• Local: Milão, Itália
  • Duração: 15 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Dmitry Z , Janeiro 2017

Must see place! Please come in advance to have time for exchanging your voucher to their tickets.

Avaliado por: Neil P , Novembro 2016

Thoroughly enjoyed although felt ripped off when found out tickets normally 12 euro s I paid 25 pound each through viator not happy .

Avaliado por: MJ , United States of America, Setembro 2016

The Last Supper is a must for anyone within a train ride of Milan! The ticket is timed so there is no waiting in long lines. The painting that shares the room with Da Vinci's masterpiece, Montorfano's Crucifixion, should also be examined. The Milano card is a great help as it gives discounts to other museums and allows for free metro travel.

Avaliado por: May S , Agosto 2016

the last supper was fascinating! a must see in Milan..
As for the Milano card, it was a bit difficult to find the place... but we managed to use it since we were staying for an additional two nights in milan.

Avaliado por: Mark W , Agosto 2016

I did not pick up the Milano Card, so I could not comment on this.

I bought the voucher directly to the Santa Maria delle Grazie and was able to pick up the tickets there. The experience was great, will do it again.

Avaliado por: Linette A , Julho 2016

The Last Supper as it should we wanted it without other tour stuff.
And the Milano Card was simple to get - follow the instructions for the location for redemption.

Avaliado por: Mitchell C , Julho 2016


Avaliado por: Bonnie B , Julho 2016

This is an excellent way to get in to see the Last Supper. Glad we did as it was one of the highlights of our trip.

Avaliado por: Miray E , Julho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Dan , Junho 2016

Smooth transaction to go see The Last Supper!

Avaliado por: Virginia M O , Abril 2016

Excelente!! Tal vez el precio un poco alto.
No tengo ninguna queja.
Al inicio tuve un poco de duda sobre cómo obtener la entrada para ver La Ultima Cena con los documentos que me enviaron, y por más que busqué orientación no la obtuve, así que me arriesgué a llegar con el documento impreso al recinto y afortunadamente fue aceptado y no tuve problema para entrar.

Avaliado por: Virginia M O , Abril 2016

Muy bien. El precio un poco alto.
Me falto orientación respecto a dónde o cómo conseguir la entrada a La Ultima Cena, pero afortunadamente me atreví a ir a Santa María del Grazie con el documento impreso y eso fue suficiente. Sin embargo, quien no se atreve, podría perder su entrada ya que no está claramente especificado.

Avaliado por: Young Kim , Março 2016

The process was seamless. I went 30 min before and showed them the Weekend in Italy voucher and we were done. The audio option 3 per person was helpful.

Avaliado por: Jos A , Março 2016

Ik heb het Laatste Avondmaal jaren geleden gezien. Deze opzet bevalt me heel erg. Er was genoeg tijd om het te bekijken en een indruk te krijgen, terwijl het aantal bezoekers per tijdslot beperkt was. Je zat elkaar niet te verdringen.

Avaliado por: Ruth P , Julho 2016

I questioned why I purchared 8 tickets and only got 6 Milano card vouchers. I was told the children did not need a Milano card. That was in error and we had to purchase them there.
The site for the Last Supper was a little hard to find, not well marked where to check in, however the viewing was very nice. We were given time to see and appreciate this great work.

Avaliado por: Jesus D , Outubro 2015

We got this tour as a last minute resource because we were looking to buy it directly in the Santa Maria delle Grazie church website but there were no more dates available. fortunately we were able to get in with this tour.

PS. In this museum/gallery there are only two paintings the last supper and the crucifixion and you only get 15 minutes to visit the gallery so be on time for your reservation. I got a little late and I only had like 6-7 minutes to visit the gallery, but don't worry they're both in the same room

Avaliado por: Kimberley B , Outubro 2016

Loved the efficiency of the 15 minute timeframes to view the paintings. Just the right amount of time! Found the people dehumidifier interesting too!

Avaliado por: strachan_anne , Setembro 2016

I enjoyed the last supper, but the Milano card was not worth the money. The card for the train was useful, but I would not recommend Milano card.

Avaliado por: Sara G , Dezembro 2015

Muy caro para los 15 minutos que te dejan ver el cuadro. Las entradas allí cuestan 8 aunque hay que comprarlas pronto porque se acaban rápido

Avaliado por: Mark S , Julho 2016

Based on other reviews, we decided not to bother with the Milano Card, but redeeming the Last Supper tickets was painful anyway. The ticket office was unable to decipher our voucher, but fortunately the session wasn't booked out and they seemed to take pity on us in the end and surrendered tickets to us anyway. The Last Supper, and Crucifixion, were worth viewing however, and we enjoyed the experience of the exhibit itself.

Avaliado por: Michel M , Abril 2016

La Cène, évidemment, c'est à voir. Mais quelle galère pour trouver l'endroit où retirer le package milano cardentrée à la cène, le bureau décrit sur le voucher n'existe plus. Personne ne sait où se rendre. Finalement, on a le renseignement au tabac qui vend les tickets de métro, de manière expéditive...
Pour une journée à Milan, la milano card ne sert à rien le package coute 32 euros pour une entrée à la Cène à 9 euros si mes souvenirs sont bons.....DE plus par groupe de 15 personnes, on ne peut rester plus de 15 minutes sous peines d'enguel.....à grand renfort de haut parleurs.....Mais bon on ne peut guère faire autrement.

Avaliado por: Cruz M , Junho 2016

We missed the tour by a few hours and could not re-book.

Avaliado por: michellevgonzales , Maio 2016

The only useful thing in this voucher is the Last Supper tickets. Don't purchase unless you really had no other way of getting the Last Supper. Milano Card was USELESS and a waste of time. They gave use the runaround from the Milano Centrale office and told us to get it from the Piazza office. Unless this is your last resort for the Last Supper, DO NOT PURCHASE THE VOUCHER.

Avaliado por: Kahan G , Dezembro 2015

It was terrible. There was no confirmation from your local agent about where to go and what to do. I was shocked to find that I was charged more than twice than what everything put together was worth.

I could not even avail the Milano card as the timings were such that if I went for to collect the Milano card, I'd miss the viewing which was in another part of the city. So I ended up spending more to travel.

Your staff really needs to look into this. Did not expect this from Viator!