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Avaliado por: mstheresa24 , Outubro 2016

We went in September specifically so we could tour Buckingham Palace while the Queen was in her summer home.
It was truly amazing. There were many of Queen Elizabeth's dresses - all of which were very beautiful - some from 1950's.
Also had an assortment of hats. Pictures not allowed in the Palace. Also displayed china from different eras. Afternoon Tea was perfect in a hotel nearby
Buckingham Palace.

Avaliado por: Beverly M B , Outubro 2016

Wonderful!!! I felt like I was a part of royalty.

Avaliado por: Zmzmzm97 , Outubro 2016

Loved this tour.. it was a dream come true, and the tea. Gavin was excellent, we missed him before we tipped him.. so happy we later saw him walking down the street, and able to give him well deserved tip.

Avaliado por: MiloandFallon , Setembro 2016


Avaliado por: Darlene A , Setembro 2016

Great opportunity to see the State rooms not enough time so much to absorb tea was wonderful had a great time

Avaliado por: Evelyn R P , Setembro 2016

It was wonderful and I liked our guide a lot - very informative and friendly. The tea at Rubens was
very nice and I liked the lesson on etiquette

Avaliado por: Lisa H , Agosto 2016

Fun little tour. Josh was fantastic and we were happy to have had him on another tour. The palace rooms were very opulent. Extremely crowded touring the Queen's suits and hats. I can understand the opportunity to go inside the palace and the limited amount of time the queen is away.

Avaliado por: Evelyn W , Agosto 2016

Great. Tea was very nice.

Avaliado por: Liza M A , Agosto 2016

Great tour of Buckhingham Palace. I loved the afternoon tea at the Rubens hotel afterward. Food was great.

Avaliado por: jpdrozda , Setembro 2015

The palace tour was fantastic. Our tour guide was great and made tea very interesting by explaining the peculiarities of English etiquette when it comes to afternoon tea. It also happened to be delicious and was a nice way to relax after walking around the palace. The guides were also most understanding and helpful when we showed up a few minutes late because of an error we made in reading the directions.

Avaliado por: LINDA G , Agosto 2015

Our guide was there early to meet us.....told us what we needed to do...flawless...and at the Tea he was very informative ...his name was Michael..told some very good and funny stories..very entertaining . The Tea was splendid . The best sandwiches send scones ever! Well with it!

Avaliado por: Krissy S , Setembro 2016

Tour was fantastic! Highly recommend it, but I would advise going earlier in the day if possible, to beat some of the crowds. Our guide Phil was very knowledgeable and friendly. He didn't go on the tour with us, since it's self-guided, but he took us to a lovely hotel restaurant where we had our own private room and he shared some history with us. The tea and snacks were exactly as expected and made for a nice snack. My only suggestion would be to allow a little more time in the palace. I believe we had an hour and that includes a restroom break and the gift shop at the end. If you don't book the afternoon tea, then you have as much time as you want in the palace. Highly recommend this tour!

Avaliado por: kerrybertini , Outubro 2015

Good experience, high tea following had way too much food but no staff at venue after being served. But all in all a very pleasurable experience. In fact would love to re-visit afternoon tea venue for tea again.

Avaliado por: Diana M , Outubro 2015

Our tour guide Georgia was great. If you are lucky enough to have her you'll be happy. She arranged for us to see the changing of the guard, not in front of the palace where everyone else is but from The Mall area behind the palace. This is great as you get to be very close and there are not a lot of crowds. Loved seeing the regalia. The tour through Buckingham Palace is self-guided. The time is a little short but you get a good sense of the Palace. We added the tea and enjoyed that quite a bit. George hung out with us and continued to tell us stories through out the afternoon.

Avaliado por: Jessica A G , Setembro 2016

I can't say this tour was what I expected. Yes, we had a tour of the Palace at our own pace, but it definitely would have been nicer to have our guide actually guide us through, rather than the audio guide. The walk through the grounds to the hotel was pretty, but our guide didn't give any information other than why the barbed wire fence was put up. Tea/sandwiches were nice. Our explanation of how to drink tea took all of 2 minutes and we sat there talking to each other.
I wish our guide would have been more of a guide. He basically met us, walked us to the doors, met us after to walk us to the hotel, and then that was it. Pretty disappointing for the price to pay. I would have rather just bought tickets to the palace in advance if I knew how little we would have learned from the tour guide.
That being said, the Palace is beautiful! Definitely recommend getting in there during the weeks it is open.

Avaliado por: Adrienne C , Setembro 2016

The tour was good but we felt we didn't have enough time to look around as very crowded, also I booked ages ago and the time was changed twice the second time I didn't get notified then the tour guide questioned that I had paid for two but he only had one person on his list which lead to embarrasment as it was a gift for my friends birthday we got our tea but only after a few phone calls so I was a bit upset about that

Avaliado por: laurentboni34 , Setembro 2016

l'heure du rendez vous donnée par le guide après la visite du palais est bien trop courte.
le tea time rattrape un peu tout cela.
la gentillesse de notre guide un peu aussi
mais en conclusion cela ne justifie pas l'achat à ce tarif en tout k

Avaliado por: Julie H , Agosto 2016

We meet had a guid leed us to the entrance, we went in and did the same thing as the general public, with a audio tour. Meet the guide at the end walked to a hotel a few blocks away and did a afternoon tea... Was not brilliant we could have made the same arrangements on our own, don't think I would say is a must do, with the tour company. we did enjoy Buckingham Place and the Queens dresses, but could have save the money and did it on our own...

Avaliado por: Sarit , United States of America, Agosto 2016

We stood a long time in line to get in. The palace was beautiful but we pretty much walked on our own and listened to the audio without a guide. The high tea was at a nice hotel near by, but after we finished we walked through the hotel restaurant to go to the bathroom and we we were able to see other guests' high tea which had nicer sandwiches and pastries which made us feel like we had a second rate high tea option.

Avaliado por: John L , United States of America, Agosto 2016

Buckingham Palace was incredible, but our tour guide - Augusta, gave us only a little more than an hour to go through this incredible venue. She left us behind to take who ever rushed through the Palace to get to tea. You need at least 2.5 hours to enjoy properly. Tea would have been nice too.

Avaliado por: Sandrine B , Agosto 2016

Beaucoup trop rapide comme visite !!!!! Nous n avons pas eu le temps de profiter ni de l'exposition sur la garde robe de la reine et surtout pas eu une seconde pour la galerie des tableaux.

Avaliado por: Aida1323 , Mexico, Outubro 2016

Poorly planned... Seriously... This is the 2nd Viator in London trip where there is just not enough time. I have travelled with you guys in Russia and Italy and I really liked your service but this is making me change my mind... Only 1 hour to see Buckingham and the entire exhibition inside on a SUPER crowded Saturday???? It was SO crowded we simply could NOT advance through the throng of people. In the end, we had to literally run out... The afternoon tea was cool but I would have happily given time off the tea to actually get to enjoy the exhibition in Buckingham.