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Avaliado por: Marjorie A , Setembro 2016

This was an amazing trip. Our tour guide, Daniel, was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and despite some difficulties with weather and traffic, he managed to get us everywhere we needed to be with good humor. Although one probably books this tour for the Stonehenge experience, Windsor Castle and Oxford proved to be very interesting. And Stonehenge was everything we wanted it to be. Being able to walk among the Inner Stones in small groups was an experience I'll never forget. My friends who had been there before and not been able to get close were extremely jealous! Highly recommend.

Avaliado por: smgerst , Agosto 2016

Amazing time at Stonehenge. Absolutely a great trip there and would recommend the Inner Circle Access to anyone. Oxford was also a great time, but very abbreviated. Windsor Castle was a bit of a nightmare - crowded and full of people who didn't want to let you move around them.

Also, one caveat to this trip - it's on a huge tour bus, so you will be with 50 of your closest friends ha!. The tour guide was good, but it was often hard to get anything from the tour with that many people. Stonehenge was BY FAR the best part. And well worth the pain of the other stops.

Avaliado por: Christine H , Agosto 2016

Windsor Castle and Oxford were a very educational part of the tour. Considering the 3 legs, just enough time was spent to get a feel for the history and importance. Stonehenge was my favorite part and to have inner circle access was awesome. The guide was helpful and knowledgeable. The driver was excellent. Would do this trip again.

Avaliado por: Jacqueline M , Agosto 2016

Fantastic! this was a long-time dream come true! We could enter the circle and it felt great. The rest of the trip was also very interesting. The guide was nice and his explanations were clear.

Avaliado por: Ddt8522 , Julho 2016

This experience is a MUST for anyone traveling to the London area. Our tour guide was extremely patient and knowledgeable and allowed plenty of time for pictures and questions. Our time at Stonehenge was breathtaking.

Avaliado por: JAIME V , Julho 2016

The tour is highly recommended, however it must be said that you are trying to do a lot of things in one day. The bus arrived late, probably due to late arrivals. The time you spend in Windsor, Oxford and Stonehenge (less time needed) is insufficient. But on the other hand you accomplish quite a

Avaliado por: Barbara S , Junho 2016

I took my 10 year old granddaughter on the way rip to the UK. This Viator tour to Stonehenge,Windsor Castle and Oxford was the highlight of my trip. We took the sunrise tour which I highly recommend. Our guide was wonderful and so informative. Worth every penny.

Avaliado por: Jafet Z , Junho 2016

Jose was a great guide, always attentive and with a sharp smart sense of humor that makes you enjoy such a long day trip with so many facts to process. Obrigado Jose.

Avaliado por: Andrea L , Junho 2016

Tour guide Emily was really great. Knowledgeable fun caring. But, the pace was a little fast and at times we couldn and #39;t all hear her. Barely enough to time to quickly tour and get back to the bus; should make the tour start earlier to not rushed and enjoy our visits.

Avaliado por: IRINA R , Maio 2016

Great trip, highly recommended!

Avaliado por: IRENE S , Setembro 2015

Our tour guide Claudia was very knowledgeable, with a great sense of humor. We had a fun and very informative tour. We would recommend her as the best tour guide and a very pleasant and interesting person there is.

Avaliado por: karin j , Agosto 2015

Well organised and always in time. The guide was very good prepared and always friendly and we couldn't get lost with the big groups in Oxford and Windsor. In Windsor we have had enough time for to walk alone surround. Stonehenge was with the private tour the best idea. we were the first group there and we had the possibility to walk between the stones.

Avaliado por: Janet G , Julho 2015

Amazing, tour guide was very knowledgeable and helpful. To be so close to the stones and know their history as well as to learn about the mounds and other dig sites was amazing. If you have trouble walking, make sure you have a wheelchair. Lots of walking.

Avaliado por: terri , Julho 2015

I cannot say enough about this tour. Great, comfortable bus. Our tour guide was excellent.
Structured well with time at each location.

Windsor Castle is a beautiful place. In addition, it was great to visit Oxford and learn more about Oxford University. Quite a bit of walking, so wear sensible shoes.

However, without a doubt, the highlight of the trip was Stonehenge. It was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to have a private tour with only our group and go into the middle of the stones. I've never heard of anyone else ever being able to do this. It was superb. And everything we could have imagined it to be. I recommend 200. Well worth the investment. This was my favorite tour. I loved it.

Avaliado por: Mrs_twitter , Julho 2015

Stupendous tour! Windsor Castle was closed on our day which was actually great because we saw Hampton Palace and there is lots to view there. The tour of Oxford was interesting as we had no idea how the university system functioned compared to other schools and the town was quaint. The finale was the best of course as we were the only group there and able to go into the circle. As a surprise bonus there was a wedding party coming just as we were leaving and we got to see part of their ceremony. Our guide was very well versed on everywhere we travelled and we were able to do a tiny bit of shopping at Stonehenge before the shop closed but this isn't always the case. Pickup at the hotel was seamless and the guide was able to help everyone navigate home from the three drop-off options upon our return. Meal selections are slim so if you can bring food with you I would do so.

Avaliado por: Carol C , Junho 2015

Great tour , so thrilled to get so close to the stones. Our tour guide was excellent,

Avaliado por: clarkesus , Setembro 2015

We enjoyed Windsor Castle and Oxford very much. Our guide Charlotte was very well informed. I wish we'd been told in advance to bring food with us since we had only about 15 minutes at each place to buy something quickly to eat on the bus. Stonehenge was wonderful but extremely cold and windy. We were in the 2nd group of 25 and had to stand on the sidelines for 30 minutes in the cold until it was our turn to go inside the circle. By the time we got inside, it was getting too dark to take photos and everyone in our group was freezing. It would have been nice if we'd had the choice to remain in the shuttle, until it was our turn.

Avaliado por: Stéphanie D , Agosto 2015

Que dire de cette magnifique journée ! Il est certain que tout a été rapide, mais nous sommes heureux d'avoir eu un accès privilégié sur le site de Stonehenge!!!!!! La visite à Oxford a été rapide, mais une très belle place à voir ! Que dire de Windsor, une place magnifique à voir, mais je passerai plus de temps à Oxford et moins à Windsor ! Merci à notre guide pour les explications tout au long de la journée !

Avaliado por: Stéphanie T , Junho 2015

Nous avons trouvé que le départ n'était pas super clair... On était pas certain d'être au bon endroit... Le départ était mal identifié... Sinon, nous avons beaucoup aimé notre journée... Ce sont 3 merveilleuses activités. Ça vaut la peine de payer pour être au centre des pierres... La seule chose c'est que ça va vite. On manque franchement de temps au château Windsor qui est si magnifique...

Avaliado por: Hannah K , Dezembro 2013

The tour started late and was substantially larger than what we signed up for, the itinerary stated 12 - 15 people and we had about 55. The tours of Windsor Castle and Oxford were very rushed as the tour was running very late. Oxford did not have any access into the rooms and was basically just a walk around the neighborhood.
Stonehenge was amazing I wish we had just gone straight there!

Avaliado por: Maxwell K , Agosto 2013

Getting inside Stonehenge was absolutely amazing! Truly made the day fantastic. Oxford and Windsor Castle were a bit rushed, but we were able to see the major siights and sounds of each.

Avaliado por: gkorton , Junho 2016

We paid extra for sunset, but left before the sun set

Avaliado por: Martha H , Julho 2016

There was too much jam-packed into this day trip. As a result, there was only 1 hour to run through Windsor Castle this could take an entire day. Same thing with Oxford. I understand that with travel time and the focus of this trip being on getting to Stonehenge for the inside access I was not aware that this was the focus until we got on the bus, there is not a lot of time for the other 2 stops. The problem is, my focus was on Windsor and Oxford. So, either the tour company should be more open about the tour OR the tour should be less ambitious. Schedule Windsor OR Oxford and Stonehenge do 2 of the spots, not all 3.

Avaliado por: Peter B , Junho 2015

Very poor scheduling; no time for lunch or dinner meals; no advance warning of foreseeable major event (800 year anniversary of Magna Carta) which pushed tour from Windsor to Hampton Court; tour ended too late at 11:30 pm - 11 hours too long; attractions and guide 5-stars.