• Local: Munique, Alemanha
  • Duração: 3 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Renato R , Junho 2015


Avaliado por: Emelita I , Abril 2015

The guide was fantastic. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about. The beer tastes good too

Avaliado por: Marcel H , Abril 2015

Sehr empfehlenswert! Auf der Bier-Tour im komfortablen Bus erfährt man viel Wissenswertes über die Sehenswürdigkeiten in München und über die verschiedenen Brauereien! Die Brauereibesichtigung mit Bierdegustation runden die gesamte Tour sehr gut ab!

Avaliado por: Genady K , Outubro 2014


Avaliado por: David W , Outubro 2014

We had a very knowledgeable tour guide. Also all you can drink for 45 minutes before the tour starts. Doesn't get any better.

Avaliado por: Robert G , Dezembro 2013

I have visited many US breweries, and while the process is the same, the history of this tour is impressive. Must do for any brew fan.

Avaliado por: Cornelia H , Schweiz, Junho 2013

Mit dem Bus gibt es eine Stadtrundfahrt und viele Infos zu den Brauereien sowie Infos zur Stadt. Die Führung durch die Brauerei war informativ und professionelle durchgeführt.

Avaliado por: jjohnny45 , Novembro 2012

Great tour 100% recommended!!!!

Avaliado por: Le G , Maio 2016

Visited ABinBev brewery...

Avaliado por: Gary , Outubro 2015

The tour didn't go to Paulaner as advertised, since they are in the process of moving their brewing operations to a new location, and we didn't find this out until we boarded the tour bus. The tour guide was Rainer exceptional, and he showed us the locations of the Big 6 breweries in town. Giesinger Braü was a really nice stop as an alternative to Paulaner, but it would've been nice to know this in advance.

Avaliado por: Jeffrey T , Outubro 2014

This tour was good. The tour of the brewery was informative and the beer tasting was plentiful.

Avaliado por: Nartsuda C , Abril 2014

Nice trip. Well organized and understanding guide.

Avaliado por: ALANA H , Junho 2013

For beer enthusiasts this is a great tour.
It starts with a sample or two of the Paulaner beers and pretzels....strange to start with the samples but got everyone relaxed and eager to see the brewery.
I would suggest to go during the week when the bottle lines are running but overall a fun couple of hours.
A shame that you don't get to finish the tour in the gift shop as I'm sure plenty of people would have made purchases.

Avaliado por: Mark C , Agosto 2015

The tour was very informative and gave a real insight into the history and process of the brewery. The only negative was that the tour wasn't as advertised. When buying the package it says we will be given a pretzel and souvenir bottle opener, not of these were given to anyone on our tour group. Need to provide this service if you are offering it in the price.

Avaliado por: Jennifer B , Janeiro 2015

This was good but a bit confusing when we arrived and we're plied with beer for an hour before walking round the rest of the brewery. Not that we minded but it would have been nice to be told what was going on.

Avaliado por: Troc , Agosto 2014

I've been around quite a few breweries and know quite a bit about the brewing process. On the whole I didnt find this tour to be particularly interesting but in fairness this view is not shared by my son who rated the tour more highly than me. The tour to the site was well organised and we saw the sites of other breweries and landmarks in Munich which was a bonus if you hadn't already seen them.

Avaliado por: Jamie T , Outubro 2016

When we presented our vouchers to the guide working, she told us the tour was full and that we wouldn't be able to attend even though we purchased the tickets prior. They did allow us to join, but there were only 5 of us that spoke English with a group on 30 who spoke German.

Avaliado por: Kyle C , Agosto 2015

Our tour guide was great but we got taken to a Munich microbrewery instead of Paulaner. Also, the tour was only 1.5 hours long instead of the 3 hours on the description. After the microbrewery tour, the bus drove by the Paulaner brewery and let people get off so we still had a chance to see the brewery we signed up for. Not a bad experience but different enough from the description that everyone in our tour group wondered if we were even in the right tour.

Avaliado por: rmtgeo , Outubro 2014

The tour was good and informative. Although the tour was in German and English, the bus tour guide favored dialog in German over English, for every five minutes he talked in German, there was 30-45 seconds of English. So, much of the information that was being provided, was not provided to English speaking customers. Additionally, we were to have been given a bottle opener as a souvenir form the brewery tour, but it was not given out.

Avaliado por: Michael B , Outubro 2014

It was ok but not worth the money.

Avaliado por: elleschatz , Outubro 2016

The tour that we received did not meet the description provided what so ever. My husband and I booked this tour because the tour was supposed to be a tour of several breweries and see their beer-making facilities, including fermenting tanks and malting towers. Specifically, the description states that you will visit Spaten, Franziskaner and Löwenbräu and that the tours will be led by experienced master brewers.

As opposed to what is listed above and what was listed in the description at the time that we booked, we instead had an approximately 45 minute tour of the city in which we drove around on the bus and the tour guide explained about the Reinheitsgebot and the requirements for a brewery to serve beer at the Oktoberfest. Information was also provided about the various breweries in Munich. The 45 minute tour was in place of a drive directly to a brewery that would have taken 10 minutes. After the 45 minute tour was completed, we visited 1 brewery which just so happened to be one location that brewed for the three different brands mentioned in the description. This in and of itself is very misleading, since the description states take a guided tour of each brewery to see their malting towers, brewhouses, fermenting tanks, beer cellars and wells. This phrasing leads you to believe that it will be 3 separate locations, but, in actuality, it is just one location.

Additionally, the tour is not conducted by an experienced master brewer. Instead, the tour is led by a student from the local brewing school. Additionally, the description states that it is a 3 hour tour which was insufficient time for everything that was supposed to be covered during the tour. The actual tour of the brewery was shortened to ensure that we stayed within the 3 hour window. The only thing that met expectations and fulfilled the description was the beer sampling and Bavarian pretzel.

All of this being said, the individual that led the tour within the brewery was very well informed and explained the process very well, but it was still a let down because the expectations that we had based on the description were not met.

Avaliado por: Leisha C , Agosto 2015

My husbands favorite beer is Paulaner which is why I booked this tour. Once we checked in and got on the bus, only upon mentioning being excited about the Paulaner tour were we informed by the guide that it was no longer a Paulaner tour but a craft brewery in Munich. It ended up being an okay tour but not what we signed up and paid for. very disappointing.