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Avaliado por: Michael B , Setembro 2016

We paid extra for the Lemur experience, which was excellent. It's a small zoo, but has three shows and interesting things to see, with some close-up opportunities. We took the opportunity to hold a Tiger cub with photo, for extra, but how often do you get that chance? Really enjoyed the day

Avaliado por: Pattie T , Julho 2015

I love this place! Some ticketing errors on my part were quickly resolved and traded so there was no hassles.

Avaliado por: GELER A , Maio 2015

Visite de Jungle Island superbe.
Photos avec un bébé croco, des perroquets et meme des serpents.
Les animaux sont en libertés c'est aprreciable pour les observer.

En revanche, navette soit disant inclus. N'est jamais venu !!! Obliger de prendre un taxi aller et retour. Cette navette ne doit plus exister.

Avaliado por: Alison W , Dezembro 2014

A very good zoo park with lots of handling opportunities. We enhanced our day with a private lemur handling experience, complete with photos and video, which we felt was worth the extra cost. We also bought a photo key, entitling us to copies of all the other pictures of our group that were taken by the park staff that day.

Avaliado por: Amanda M , Junho 2014

Great place to go with kids. Really enjoyed it. Paid for lemur experience as extra, very good.

Avaliado por: Ken L , Março 2014

Good and interesting

Avaliado por: Isabelle B , Setembro 2013

Très bien excellente expérience surtout le fait de donner à manger en direct dans l'enclos des kangourous pour 5$ par personne. Un vrai havre de paix.

Avaliado por: Miia K , Setembro 2013

This place was amazing! We got the Lemur experience and we were there just the two of us. The lemurs were so cute and they were climbing all over us and we got to hold a baby lemur...she was so cute! Also the birds around the park are amazing. I would go here again!

Avaliado por: Catherine S , Setembro 2011


Avaliado por: Anônimo , Junho 2009

This was one of the coolest things I have EVER done! The Lemurs are so friendly and lovable that I wanted to spend the whole day playing with them.

Avaliado por: Reza S , Deutschland, Dezembro 2013

Ich fand Jungle Island durchaus empfehlenswert. Es ist leicht mit dem Bus zu erreichen. Der Park ist durchaus gut aufgbaut und kann einem stelllenweise ein richtiges and quot;Dschungelfeeling and quot; ver-
mitteln. Sehr unterhaltsam und lehrreich fand ich auch die Tiershows die veranstatet werden.

Einzig und allein die Tierghege waren ,meiner Meinung nach, zu klein geraten.

Avaliado por: Melanie J , Australia, Abril 2013

Loved jungle Island and the bird show is a must! We paid extra for the Lemur experience and it was well worth the money.

Avaliado por: Shirley S , Dezembro 2012

It was a very nice, they had different animals and you could take pictures with all of them. The shuttle service there was on time and fast. They had different animal shows available throughout the day. I recommend this for anyone who has a morning to spare.

Avaliado por: Ryan T , Outubro 2012

Very enjoyable experience

Avaliado por: Beverley M , United Kingdom, Dezembro 2011

Highlight of this was definately the lemur activity. Had a full 45 minutes with the lemurs, they are really used to people and will climb all over you. Got some great photos and keeper was informative, friendly and helpful. Jungle Island itself was smaller than I expected better for younger children but this does mean you can see all threee shows easily and make sure you have plenty of quarters as there are quite a few opportunities to feed the animals. Not many food options for but free transport was a real benefit.

Avaliado por: SHASHWATI S , Canada, Novembro 2011

The tour is good. Admission at the gate is same as Viator price. I was told by one of the Viator agents that the price is cheaper if I book through Viator It would have been nice if the transportation was included in the tour with some charge.

Avaliado por: Mohamed Z , Outubro 2015


Avaliado por: sandra r , Junho 2012

jungle island is small and cute, clean, (which i appreciated) i also appreciated the free pick up and return from our hotel in Miami! thank you!

Avaliado por: FAYIZ T , Outubro 2011

the most exciting part was the liger however i expected to see more animals and it was a bit limited in that overall

Avaliado por: stephx , Novembro 2012

Beautiful birds, however, other animals had small enclosures. was a bit sad to see them like that

Avaliado por: Indrakanthie P , Sri Lanka, Setembro 2015

I did not participated in this trip. Because it was very complected to find that place. I am a foreigner and a solo traveler. I did not have a car to go to that place.

Avaliado por: jabincorp , France, Dezembro 2014

Petit parc,
De donner à manger aux animaux, les photos avec le serpent, le crocodile sont payantes.
La photo 30$ la pack complet 50$ super chers
Rien d'extraordinaire, j'ai été déçu!

Avaliado por: Dale L , Janeiro 2013

Using Viator to pay in advance was a waste of time. The purpose of buying the tickets ahead of time thru Viator was supposedly so I would not have to stand in line for a ticket. So I went straight to the entrance, stood in line, and when I got to the entrance I was told to get a ticket. Never again