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Avaliado por: Wenda D , United Kingdom, Outubro 2012

Well worth the early morning wake up call. Great day trip

Avaliado por: Sameer D , USA, Outubro 2012

Guide and driver were excellent.

Avaliado por: Ramesh R , Malaysia, Outubro 2012

Excellent tour, excellent guide and excellent driver! Although it's tough visiting all 3 places in just 1 day, our guides did not rush through the sites and explanations. We had an amazing day with 2 very friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable guides. Our day was very flexible unlike the usual rushed and rigid schedule of tours. Before we left Agra, we even managed to find some nice local dosa eatery thanks to our guide and not eat at some touristy restaurant. He even went out of the way to get us some Agra delicacy to take home. Long drive to and back from Agra, but the sights along the way (including the trucks and jams) were an eye opener. One of the guides also happened to be an excellent photog, took great pixs for us. Highly recommend this trip. Viator and the tour agency from Delhi did a great job!

Avaliado por: Kellsie F , USA, Outubro 2012

The guide, Nitu, definitely made the tour. He was informative, entertaining and took very good care of all of us. He warned us, beforehand, of the hawkers and what to not say. He also made sure that we saw the right things, at the right times. Also, during the long ride out to the Taj, he kept us entertained on the bus. The Taj was spectacular, and definitely not to be missed.

Avaliado por: Meutia H , Indonesia, Outubro 2012

Wonderful trip, really wonder of the world. The trip was OK, however seeing all three places was not possible because not enough time. Local guide was excellent. As the road was not good at some parts, car's suspension should be made better. Contact number given was no longer in use and should be renewed as appear in the voucher. Luckily the guy with number given was so nice to help contacting Intrepid tour manager, even it was saturday.

Avaliado por: Carol R , Outubro 2012

The tour guide to Agra was OK. He was on time, he was nice, and he was willing to share information. The local tour guide at the Taj Mahal was exceptional. He was easy to understand, extremely knowledgeable, and shared a great deal of information. We were a little disappointed that the the tour did not include Fatehpur Sikri. We paid extra for this side trip but there wasn't enough time in the day to include it. That was a little misleading in the tour information. We should have only been charged for the Taj Mahal and Red Fort trip or not have spent time at the marble and carpet stores unless asked.

Avaliado por: jpracine , Outubro 2012

Great Tour. Arrangement with Viator and support excellent. Private tour for 2 business guess became a tour with 2 other business peole in a larger car. Finally was great teaming with other.

Avaliado por: Jena M , Julho 2012

The driver and the guide were very professional. The delivered exactly what the website promised. I would use them again in the future.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Outubro 2012

Even though it was 46 degrees celsius, getting out to Agra to see and learn about the history of the Taj Mahal was definitely worth it. The guide was knowledgeable and friendly. Other than the weather, the day was enjoyable.

Avaliado por: Bruno F , Outubro 2012

Car was small and without no security belts on rear seats. Travel is long and hard to do. Nevertheless Driver and Guide were nice and very good. It would be fine not to take us to local stores to by handicraft where we could find everywhere in India for 1/3 of the price (where they should have a large commission of every tourist sale).

Avaliado por: Sarah G , Outubro 2012

Decent tour, not the best I've ever been on, but I appreciated the safety of hiring a car for the tour.

Avaliado por: Munawar M , Outubro 2012

The journey started almosr an hour late because the the driver had some late night trip. It takes 4 hour travel to Agra. Due to inproper planning we have to skip Fatehpur sikri trio. Our understanding is that it require one and half hour journey from Agra and Agra to Delhi another 5 and half hour jorney.

Avaliado por: Karl M , Junho 2012

The driver was fantastic and it was a nice clean vehicle. It would have been fantastic, except for the guide we met in Agra led an elaborate scam to sell us marble-inlayed stone. It was very off-putting to be dragged about Agra to a 'special store' only to be flat-out lied to and manipulated by a unscrupulous polished marble dealer. Very strange. Very insulting. Its almost something you can't get around in India. But when you pay this much for a tour, this should not happen. This is certainly the high end on pricing.

Avaliado por: Andrew P , Outubro 2012

I have used Viator in Jordan, China, etc and I have to say this was my most disappointing tour. The driver was rude and reckless. Talking on his phone the entire drive, and making no effort to talk to us. The guide at the Taj was informative and nice. Spent 10+ hours driving and didn't even get to see anything besides the Taj and briefly Agra Fort. Fatehpur Sikri is 40km away and I feel advertising it as part of the tour is misleading (It takes hours to go even 50km near Agra). My guide said maybe 1:10 tours has enough time to make it there. Yet, we still had time to be taken to tourist shops and forced to listen to a sales pitch. No effort was made to partially refund us, or rectify the fact that this tour was completely infeasible to do. There are much better ways to make it to the Taj Mahal (i.e. train) and plenty of tour guides there. Save your money, and book elsewhere.