• Local: Los Cabos, Mexico
  • Duração: 4 horas (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 49,99

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: outlawdancer , Outubro 2016

this was fantastic loved every minute of it they people were so so nice

Avaliado por: Micha C , Junho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Joan G , Junho 2016

Strong tide at the snorkel location. I personally enjoyed the chance to put my wet suit back on and enjoy the undersea world. The staff was very kind, positive, and helpful.

Avaliado por: Paola G , Junho 2015

Amazing experience!

Avaliado por: Rodney J , Maio 2015

Great tour. Scenic and informative about the area. The crew and staff are very friendly and fluent in English. Snorkeling is great. The staff will help you, they feed the fish so the come by the thousands when you are in the water. Food was very good. Perfect 3 hour getaway.

Avaliado por: LAURA C , Março 2015

SUCH a bargin! We went to Chileno Bay and saw a lots of fish! On our way back to the marina after a fabulous lunch, a pod of whales appeared about a 100 yards off the bow. The captains got a little closer and cut the engines. Almost on que, the pod put on quite a show for all to enjoy! A 2 for 1 excursion!

I would DEFINATELY book this again and HIGHLY recommend this to anyone visiting the area.

Be sure to bring some to tip the crew, they were so attentive and professional!

Muchas gracias!

Avaliado por: Heidi , Dezembro 2014

Take this tour when you first arrive in Cabo to get a feel of the area of things to do that may not be on your agenda. What a great investment with a LOT packed into a few hours: boat tour, shopping, tequila history, sightseeing in old town, glass blowing and a nice, local lunch. And our tour quide knew his stuff !!! We had a mixed language group and no one felt left out. Our group from the US found it interesting that we were the only ones who thought it good to tip our guide and driver though...for a great day of service. Is that odd to anyone else ?

Avaliado por: Darin C , Dezembro 2013

The crew were fun and very accomodating. There was a pod of hump back whales in the area and they made a point of getting close and allowing us the opportunity to watch them for a few minutes.

Avaliado por: Rich M , Dezembro 2012

Our family had a great time on the Cruise and Snorkeling. The staff were fun and helpful. We have kids between the ages of 9 and 17. I'd recommend this family and friends.

Avaliado por: Anita L , Agosto 2016

Good value for the money! Lots of picture opportunities, attentive staff and never short on drinks!

Avaliado por: Pablo H , Julho 2016

was good

Avaliado por: Sharell M , Julho 2016

The tour was fun. My family of four had a great time snorkeling. They crew was nice and attentive bathrooms clean, good drinks and good music. The lunch was not good so pack some snacks! Don and #39;t forget your towels!!!

Avaliado por: Joyce B , Junho 2016

The boat and crew were great. Plenty of liquor was flowing. The water was extremely cold, but it did not stop us. The food was sandwiches and potato salad, a little disappointing. There was lots of dancing and the sights were incredible.

Avaliado por: Jody R , Junho 2016

I have been on several snorkeling trips at Los Cabos. This trip was my favorite. The crew was attentive, professional and lots of fun. The boat was very spacious and the food was tasty and filling. The snorkeling was wonderful. The water was clear and there were so many fish we felt like we were swimming in an aquarium. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because of the life jackets we had to wear. They were the full size, bulky orange life jackets instead of the lighter, easier inflatable life jackets. These big ones rode up against my neck while swimming I had to use my hands to keep it from choking me. Also, there was no way to dive underwater with these life jackets which was disappointing insofar as getting closer to the fish. Other than this, it was a great experience.

Avaliado por: Sonia A , Maio 2016

Attentive crew.

Avaliado por: Antrena H , Junho 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Lynette P , Setembro 2014

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Robert N , Dezembro 2012

This experience was terrific. We had the opportunity of following a humpback whale and her calf for about a half an hour, then proceeded on to our snorkeling destination which was quite a distance away from the Cabo marina. Saw lots of fish, however the water was a little murky

Avaliado por: Jeannette S , Julho 2012

We sat on the upper deck coming and going. Crew was alot of fun. Snacks could have been a little different than tuna salad or nachos. Maybe fruit or something else. Plenty to drink. We noticed that another larger boat got to the snorkeling spot after us and left before us. Would definately recommend.

Avaliado por: Kerry J , Julho 2016

The staff fed the fish so we saw lots of tropical fish. The beverages were included and the staff made sure we were taken care of. The lunch wasn and #39;t good- that would be the one area where they could improve.

Avaliado por: RichardM , Canada, Março 2016

It was okay, nothing to write home about. If you want o see the sealions use a smaller boat. The snorkeling is average, water is murky. Drinks are abundant and there is a little food, sandwiches and potatoe salad. Then again it's Mexico, always under delivers and over charges.

Avaliado por: RENITA R , Novembro 2015

We had an okay time on this snorkeling trip. Although the price is very reasonable for 2 people with lunch and drinks. In hindsight, I would've like to have paid a little more for better food and longer time for snorkeling. The ride to the place for snorkeling was very long, longer than the actual snorkeling which was only 45 minutes. There were enough fish circling about, but nothing spectacular or above the norm. Our guide was very informative and nice. The food served for lunch was just okay - 2 croissant ham sandwiches and potatoes and small amount of salad. I expected a hot meal. The drinks were watered down even though it was 'unlimited'. I would pay more to do another snorkeling trip the next time we go back with our family.

Avaliado por: Baleriano G , Janeiro 2015

We booked this tour in hopes of "reef snorkeling," but it did take a while to get to our destination as we stopped and did a bit of whale watching but it was a great experience. Everyone really enjoyed that and got great pictures. When we got to our spot I assumed a guide would be in the water with us and it would be a group activity to look for fish but it was more or less us being left to our own entertainment. It turned out good though; the water was nice. The crew was very attentive and the on board activities were awesome too. I would recommend this

Avaliado por: Frederick H. S , Fevereiro 2014

Snorkeling OK but not great. Saw some fish but not a great variety. Water not that clear. Poor snacks on way back to port. Drinks good and staff attentive for refills.

Avaliado por: Aaron N , Julho 2016

The snorkeling location was rediculous. I saw a total of four fish. The waves were too rough for beginners. The guides were not helpful in the water. They even had the audacity to go around at the end of the trip with a tip jar. Not worth the money.