• Local: Moab, Utah
  • Duração: Varies (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Zeek , Novembro 2016

We had a lovely and competent captain and guide filled with interesting facts and humorous stories. As we were there in August, and we took the beginners trip, the ride was relaxing and meandering with some moderate whitewater. Fun!

Avaliado por: Bryan H , Julho 2016

My husband and boys had a great time on this trip. Loved their guide.

Avaliado por: Scott D , Março 2015

Tory was the best river guide we ever had. Yes it was early season, so the rapids were non existent, but Tory made it a great trip regardless. Go with NavTec any chance you get in Moab....they are incredible!

Avaliado por: Kay C , Julho 2016

very friendly guides. I would have preferred more rapids. I don't know if when looking at trips if the scale of rapids 1-5 was in the description. We did not receive info on what to wear and bring, while others had.

Avaliado por: Kent B , Junho 2016

Water was high, but that was not overly detrimental. Fast flow, and some big waves gave us several welcome soakings!

Avaliado por: Patricia M , Junho 2015

loved the rafting but too much time taken up prepping lunch i.e. slicing oranges, rolling up turkey etc. This should've been done b4 trip. Standing in the hot sun waiting was not fun or cost effective for me.
1st time ever guides shared nothing about area/history. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Avaliado por: NATHALIE D , Agosto 2016

Hormis le fait que nous savions que ce n'était pas la bonne période pour se régaler avec des rapides importants, le guide qui nous a accompagné nous a littéralement ignoré, n'a fait aucun effort pour nous expliquer sauf règles de sécurité ou parler doucement..nous ne sommes pas bilingues donc n'a parlé qu'aux américains sur le bâteau !! et s'est laissée porter par le courant autant vous dire que 4h à glisser c'est long ! donc je ne recommande pas du tout ce prestataire à moins que ce soit le guide qui n'était pas à la hauteur !
De plus il était indiqué dans la prestation boissons incluses. Nous ne nous sommes pas chargés et nous avons dû réclamer à boire après 3h de navigation et on nous a sorti un géricane d'eau ..bref pas très sympa et fun !!

Avaliado por: Kelly D , Outubro 2015

This trip was a complete and total disappointment. In fact, we couldn't wait for the trip to end so we could go explore Moab on our own. The highlight was the other family who we sat next to who were also trying desperately to find some way to make the boring 3 hour float into something less than yawn-invoking! The scenery was very pretty but nothing you couldn't get driving anywhere else in Moab.

The Class II and III rapids were barely more than ripples in the water and occurred no more than five times during the three hour float. The rest of the time, the water was as smooth as glass and we barely creeped down it. This was probably the biggest disappointment as we thought we'd for sure be getting splashed and hanging on so we didn't fall out! I get that the river was low in the fall of the year, but that should have been noted on the description or in part of the booking so the trip wasn't misrepresented as it was with:
Hold on and have fun when the raft gets bouncy during Class II and III rapids.

And finally, our guide may as well been a mute robot. Despite the overview on the website saying: Learn from the expert guide about the ecology, history and wildlife around Fisher Towers and the Colorado River, our guide only spoke when spoken to and only talked if asked a direct question. And by talk i mean one word answer. If the guide was fun and talkative and smiled and laughed and told jokes even a little, that would have surely made this dull ride a tiny bit more exciting.

I absolutely DO NOT RECOMMEND this trip, unless you are looking to just sit quietly on a river for three hours and do nothing but stare and pretty scenery.