• Local: Madri, Espanha
  • Duração: 9 dias (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: StellaMarik , Janeiro 2017

tour was fantastic highly recomnend! good hotels, guide etc

Avaliado por: rakhichari , Junho 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: gina , Agosto 2014

I have to give our bus driver and tour guide a 10 on this one. Service, service and more service. I had such a great time!!

Avaliado por: Suzanne R , Julho 2013

This was a wonderful trip – one I will remember forever. Our guide was wonderful, the hotels were nice, the tours were informative and interesting, and our fellow tour companions were great. Thank you for this trip. It was also a good value.

Avaliado por: ROSALIE G , Julho 2013

Wonderful!! Hugo, our tour guide, was very informative; Felix, our bus driver, was careful yet arrived at all our destinations on time. The local tour guides were great - they highlighted the main attractions of each city, and gave suggestions on what we should go see on our own. We spent a lot of time on the bus, traveling between cities, but the scenery was beautiful and Hugo gave us historical and regional information as we drove by.
One thing I'd like to suggest is that travelers be given a list of attractions that are NOT included in the tour (i.e. museums, basilicas, historical buildings). We did our own research and knew what spots we would visit on our own. However, there were travelers in the group who were clueless about what to visit when the local tours ended.
Overall, I highly recommend this trip. From beginning to end, we were delighted with the service!!

Avaliado por: Tabassum A , Julho 2016

Everything was well organized
A few issues like quality of local guide at Córdoba but in general very impressed

Avaliado por: mad18888 , Abril 2016

Very nice.

Avaliado por: mad18888 , Abril 2016

Very nice.

Avaliado por: mad18888 , Abril 2016

Very nice.

Avaliado por: Luis_Magda , Australia, Julho 2013

The tour was the integration of other excursions making things very confusing. The first tour was the Madrid circuit. The operator took us from the hotel to the city. At the end of the excursion, they left us in the city and the only way back to the hotel was asking people for directions, or by taxi. Luckily, we knew how to get back.

Once we left Madrid, we assumed that our guide would be with us until the end of the tour, but it was not to be. She belonged to the Cordoba, Seville and Granada circuit. We continued on our tour to Valencia and Barcelona after we changed bus, driver and guide near Madrid.

The last day of our trip, they left us at the hotel without transfer. Viator refunded the expenses incurred in hiring a taxi.

Outside these mishaps, the tour is a good value for money, and the operating agency need better communication and organization.

Avaliado por: Maryl L , Setembro 2015

The tour itself was very good. We saw a lot of amazing sites, the tour guides are very helpful. I loved that we were able to visit 5 different cities, each one was beautiful and unique and it gives you a taste of the culture and the beauty of Spain. The aspect that was disappointing was that the first few days of our tour had a capacity of over 60 people. The bus was always packed and sometimes we felt slowed down by the number of people. There were several different languages being spoken which became confusing at times and because of the larger size of the group, we felt rushed during some of the highlights of the trip, such as the Alhambra. Overall, the trip was very good, the accommodations were good and I would recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: vijaya , Outubro 2014

It was lovely. The people are wonderful and warm. All the hotels were good except in Barcelona. We were shunted at the last minute to a hotel in the outskirts. Viator should stop using this hotel for its tourists.

Avaliado por: Nancy L , Junho 2013

This 9-day tour is actually 3 individual tours combined from the local travel company Julia Travel.
The Panoramic Sightseeing Tour of Madrid: While the tour itself was okay in terms of the sights we are shown (albeit briefly), our tour guide had mediocre English abilities at best, which quickly led to our sustained disinterest for the rest of the tour because we couldn't understand what was being described. Furthermore, to fill the bus, the tour is multilingual - Castilian Spanish and English. On this particular tour, English was definitely a second priority, and there were more English-speaking patrons in the group. 3 stars
This tour was followed by the 4-Day Spain Tour: Cordoba, Seville and Granada from Madrid tour. This is the best of the 3 tours. Our tour guide Cristina and driver Jose Luis were very professional, organized and friendly. They kept everyone on time, because Jose Luis always had the bus ready a good time earlier and Cristina posted a schedule in the lobby of every hotel we stayed in. Cristina introduced us to our local guides at every stop, spoke French, Castilian Spanish, and English flawlessly and had wonderfully interesting things to say as we drove through the Andalusian countryside. 4 – 5 stars.
We changed our bus in the middle of a service area for the last part of our tour: 4-Day Spanish Mediterranean Cities Tour: Valencia and Barcelona from Madrid. The bus was 45 minutes late to arrive at our service stop. Throughout the 4 days, our tourwas 45 minutes late to arrive at our service stop. Throughout the 4 days, our tour guide only spoke to us couple times, mostly to announce our arrival or estimate time to our next destination. While his language skills were reasonable - he spoke the same languages as Cristina - he failed to explain anything about the cities we were traveling to or the regions we were traveling through during the bus rides. The explanations of our schedules was poor as well. (Continuos on next review space)

Avaliado por: Nancy L , Junho 2013

We were told as a group probably once what time to arrive and never reminded. In Barcelona, we stopped at the Plaça Catalunya (after the driver and our guide were hopelessly lost for an hour) and dropped off the tourists who had joined the tour in Barcelona on the side of the street. They were told to walk to their hotel. Although the other hotel for a few in our group (including us), were actually staying in a hotel IN the Plaça Catalunya, too, the driver had NO idea where it was and got lost again and drove in circles around the city to the other hotel for the tourist class patrons. Our guide gave no indication that we were actually lost and left everyone in the dark. The two sightseeing tours we had were with the local tour guides only, and they were great. Our bus guide was nowhere in sight - unlike Cristina, who ensured everything went smoothly and no one got lost during every local tour. 2 Stars.
The communication was a little bit difficult with Julia travel before us arriving to Spain due to the hour and language difference. We tried to confirm our hotel pickups by phone multiple times, but their offices are leanly staffed so rarely is anyone on duty to ensure answering of phones. They do have local office in Madrid and Barcelona.

Avaliado por: Darryl M , Setembro 2016

It was spoilt by a family with twin boys 2years old who screamed the whole trip.

Avaliado por: Vanessa S , Agosto 2016

as I said in previous email regarding this that you sent me
You left us in Madrid for two days with no information or tour details
We wasted two days in Madrid because no one could tell us what was happening
I was disgusted with you Viator