• Local: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Duração: 60 minutos (aproximadamente)

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: James R , Outubro 2016

Great show, do not know how he does it, a must see.

Avaliado por: Bev B , Setembro 2016

Was a very enjoyable evening with the Mentalist! Would recommend him to anyone!

Avaliado por: Helen G , Julho 2016

The show was awesome.

Avaliado por: KDubb , United States of America, Abril 2015

Mind-blowing! I cannot figure out how he was able to read my mind! This show is great for believers and skeptics because everybody leaves entertained and amazed! I was a skeptic before this show and now I am a definite believer that mind reading is real!

Avaliado por: JessM , Abril 2015

This show was amazing, it was funny, mysterious, overall an mysterious experience. Gerry really leaves you wondering how is that possible??? Going to get the book and figure it out.

Avaliado por: Amy F , Dezembro 2014

This was my second time at the show, completely different from the last time. Still blows my mind how he does it!

Avaliado por: MARK W , Novembro 2014

A great show, and the audience leave the show saying " how did he do that".............. The audience is used throughout the show. Some swearing is used, so beware if you are considering taking children.

Avaliado por: Danielle J , Agosto 2014

We had a great time here . People posted it was only 45 mins long. It was an hour and a half when we went.

Avaliado por: Liliana d , Agosto 2014

Amazing show

Avaliado por: Myron F , Março 2014

Very entertaining. He is a funny guy with a clever routine. I don't know how he does it, but I had a fine time at the show

Avaliado por: Lisa , Dezembro 2013

The show was amazing! and I usually skeptical about this mind reading stuff! he was great!

Avaliado por: Chasereck , Junho 2013

Great show! If you are into Derren Brown/ mentalist style shows definitely check it out. We booked through Viator and had front row seats but regardless its a private sized venue so any seat seemed nice. Overall i would recommend it!

Avaliado por: Antonia , Maio 2013

The show was truly amazing and enjoyable.

Avaliado por: Amy M , USA, Abril 2012

So Fun!

Avaliado por: Hayley T , Maio 2011

excellent show - how does he do it?????

Avaliado por: Charysse H , USA, Junho 2010

The show was fun and very crowd interactive! I learned a lot about the human psyche and it's definitely one show that someone must see when in Vegas!

Avaliado por: Jimmie D , Janeiro 2017

Very enjoyable. Lots of crowd interaction. Of course I couldn't figure out how he does it, even when he told us.

Avaliado por: Deborah W , Março 2015


Avaliado por: romancereader , Janeiro 2014

We enjoyed the show. I was chosen from the audience and Gerry did have the right answers to my questions!! Mentalism is pretty awesome!! I would recommend the show for an hours entertainment.

Avaliado por: Viv , Novembro 2012

Brilliant and unbelievable, how does he do it? Particularly suited to the small theatre venue.

Avaliado por: Leanne S , United Kingdom, Julho 2010

worth doing, but the way it's advertised i thought it was the mentalist off the telly, not the man who the series is based on!! but he was very good & very entertaining

Avaliado por: Kelly T , United Kingdom, Junho 2010

Great show. He was very clever and funny and he tells you how he does the tricks.

Avaliado por: Graham S , Novembro 2011

Very Good

Avaliado por: buckleyarbivalyse119 , Outubro 2016

I wasn't overly impressed.

Avaliado por: Gene B , Agosto 2014

I've seen much better, not very impressive. AGT has better Mentalists, this guy is full of it!