• Local: Kyoto, Japão
  • Duração: 60 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Charles V , Junho 2016

A fun evening. Very entertaining.

Avaliado por: Batiste J , Junho 2016

My parents and I enjoyed a lot this experience!
We enjoyed the stories, variety of dancing styles and photo session at the end

Avaliado por: Charles C , Junho 2016

Excellent show explaining the history and culture of Samurai with some impressive performances.

Avaliado por: , Maio 2016

Excellent show and the staff were very informative.

Avaliado por: Thomas K , Maio 2016

Very informative and charming. Not a fight show, but artistic performances mixed with brief explanations of samurai culture. The photo session at the end gives the opportunity to swing a sword under the supervision of one of the Masters, while the staff snaps action shots. Great fun!

Avaliado por: Donna S , Março 2016

This is a great show! Costumes, props, narration, this was quite authentic, and a lot of fun. Actors even posed audience members with actors after the show and took photos! It's a very small theater in a basement, but with a pretty good sized stage. Only 20 /- seats, so all are good.

Avaliado por: Megan A , Outubro 2015

The photo makes this look like it is a large venue, however is small venue and personable. Very informative.

Avaliado por: Piyaratne D , Maio 2015

Great show all round! Unlike with other touristy things you can do around the world, you never got the sense that these guys were trying to sell you anything - they were genuinely exhibiting their culture. It was a nice little bonus being able to take pictures with the performers and hold their swords!

Avaliado por: Jason C , Maio 2015

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

We didn't know what to expect from this performance but ended up loving every minute of it. The stage is small and personal and we 2 adults and 2 children were the only ones there. Even still, the performers gave it everything and it showed. At times it was moving, funny, sad, but always fantastic.

I can't explain why we were the only ones at this performance, but they deserve a visit!!

Avaliado por: Madeleine H , Abril 2015

Extremely informative, and learnt a lot about the history of the samurai. Performances were incredible!

Avaliado por: hugo g , Setembro 2016

Very interesting and well done - little short though

Avaliado por: Bradford B , United States of America, Agosto 2016

A very well done performance. It is like a multi act play. They come out and discuss the meaning in English of each upcoming demonstration. The movements and techniques are great to watch. Good for groups or individuals. Friendly courteous staff.

Avaliado por: Kenney Oh , United States of America, Julho 2016

This ended up being a bit different than what I had pictured. I think mainly because I didn't fully understand that Kembu is a sort of dramatic dance involving swords and fans. Our six- and eight-year olds definitely enjoyed it, particularly when they got to take pictures holding fake swords at the end. As an adult, while it was interesting, much of the show blended into each other as the dances don't come across as differentiated enough to make it interesting through the whole performance. It was worthwhile to see once but I would probably not go back to see it again. It definitely helped to break up the sightseeing of temples and walking around Kyoto so was a welcome respite for the kids and us too.

Avaliado por: Alexander F , Julho 2016

A great experience! We had wonderful fun. The show is entertaining and informative, and the staff are friendly and helpful. Afterwards we had some great fun with the photos and meeting the cast.

Avaliado por: dd04ray , Julho 2016

We really enjoyed the Samurai show. It was interesting to learn the history of the Samurai and really enjoyed the performance of the performers. Would recommend this Samurai performance show.

Avaliado por: praxidike1000 . , Maio 2016

Interesting performance delivered by nice and high skilled people.

Avaliado por: Glen F , Fevereiro 2016

Great show. Learnt a lot :-

Avaliado por: Mary S , Janeiro 2016

Unique and educational performance about Kyoto samurai history. Stage was in a small basement and hosted by 4 very dedicated Kembu performers.

Avaliado por: Suzanne K , Novembro 2015

Quite interesting.

Avaliado por: Kristen B , Setembro 2015

Well worth it. Great value for money. We appreciated having photos with the performers at the end.

Avaliado por: Hanh.do74 , Maio 2015

My kids were disappointed that I didn't booked in lessons after the performance. They throughly enjoy the stories and re-enactment on the ediqiute and lifestyle of the samurai. Love the fact that got to hold the sword at the end of the show and took photos with the Samurai.
A very interesting and entertaining performance overall.

Avaliado por: Viviana E Z , Janeiro 2017

Spettacolo interessante soprattutto se si hanno bambini peccato per la serata fredda

Avaliado por: Anne Z , Julho 2016

Whilst the venue, an actual training venue, took us back a little initially it enabled an informal and relaxed atmosphere for the delightful and engaging traditional samurai performance. Each act was introduced well and the performance executed with exact precision so we came away feeling quite satisfied. Photo opportunity at the end and an additional offer to participate in samurai skills in costume to fully become involved in the experience.