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Starting a fire

peter, Maio 2013

Starting a fire from tree sap, a cotton ball from our first aid kit and sticks.


peter, Maio 2013

Going out on the motorboat!


peter, Maio 2013

View of the forest canopy.

Spiky Tree

peter, Maio 2013

Don't get poked by this tree, it's actually poisonous. But you can use some of the syrup found inside to start a fire (it's flammable).

Red Ants

peter, Maio 2013

Finding a red ants nest and rubbing them into your skin helps camouflage your smell from larger animals (like pumas).


peter, Maio 2013

Trekking through the Amazon.


peter, Maio 2013

Our guide showing us how to extract syrup from certain trees in order to stay hydrated.