We enjoyed every minute of the experience, from the elaborate multi-course meal to the ryokan setting and the maiko dance and drinking games. It was an amazing experience and definitely a key highlight for our vacation. It's something we would do again for sure.

Avaliado por: jali2005office , Agosto 2016

A brilliant evening - not to be missed. The dinner, food, entertainment, games and learning about the Geisha was just amazing. A very entertaining evening. Loved particularly that we got to speak with both the Geisha and Maiko - felt very privileged. It really gave me an appreciation of Japanese culture and left me with a little hope that some of the worlds specialness was being preserved.

Avaliado por: Kimberley H , Julho 2016

This was amazing. A dream come true to get to meet real Maiko and Geiko. They were so beautiful and so lovely to chat to and very beautiful dancers. It made my trip to Japan and so amazing to see this incredible culture. Best thing I have done on holiday :

Avaliado por: Margaret b , Junho 2016

This was extremely interesting and entertaining for everyone in our group. We loved it!!! The Gieko and Meiko were extremely nice and talented.

Avaliado por: Stevie W , Junho 2016

The most incredible thing we did on our entire trip. We were late long story but we were made to feel so welcome and had so much opportunity to interact with both the Geisha and the Maiko it was incredible. We will definitely be back :

Avaliado por: nknikki , Schweiz, Junho 2016

Super beeindruckende Show

Avaliado por: Alejandro M , Junho 2016

Great experience. Highly Recommend it.

Avaliado por: alerica2016 , Maio 2016

The performance was great and we loved interacting with the maiko performers. The games we played after dinner with them was also a fun time. The food was different than anything we had elsewhere in Kyoto but do try it!

Avaliado por: Fu-Ni C , Abril 2016

Fun games, great food, unlimited drinks, needless to say, it was fun!

Avaliado por: WAN C , Março 2016

Very good and calm experience. Food is interesting. Performance is first class. A must see!

Avaliado por: rachelannmarimla , Outubro 2015

My fiance and I both agree that this was a very special experience and a highlight of our tour in Kyoto! It was worth every money we spent. It was amazing to meet real maiko and geiko who were all so elegant and graceful in every way. The food was very authentic, we enjoyed most part of it but somethings like the seafood was a bit hard for us to eat but it is definitely expected as we wanted the whole cultural experience. It's also all-you-can-drink beverage on top of the long dinner spread. We got to ask everything we wanted to know about the geiko and maiko life. The drinking games we played with the maiko were also a lot of fun! Overall, we highly recommend this for an unforgettable cultural experience in Kyoto that is so worth every money spent!

Avaliado por: Joy Victoria W , Junho 2015

Totally worth the money. I went alone and I was seated at the same table with another 3 travellers from all over the world. There was 2 Maiko and 1 Geiko throughout the performance. We had conversations with the Maiko who came to our table (with the help of an interpreter). Performance was authentic.

Avaliado por: Adam B , Junho 2015

This was an amazing evening, the food was excellent although quite a lot of it was fish sushi, most of it is very mild though so worth a try even if you don't normally like fish. We were lucky enough to get a Geiko and Maiko which was fantastic as it enabled us to really see the difference between them. All in all it was a great fun, no pressure evening and we would definitely do it again if given the opportunity.

Avaliado por: Yukineko , Maio 2015

A real highlight to our trip. Definately worth seeing this. Got to play drinking games with the maiko

Avaliado por: Jelena C , Julho 2016

great opportunity to take a lot of good photos with make and geisha and talk to them
dinner was ok

Avaliado por: Catherine W , Maio 2016

We had a very enjoyable evening.

Avaliado por: Joseph C , Abril 2016

It was a nice experience. Staff were friendly. We got the experience we expected.

Avaliado por: K F , Abril 2016

This is a lovely cultural evening which despite the high price is worth doing. As I expected I did not enjoy the food very much but my husband and daughter did and the drink was generous.
The best part was personally meeting the performers and having a generous photo time with them.

Avaliado por: Denis D , Junho 2016

Intéressant pour en savoir plus sur les Maikos et Geishas, sans plus.
Repas plus intéressant serait apprécié, on est allé mangé ailleurs à la sortie.
Trop chère comme activité.

Avaliado por: Kathleen C , Abril 2016

This was fun. The food was ok, but it was fun watching the Geiko and Maiko perform and to play the drinking games