• Local: Munique, termina em Frankfurt, Alemanha
  • Duração: Quatro dias/três noites (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Christine H , Maio 2011

W e really enjoyed this trip. Everything was very well organized and went exactly to plan. The hotels were stayed in for the 3 nights were all excellent and staff helpful and friendly. The breakfasts were excellent. Really enjoyed visiting the 2 castles on the first day. Be aware that the second day is mainly a travel day with about 3 small breaks along the way. However the following day you have plenty of time to explore Rothenburg. The night watchemen is very entertaining. The Heidelberg 1/2 day tour gives a brief overview of the city. Would recommend this tour for other people as we really enjoyed it,

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Janeiro 2010

Our tour was well organised and it was great to have someone else take care of arrangements. The second day wasn't quite as we expected and going back to Munich seemed to be a waste and meant we spent a lot of the day on the autobahn and the stops we made in places of interest were very brief. Overall, however it was a great way to see places of interest-the walking tour of Rothenburg was a highlight.

Avaliado por: Kevin F , Agosto 2013

This is a great way to see a lot of the German countryside without driving. It is an independent tour where you are with one large bus group going to the castles on the first day, another bus to Rothenburg on day 2, another group when departing Rothernburg, and another group when going to Hiedelberg. The only reason I did not give the trip 5 stars was an issue on the first day. When departing Munich, I showed my voucher to the tour guide and mentioned I was staying overnight in Hohenschwangau. However, while the bus was driving, the guide explained there were 4 buses going to the castles, so we were going to start in Hohenschwangau and finish in Linderhof. When I reminded the tour guide that I was supposed to be staying in Hohenschwangau, he was helpful, along with the staff at the Hotel Mueller in Hohenschwangau where we stopped first instead of last on the tour. The result was that all 66 people on this bus were rushed through Linderhof with no time to visit the grounds so that I could be dropped off in Oberamerggau to wait alone and catch the last public bus to Hohenschwangau while the tour bus returned to Munich. Despite this issue, the tour was amazing. The castles are a must-see, and it would be hard to see Neuschwanstein and Linderhof without driving yourself. The Romantic Road bus made multiple stops (which was a pleasant surprise) with 15 minutes in some stops and 45 minutes in others. The bus arrived in Rothenburg around 4:30 PM where a taxi took me to the hotel within the medieval walls of the city. There was plenty of time to spend in Rothenburg before being picked up the next day and getting back on the Romantic Road bus to Frankfurt. All of the hotels were nice. Overall a great trip – just make sure when you start in Munich that the tour guide knows you are not coming back to Munich with the rest of the bus, that the last stop is Hohenschwangau, and that the day 1 tour is not being done in reverse.

Avaliado por: Joseph M , Ireland, Agosto 2008

Wonderful trip despite the rain. Hotels were interesting, from the magnificent in Hohenschwangau, to the personal in Rothenburg. The company was very experienced and had interesting guides/drivers. The trip to Heidelburg was by bus not train, which was disappointing.

Avaliado por: Linda Z , Outubro 2011

The trip was well planned and delivered. I am satisfied about the arrangement in general, and found the tourist attractions matching my expectations, so it is a good trip worth the value and travel involved. I have the following comments regarding the travel arrangement I experienced , they may be useful for the future improvement of this type of tour: 1. The full package of itinerary and vouchers are received too late, on the second stop, I prefer to receive it before the start of the tour, so I'll have more understand on how it will work, and less uncertainty. 2. The bus drivers have different level of service standard. The driver from the Rothenburg to Frankfurt is really professional and helpful, although only two small stops, but he advised us of the where about of the closest rest rooms etc, very friendly. But I have concerns about the driver from Hohenschwangau to Rothenburg. Firstly, his bus is very noisy and vibrating a lot, the whole trip is not comfortable, the bus clearly needs service check to solve the excessive noise and vibrating problem, second, when the bus arrived in Rothenburg, he is busy calling the office to report the bus, and did not pay attention to call taxi to pick up me. On that day, I waited 20-30 minutes, no taxi appeared to pick me to the hotel, and the driver refused to answer my question about the taxi, it is very unpleasant experience. Finally, I called the taxi company with the help of a local person to request a taxi, and after the call, a taxi arrived finally. I found the driver should at least contact the taxi company to acertain the taxi arrival.

Avaliado por: Anong W , Junho 2013

this trip was not i expected. It was like we paid for the bus to drop us off at the point of interests. The second hotel at Rothenburg "Golden Rose Hotel" was very very disappointed and the service was terrible.The manager asked us to check at 10:00am. She acted like we begged for our stay.

Avaliado por: Paul F , Junho 2012

Very poorly organized. We expected a four day trip with one bus, a group, and one guide. We got a one-day trip that we had to switch to another bus and take a taxi to another town for our hotel. We never received "vouchers" for the different hotels and consequently we had to plea for acceptance of our one 4-day voucher which most were not happy to accept. We were by ourselves and had to find our way each day....not at all what we expected. And on the first day, we were taken to a one-day tour, the only ones with luggage. Because it was bad weather we tried to take a bus from the castle to the tour bus, the bus was overpacked, we could not get on, and consequently the tour bus left several of us stranded in Neuschwanstein, hours away from Munich, where the bus was returning. We were switched to a different company for the last day, trip to Heidleberg, and that day was great. The tour guide was excellent. All the hotels were good and accommadting in spite of the fact that we did not have the "correct vouchers." I would NOT recommend this was badly organized and we could never reach anyone by phone for assistance because it was the weekend or after hours. And I will not recommend any company that would leave foreigners stranded in another city---I point out, the tour guide did NOT say "do not take the bus back from the castle" and why in the world would she have scheduled our tour for 3pm if the bus had to leave at 4:30? Very poorly done!