• Local: Moab, Utah
  • Duração: 5 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Mary j S , Outubro 2016

The trip was great. We had a little technical difficulty at the beginning, the jeep broke down. But after they brought a new vehicle, Buzz gave us a tour to remember. Very interesting and fun. Buzz was knowledgeable and a really good driver! We saw sites in the Arches National Park that many would not experience. And the drive was a wild experience. Extremely entertaining. Would definitely recommend to others.

Avaliado por: Dave T , Outubro 2016

Tour was a lot of fun. Got to 4 wheel over some serious rocks. Larry and Sharon were great drivers and kept the trip entertaining and informative. If you want a 4x4 rock climbing experience without having to buy and bring your own vehicle, this is the place.

Avaliado por: dbarcus1 , Outubro 2016

Our two drivers were fantastic. Took us many places most don't get to see. They're knowledge of the historical, scientific and ecological information of the park was very interesting. I was very impressed with their concern for the ecological preservation of the area. They stopped several times to block off unauthorized trail other tried to make and to pick up trash. We took the sunset tour which allowed us to see the incredible color of the rocks. This was definitely a highlight of our trip.

Avaliado por: richard , Outubro 2016

Matt and Larry were great guides, it was really awesome to get off the main roads and see parts of the park not seen by many visitors. I highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a truly immersive experience at Arches.

Avaliado por: cwoodring721 , Setembro 2016

Amazing! Our guide, John, of Navtec Adventures was very knowledgeable about the geology and was very capable at maneuvering the terrain.

Avaliado por: alex l , Setembro 2016

Highly recommended, especially for families. The back country experience was better than i thought it would be. You get to see more than you would just driving through the park. There isn't a chance to get out and hike but you can do that before or after that is what we did. You also avoid the crowds. For most of the tour we were the only ones out there. The guide was very knowledgeable and eager to answer questions i think his name was Larry. Only complaint is that it did seem a little long but it is a huge park and you hit the highlights. I would recommend the sunset tour. The sun hitting the terrain at dusk is GORGEOUS. I would do it again.

Avaliado por: Richard H , Setembro 2016

Excellent trip. Buzz was great.

Avaliado por: David T , Agosto 2016

Quite an adventure! Got to see a lot of the national park that you won't see on the paved roads where all the traffic is. Very experienced driver and guide.

Avaliado por: Laurie C , Agosto 2016

We loved this tour. Larry, our tour guide, did a great job of making our trip exciting and informative. Hats off to Larry and the entire team! If you are going to Moab, don't miss this tour!!

Avaliado por: Grant S , Julho 2016

The tour entered Arches via a back entrance and took us on a really bumpy but fascinating journey around some of the park's lesser-known features including dinosaur prints amazing and Tower Arch whcih was truly spectacular. We saw only a few other people along the way reinforcing how exclusive this was. Great tour guide. The only negative we felt, was the final leg, to the 'Whale eye' which was a long way to go, with an unremarkable feature which we've suggested they forgo or replace...

Avaliado por: Geoff M , Julho 2016

Our guide is Buzz. Buzz is a very knowledgeable person, provided great info regarding local geography and plants. It was a very enjoyable driving tour. Will definitely refer to others.

Avaliado por: Sarah K , Julho 2016

Our tour was awesome. The Arches were surreal and our guide Kevin was spectacular. He was so thoughtful and considerate of everyone at all times yet managed to hit the back roads with zeal.
He took us to a secluded arch that was so peaceful and magestic.
This tour and Kevin a MUST

Avaliado por: Greg S , Julho 2016

We had a great time. Our guide, Kevin, was funny and informative. We got to see a lot of the park by ourselves. The 4x4 was true off roading so be prepared for that. We did some short hikes to different arches and you want good shoes. Our 10 year old son didn and #39;t want it to end.

Avaliado por: John E , Junho 2016

Extremely interesting, and the ride was, to say the least, very exciting. My guide gave excellent information about the trip, and made it most enjoyable for us.

Avaliado por: rosieqt77 , Junho 2016

This tour was awesome! Kevin took us places in the park that we could not have gotten to ourselves. A must-see National Park!

Avaliado por: Ann D , Junho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: William C , Junho 2016

tour was great our guide Kevin was as much fun as tour itself.

Avaliado por: GUY R , Maio 2016

Excellent bon chauffeur..

Avaliado por: Martha C , Setembro 2016

Taking the 4x4 tour is the only way to go.plenty of excitement with knowledgeable and fun guides. You'll see things the average tourist will never see.

Avaliado por: Eric S , Agosto 2016

Great trip. Worth hiring a guide as we got to see so much more when we were off the pavement. Company was friendly and conservation minded. Off road in a Lexus!

Avaliado por: Noel W , Setembro 2016

Guide spent too much time talking about himself and not enough about what we were seeing. We enjoyed the tour but not as much as the one with your company the evening before with Chip.
Thanks, Noel and Ann

Avaliado por: Gary B , Junho 2015

This is truly a beautiful park, but we felt like we didn't get to see many of the actual formations. Our guide said we could drive that part on our own, but he also said the traffic and parking lots to do so were awful. If I had it to do again I would go early and drive it myself. Perhaps our expectations were not what this tour is intended to highlight.

Avaliado por: Rendell W , Maio 2016

The ride was over rocks and the vehicle was moving making a very uncomfortable ride. Two ladies on the trip became sick from the rough ride. The views were not very great. The views taken from the paved drive were much better than the views from the 4 X 4 vehicle. I would not recommend the trip for anyone who would not enjoy a very rough ride. The driver was very good, and he tried to make the ride as smooth as he could.

Avaliado por: Travis Y , Agosto 2015

Not what we expected, compared to other tours here. Driver was friendly and knowledgeable about the area.

Avaliado por: kliste , France, Junho 2016

Bon, en fait le titre est clair. Il ne faut pas comprendre qu'il s'agit d'aller voir les arches. Il s'agit bien d'un tour en 4X4, les arches ne sont qu'un prétexte.
Donc en gros, on passe 5 heures dans un gros 4X4, à se faire secouer dans tous les sens. On a tout loisir d'admirer la dextérité du chauffeur qui passe dans des endroits improbable. On ne voit les arches que de très loin, alors même que certaines sont accessibles en 10 à 15 minutes de marche.
Pour cette aventure, il faut se munir de bouteilles d'eau, elles ne sont pas fournies, dommage !