• Local: Montego Bay and Negril, Jamaica
  • Duração: 4.5 to 7.75 hours (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 78,99

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Donna M , Novembro 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Joel A , Outubro 2016

At first we were slightly concerned because my wife and I the only two on the trip but our driver was fun and knowledgeable. Rose hall was SOOO much fun. They even had some actors dressed up and live acting some of the scenes. The lagoon is nothing short of breathtaking. Overall amazing!

Avaliado por: John H , Junho 2016

Tony Montana our tour guide was the best. He took the great pride in his job and country. We had a blast! Definitely happy we booked this tour.

Avaliado por: Keith S , Abril 2016

The house was fantastic we took the night tour .the guide was fantastic the actors and freights were brilliant .our best excursion .The lagoon was special we jumped in and the creatures lit up a very weird experience overall loved this tour .highly recommended.

Avaliado por: Bonnie V , Março 2016

We did the evening tour and when we arrived there were big groups of people arriving and we had a small wait. Our tour guide, Curley, was animated, funny and made the tour great. Not to give anything away but I was spooked a couple times but good for families with teenage children or older. I would recommend this to friends and family

Avaliado por: Vicki L , Fevereiro 2016

Our driver Michael was fantastic...very friendly and accommodating. As there were only four of us on the tour, he customized it to our needs and gave us the time we required at each location. Favorite part of the tour was the Luminous Lagoon!

Avaliado por: JoAnn L , Fevereiro 2015

The driver showed up timely and gave us a very good city tour, including a stop at the local school, a drive through residential areas, and a stop to try sugar cane. Glistening Waters was nothing short of beautiful. Rose Hall was impressive but cheesy presentation. Overall, well worth the cost.

Avaliado por: B Worobets , Novembro 2016

The tour was great. My friend and I happened to be the only ones to book this tour that day so it was a private tour no complaints!. The driver was local to the area and gave us a lot of information about what we were seeing. Montego Bay was very interesting to drive around and we stopped at a lovely old church to have a look. Next we went to Luminous Lagoon - so amazing, I would go back in a heartbeat. Take your water shoes, the bottom is silty and feels like you are standing in peanut butter. Our last stop was Rose Hall. At night the guides at Rose Hall do a spook tour, which we were unaware of and could have done without. Rose Hall is beautiful and I would have preferred to learn more about the history without the actors and dim lighting.

In all, going to the three places made for a busy day but it was a lot of fun.

Side note: Get water shoes or bring old runners if you are doing excursions. On a different tour, our bus stopped at a shop on the way to Dunn's River Falls so we could get water shoes not expensive and we ended up using them the whole trip.

Avaliado por: Marshall S , Novembro 2016

Over priced, hurried tour by guide wearing ear wig.

Avaliado por: Trevor Y , Junho 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: maria_ba_cor , Novembro 2014

Our Driver "Junior" was Excellent! He was very friendly and knew so much about everything and so polite! He took us down town MoBay and showed us around Sam Sharpe Square, as well as visited the Montego Bay Civic Centre currently housing the Museum of St. James, an art gallery and a theatre. The museum traces the history of St James parish, from the Arawak era to the present day. Exhibitions and shows are hosted by the museum and theatre respectively, ask at the museum for details of upcoming features.

After that we headed in the evening to Rose Hall for the haunted tour. It was fun but very very humid. The tour guide gave a very detailed history of the house and owners and as well some staff acted out parts as she talked.

We then headed to go on the Luminous Lagoon Night Cruise. We were the only ones on it as we go there a bit late. Very erie to be out there but after seeing how the trail of the boat was lit up I jumped in to experience it 1st hand. It worked! When I 1st jumped in it was very cold but as the captain of the boat kept saying "swim swim" I did and could feel the warm water come up as I moved around and it light up like a Christmas tree!

All in all it was a great tour and would recommend it to anyone. ^5 to Junior for being such a great driver/tour guide. Thank you!

Avaliado por: Deborah O , Setembro 2015

The guide was late, we did not see the museum at all or get an explanation. We were at Sharpe Square for not even 5 minutes, but we had to go to a friend of his jerk shop. The lagoon was worth seeing, but the boat was so over loaded not everyone could see the water as we went back into shore. Rose Hall was interesting. Would not recommend this tour guide again.

Avaliado por: Faye , Março 2015

Spoiler warning - don't read on if you want to be surprised.

It's a beautiful house and grounds, but the tour itself was cheesy. I couldn't help but snicker at a few of the contrived scenes although one or two did achieve its purpose to creep you out. Mostly, the tour participants do all the work themselves to scare the bejeezus out of themselves.

As for the Luminous Lagoon, the lights that are stirred up are pretty, but it is worth going on only if you plan on getting into the water and getting wet. I did not and ended up having to deal with wet folks and seating, so it was not really pleasant.

Avaliado por: eric j , Janeiro 2015

Tour was great but driver drove insanely. .I was literally scared for my life..I love adrenaline but that drive.....

Avaliado por: Deborah O , Setembro 2015

Did not get a tour of any of the homes as stated or town. Did not see the museum or even get an explanation. He did not even say a word about Sharpe Square, we listened to a local person. The boats for luminous lagoon were way over loaded, could not even see the water. Guide was late picking us up and he took us to see current upscale houses in the area rather than the older ones. Went to a friends jerk shop instead of seeing town. Would not recommend this guide to anyone.

Avaliado por: William G , Maio 2015

The tour was nice but didn't appreciate the lack of air conditioning on the bus or the bum that was picked up for a free ride and an opportunity to hit us up for money.

Avaliado por: Ashley C , Agosto 2016

We have done this tour in the past and it was GREAT!
This time- not sure if it was the driver or tour company's fault but it was HORRIBLE. We only got part of the tour- skipped the Montego bay tour/sightseeing and dinner all together. Rose hall was fine- but then were rushed through the lagoon tour because we were late and they were closing. Driver did 90 MPH didn't talk to us- when all 10 of our group questioned why we didn't get our whole tour he had no answers.

Very frustrated with the tour this time- since we had a 10 year old with us- and no dinner!

Avaliado por: Chad B , Fevereiro 2015

was not picked up. Also this is far from Negril. you may not want to go from Negril