• Local: Deli, Índia
  • Duração: Varia (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Swarnjit D , Setembro 2016

It was just what I needed after a 7 hour drive from Punjab.
The facilities was just what i required. I had ample time to take a shower, enjoy breakfast and use the wifi facilities.
The staff for very helpful and friendly.
I would highly recommend it if you have more than 3 hours .

Avaliado por: belsintec , Julho 2016

Excellent Lounge. Very good food and very friendly staff.
Highly recommended.

Avaliado por: Susan Jayne H , Dezembro 2014

After 18 days touring India - it was lovely to relax in the quiet lounge which had lovely food and drinks and also wi fi!

Avaliado por: Brittany L , Outubro 2013

Excellent! Worth every cent!

Avaliado por: Shauna B , Junho 2013

Bathrooms are very clean and modern.
food is hot and flavorful.
I wish I was not on antibiotics, I would have liked to have a glass of wine or a cocktail.
It was quiet until later in the evening (after about 9 pm), then it became quite loud and busy.
If you have several hours to spend before your next flight, I would recommend this lounge.

Avaliado por: Allyson M , Março 2013

Good food, drink and peace and quiet.
Would do it again.

Avaliado por: Janet P , Junho 2012

This was a most restful and pleasant way to spend waiting time. staff were most pleasant and helpful throughout my 9+ hours in the airport. the food was OK and of course drinks were readily available

Avaliado por: Geir-Arne H , Junho 2012

Great place to chill out, the price was right and the service great. I recomend this if you have many houers at the airport

Avaliado por: ANUP S , Setembro 2016

The experience was good the Food was good, it is quite hard to sleep in the lounge.

Avaliado por: Manoj S , Agosto 2016

Really nice experience ...,relaxed after the long journey,it's very quiet and nice place.thw wifi,food,everything fine

Avaliado por: Jennifer B , Dezembro 2014

it was amazing once I got in!! I bought a 12 hour package with hopes to get in and do some work before I relaxed. Unfortunately, I wasted my money. I only was able to get into the lounge about 3 hours before my flight. The lounge is lovely and the staff is amazing but you must check in first before you can use the lounge. I got to the airport 5 hours before I could check into my flight and had to linger in the airport. I wish more people knew this, as there were 6 of us who thought we could use the lounge earlier. Your website must let passengers know that there is no access to this lounge before the 4 hour check-in time. Other that hiccup, the lounge is amazing! it was great to relax and eat and shower before my next 16hour flight. Peaceful, serene and relaxing.

Avaliado por: Patricia C , Fevereiro 2014

Very comfortable lounge. Better than some business class lounges we've been to around the world. Selection of food and drink was good and free wi-fi was appreciated.

Avaliado por: Benjamin S , Janeiro 2014

Very good. Showers were an excellent plus. It did get a little crowded later in the evening however this was mainly due to flight delays on all flights.

Avaliado por: Sven Z , Março 2013

We had a great time waiting for our flight.
The only problem was, that it was very crowded and we had to wait for a place to sit.
Still it was great to have a shower and something to eat befor leaving.

Avaliado por: lwest53 , Novembro 2012

Great option for those who have to fly home at midnight or later to JFK. We travelled Air India and left at 1:35 AM.
Food was delicious and hot. The bar was set up for anything you wanted, WiFi access available on 8 desks, spa facilities on level 4, very clean, quiet area, would highly reccomend to all travellers.

Avaliado por: Jack B , Outubro 2012

My Clients found the Lounge a very welcoming place after internal flights from Udaipur amd before catching their Internationla Flights

Avaliado por: Sara C , Janeiro 2017

not much vegetarian food and drink choices, not sufficient electronic sockets for charging, staff not very aware about Viator's coupon and requested to email them the coupon even showing the e-coupon to them which delayed the entrance process

Avaliado por: Serena M , Outubro 2016

just ok. no sandwiches, just indian buffet

Avaliado por: Joga K , Maio 2016

Had real problem getting into the lounge, took almost 2 hours. They wanted a printed copy of the voucher, but would not let me use the internet to send them the e-mail. Was really disappointed with the reception people.

Once inside the service was great, food was great

Avaliado por: Ronald Z , Março 2016

If you have no other lounge available, this will do. Unfortunately, we didn't realize Air Canada Business Class entitled us to use of Singapore Air's lounge until we checked in for our flight, and we had pre-purchased our Premium Lounge pass. Since we had it, we used the pass to check the Lounge out and spent around 15 minutes there. We then moved on to the Singapore Lounge. No comparison-it's bigger, brighter, nicer, and more filled with amenities. But, if you don't have another lounge, this is certainly adequate, worth it's modest cost, and a heck of a lot better than sitting in the gate area.

Avaliado por: Steven B , Março 2014

The food was adequate, but nothing special. We thought the chairs we not very relaxing.

Avaliado por: Eugene O , Junho 2013

While International Departure Lounge is very comfortable (the toilets could have been better appointed and I didn't see any showers, may they are at the other lounge?) we actually could not enjoy the full 6 hours we had booked, and nobody was really prepared to help us out. Coming from Bagdogra we couldn't check our luggage through because of a problem with their computer system. So we had to pick our luggage up at arrival in Delhi, but couldn't check in immediately to our next flight which was leaving much later. As in Delhi you can only check in at the most 4 hours ahead, and the procedure can be rather lengthy... we actually could really only enjoy the lounge for about 3 hours. In a way I felt rather cheated, as nothing like this is mentioned on the site where you book. So you can book as many hours as you want, but if like us you can't check your luggage through, you won't be able to get to the lounge until just before the flight...not good.

Avaliado por: Mini A , Novembro 2016

the sofas and carpets were stingy . could have recling chairs with elevation of legs , or some beds avaiable for people to sleep in if necessary . food was okay . Bathroom was old and needs maintainence done,should have easy acess to internet service , was very very difficult to get connected to WIFOI , IT SHOULD BE AN EASY PROCESS IN THIS ERA

Avaliado por: Denzil Valente F , Junho 2016

The place and service was decent. But i was just not happy with the fact the Lounge had no Backup for Internet service when the airport internet went down. When i say DOWN, it went down for more than 10-11 hours. I paid for 6 hours service and to not have internet in the time since i was connecting was pathetic. The food course menu was Ok, but i feel could be better for the amount being paid.

Avaliado por: BROUNOS ALEXAND K , Fevereiro 2016

Poor service, NO wifi, wft