• Local: Nassau, Bahamas
  • Duração: 5 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Sandra H , Janeiro 2017

This trip was amazing. The crew was organized and handled a large group with ease. Our first stop was at a reef where we saw many fish. Our second stop we saw fish and jelly fish and the final stop we actually go in the water with reef sharks. This was awesome to be right in the middle of a school of shark. The crew made certain our safety was first. Then Van returned us to our ship, while enroute he gave us a history of the Bahamas, some interesting facts and also told of other places of interest. I would highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: cynthia m , Setembro 2016


Avaliado por: Jennifer E , Julho 2016

My 7 year old and I had a great time snorkeling on both reefs and saw an abundance of tropical fish. It was well worth the price and was the best part of our cruise.

Avaliado por: Al M , Junho 2016

Took the grand kids. They saw lots of fish. Crew on the boat were very attentive to the passengers to make sure they knew the rules for their safety and enjoyment.

Avaliado por: Sherry L , Junho 2015

My husband and I had a great time at the 2 reefs we were taken to. We saw lots of fish and the reef was beautiful. The staff was so friendly and helpful. They had easy access into and out of the water. We also enjoyed the snorkel time with the sharks. It was so much fun. We can't wait to go back to the Nassau and go to the same place and snorkel again. We are both 60 and we had a great time.

Avaliado por: David D , Junho 2015

Outstanding!--they were waiting for us outside the cruise ship terminal, very nice people, explained things very clearly. Went to three dive spots, I stayed on top of the water since it was my first time snorkeling
Full of jokes when were about to swim with the sharks.

Avaliado por: Charles B , Março 2014

We had a great trip with stuart cove . They pick us up right on time got us back to the ship on time .The three snorkeling places where very good saw turles, two eagle rays, 12 sharks largest being 12 feet. The crew where friendly and helpful highly recoomend them way better than going with the ship. Thanks for the wonderful time. Lee

Avaliado por: Melody B , Janeiro 2014

We were picked up at the end of the pier a 30 min drive to the dive shop the 3 dives were great the plane was good the fish came right up and ate the food we got at the dive shop the reef was beautiful several schools of fish. The 3rd dive was with the sharks it was amazing . I would recommend it to anyone of all ages. They also have free diving and 1tank dives. If my son would have known he would have gone diving

Avaliado por: valyau , Dezembro 2013

Excellent excursion! Bus was on time! Drive through Nassau was a good way to see the island, without personally driving it! Arrived at Stuart's Cove and it was a very easy and organized check-in. Employees were very courteous, informed, fun, and they made the snorkeling a safe and wonderful time. Swimming with the sharks was a "first"... can't wait to get my scuba cert. and the, scuba with the sharks!

We've been on dozens of snorkel excursions and this one ranked right up at the top. We've booked with Viator before and have never had a negative issue. They keep you informed about your upcoming excursion/adventure and their prices are usually lower than other companies. (Plus they have their warranty, which luckily we have never needed.)

Thanks Viator!

Avaliado por: Thomas W , Outubro 2013

I have snorkeled extensively in Belize, so I had high standards for any snorkel excursion. The reefs and Stuart's Diving Cove (contracted with Viator) even exceeded my expectations. It was the best day of our cruise as far as I'm concerned. The reefs were in good shape, very much alive with lots of diverse tropical fish and the dive team let us browze around by ourselves for about 30 minutes at each of 3 dive sites. You could venture off by yourself if you were experienced or stay close to the boat if you weren't. We saw sharks and dolphins, and the team was great to work with, very charming. I highly recommend. Well worth the money.

Avaliado por: rostberg , USA, Agosto 2013

It was great, the people in the boat very knowledgeable and really nice.
The different sites were owesome and give us enough time to enjoy and is probably the best snorkeling excursion we did.
Thank you

Avaliado por: Tiffany X , Julho 2013

This excursion was a lot of fun! We were picked up by Stuart Coves' bus and were shuttled to the dive shop which was about a 45 min ride. Got motion sickness on the ride there, tons of tight, curvy roads; make sure you take dramamine before going (for the bus ride and the boat ride). There were 3 stops on the snorkel tour. There were tons of fish to see including bluefins (Dori) and parrot fish (my 9 year old's favorite). Our captain and diving assistant were very helpful. There were 62 riders on this tour which was very crowded, lots of riders had to stand during the ride. Staff were very serious during the shark snorkel stop. Riders had to follow instructions to ensure everyone's safety. Overall had a lot of fun on this tour. Would do it again!

Avaliado por: Heather M , Fevereiro 2013

My boyfriend and I had a great time on this trip! We saw plenty of fish and shark. The tour people were very friendly!! We'd never snorkeled before and they helped us with the proper technique. I did get sea sick as it was a very very rough day at sea with a storm coming. Would def do this again!

Avaliado por: Harold P , Fevereiro 2013

The snorkeling was great. Small group of a dozen snorkelers and three scuba divers! I really liked the sunken plane from the movie jaws 4 and the shark dive! The guides were very professional and plenty of time to see awesome stuff including a spotted Eagle Ray, a nurse shark and lots of beautiful tropical fish. I'd show photos but we used a one tio=me underwater camera and they're not developed yet! Great trip, highly recommended!

Avaliado por: Tara S , Julho 2011

GREAT snorkeling trip! We absolutely loved being able to be in the water with the carribbean reef sharks. It was amazing. The staff at Stutart Cove's was friendly and helpful. The transport from our cruise ship was on time and great, as was teh staff at the Dive shop. The captain and his crew on our snorkeling boat were incredible. :)
Would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who plans a trip to Nassau. I cannot wait until my children are a bit older so they can as well.

Avaliado por: Derek P , Janeiro 2017

Pretty good tour, enjoyed seeing the sharks and the snorkeling spots were decent. The staff was excellent. The only negative was they way over booked it in my opinion. The boat was packed and that made the experience a bit uncomfortable. They combine the snuba/snorkel tours together so the back of the boat is filled with oxygen tanks that a lot of the guests had to sit against. Not a deal breaker but reduce the number of people by at least 10 and it would be a 5 star trip and a better experience.

Avaliado por: darlindarla , Canada, Janeiro 2014

for some reason that i could not find an answer to, my friend and i did not get to go on one of the 3 snorkeling places and we were not late. the final place was where the excitement finally began as the other site did not have the usual colorful fish and coral. i've swam with sharks 8 times but here you don't actually swim with them -you are floating on the surface holding on to a rope looking way down at the sharks. the guy scared us when he said that they have hand fed these sharks for 20 yrs so when in the water do not put your arms out as they will think you are feeding them. hellooooooooo- i need to move my arms a lot to
swim especially since the current was really vicious plus i need to have my arms out to videotape. didn't
get much video or pics because the water was so crazy. i still enjoyed it watching them -a heart pounder.
i got better pics when he pulled the shark bait back up to the boat and many of them were at the surface for
some time.

Avaliado por: Sonia H , Junho 2012

We were late getting off the cruise ship but the bus waited for us. We had a great time and the kids loved swimming with the sharks. It was the highlight of our trip.

Avaliado por: JOANNE B , Julho 2012

The excursion was good -- we saw plenty of fish and sharks. But, if you are leaving from the cruise ship port be prepared for an hour drive by bus to the actual dive shop/boat location. The boat was fine but not a lot of "fun." No music - No drinks. Good snorkel trip but not a great trip.
JMB - June 2012

Avaliado por: Michelle H , Fevereiro 2012

We were off a cruise ship and we did not get picked up and had to pay extra for a cab. Tour was just ok. Says 5 hours but that is travel time and the water was rough to snorkel.

Avaliado por: John T , Dezembro 2014

Im sure this excursion would be great at times but not with near 50 knot winds. The guides were great but we should have not went out in that rough of water. Several people got sea sick as the boat was bouncing around. 2 couples on our cruise just wouldn't go because of the weather. I did however and wished I would have followed there lead. I wouldn't book until I got there and checked the weather out first.

Avaliado por: Shivaun P , Agosto 2016

Horrible experience, and never even got to go on the excursion. The directions for the meeting place for this trip are to meet in front of the water fountain, just outside the green gate, at 12:15 pm for departure at 1:30 pm. So around 12:05 pm we get to the fountain and waited. There were many other excursions and tours around, everyone had a sign, or yelled out to locate customers. I saw nothing for Stuart's Cove. No one came around, no buses, nothing. I finally was able to ask for help at 1:40 pm. A kind girl let me borrow her phone so I could call. I called and the EXTREMELY rude representative asked me how could you not see the bus right in front? and that there was nothing they could do now, as the actual boat leaves at 1:30 pm. I could have lived without the condescending attitude.