• Local: Cidade do México, México
  • Duração: 6 horas (aproximadamente)
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The band

Kevin F, Maio 2013

Marriachis boarded our boat and entertained the group.

The Story of the Stuffed Animals

Nathan O, Agosto 2015

Interesting Story of why the stuffed animals were on display here. Apparently this man had seen evil spirits and was advised by a spiritualist that in order to sway off the bad spirits he would have to put up and display stuffed animals on his land whenever he felt their presence. Amazing.

The Library at the University of Mexico

Nathan O, Agosto 2015

The mosaic was everything I had read about. To see it for real was almost as good as seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre well not that good...almost as good but only because I was only five when I first read about it. Yes I could read at 5! LOLs.

Everyone Was Just Happy.

Nathan O, Agosto 2015

Great feeling and just enjoying watching other cultures and their families. You could really tell that Mexico City was built over a lake first hand.

Music, Food, and Drink

Nathan O, Agosto 2015

The weather cooperated too! Great experience. Amazed on how the vendors just jumped from boat to boat to boat with the greatest of ease.

University of Mexico

Nathan O, Agosto 2015

Me and the Wife finally got to see my 5 year old childhood wish come true. It was great.

Mariachi Baby!

Nathan O, Agosto 2015

Volvare Volvare Anyone?