• Local: Deli, Índia
  • Duração: 9 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Padraig O , Setembro 2015

The guide is very nice and is quite knowledgeable.
Must not forget the driver whom is sometimes forgotten in these reviews. A very nice guy.

Avaliado por: Nela B , Setembro 2015

Really good. The tour guide and driver were very nice and flexible. I was given a choice of what i wanted to see. They also took me to couple of craft shops.

Avaliado por: Jean F , Abril 2015

What a wonderful day we spent looking at the sights of old and new Dehli. Our guide for the day was Sonny and a most creditable that we could have had. As the American President was about to come to Dehli some of the places we were to visit were a little difficult so Sonny consulted with us and suggested that perhaps that we might like to visit the house where Gandhi was assinated a most aw inspiring experience that I have had. Hopefully we will be able to get back to Dehli next time we visit India and we will certainly use Viator again

Avaliado por: JASe , USA, Dezembro 2013

My tour guide was marvelous and you will likely feel the same about this tour and guide. Travel is
safer and more convenient, when taken around by a polite, professional and local guide. Make it easy
on yourself and book this tour.

Avaliado por: K J A , Fevereiro 2013

Very informative and a great way to see all the 'must see' aspects of Delhi in an organised fashion without an overload. There was just enough places to see without feeling it was too long and the guide was excellent.

Avaliado por: Subodh D , Fevereiro 2013

This was one of the best tours I've ever had- beautiful city! The tour guide named Ashish was passionate about the city and so extremely friendly, informative, and open to all questions. My family and I were able to learn not only about delhi's history but India's as well! Had the best experience!

Avaliado por: Barbara R , Canada, Outubro 2012

A most worthwhile trip - especially if you have a limited time in Delhi. The highlight for me was wandering the markets of Old Delhi and experiencing the sights, sounds and smells. I was not prepared for the amount of walking involved and would highly recommend very good walking shoes. The guide was knowledgable, pleasant and very attentive.

Avaliado por: Christine L , Outubro 2012

Absolutely fantastic, the guides were on time and very professional and knowledgeable. I will recommend them to anyone who travels to India.

Avaliado por: Vu H , Outubro 2012

This is a great tour. I recommend it if you either have little time or are planning to see Delhi for a few days or more. The tour gave my Wife and I a great outline and overall understanding of the city and it's culture.

The Guide was excellent. Very knowledgeable and approachable. We asked a few curly questions and he was honest in his responses.

The tour allowed us to make note of places where we could tour on our own later on, and equipped us with a better understanding of how to 'survive in Delhi'.

Note on dress: My wife advises other women to dress not worrying about what you look like but about covering yourself up. No exposed chests or anything below the knees. The men/boys can't stop staring.

Note on Tips: Most hospitality est' will charge a service charge, if they don't, tipping is about 5-10% depending on service provided. Like some other countries, many workers rely on tips as the source of income. We were told that many of the budget hotel/restaurants have workers who work only for tips and don't get paid a base wage.

Note on trading days: Many of the monuments/sites have days where they are closed. Check first before going to those places.

Don't expect much from the transport car. It is only a simple old bomb, but part of the experience. Traffic in Delhi is chaos, so recommend you have a bottle of water with you.

Overall, great trip and worth doing.

Avaliado por: Gem , Outubro 2015

This is one of the tour that we experienced India! We walked the busy street of Chandini Chowk, tried their delicious street food - Jalebi and Samoosa, bargained from the shops and rode the rickshaw. The Humayun's tomb and the Red Fort are very rich in story. We were just a little disappointed as there are 2 sites were on the list that they did not take us to.

Avaliado por: Andrea P , Australia, Outubro 2012

Wonderful to see all the landmarks both historical and current with a concise background.

Avaliado por: Wenda D , United Kingdom, Outubro 2012

Informative and interesting day, with sightseeing and interesting experiences, including a cycle rickshaw and sampling samosas in the street market.

Avaliado por: Brian G , United Kingdom, Outubro 2012

Car was poor and we had to ask for seat belts that were tooked in the boot. These were very dirty. The guide though Mr Ali was magnificant and not only had good knowledge but took notice of our needs at all times.

Avaliado por: Kellsie F , USA, Outubro 2012

A definite must to see the local India, not the tourist made visits. Without a guide, we would never have known about the local streets or shops. Great tour.

Avaliado por: Sam , Australia, Outubro 2012

Highly recommended. Guide was excellent. Had a great day with him..

Avaliado por: Eden P , Agosto 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Our guides were very pleasant and knowledgeable and made us feel really welcome. They also didn't try to push us into affiliated shops to buys goods which was a welcome relief. Would highly recommend.

Avaliado por: Michael D , Agosto 2012

This was an interesting and informative tour. There are a lot of great sights in Delhi (Old and New) and both the guide and driver were excellent. The only problem with this tour and others is that you are taken to shopping areas when you do not want to shop. If I wanted a shopping tour I would have ordered it.

Avaliado por: Erica L , Outubro 2012

I saw all the major highlights, and the guide was friendly and knowledgable. However, I was told (due to traffic in Delhi) that we would not be able to see everything on the itinerary and that we should choose what to miss out (we chose the markets). The tour should not be sold 'as is' if all the items cannot be covered. Delhi traffic is always a problem.

Avaliado por: Alokananda R , Australia, Outubro 2012

The historical sights were great but our guide was not very good, she was young and did not have much knowledge about the historical sights, you need better guides.

Avaliado por: David H B , Junho 2012

Tour itenerary was good as far as seeing the highlights. Tour was in the hot part of the year and would have preferred to have seen it start earlier that 9am to avoid more of the heat. There are things in Delhi to see that do not require an admission so they could have been visited during early hours.
Guide was knowledgable but seemed more focused on getting done than what we would have expected. The heat played a part. The tour ended up 6 hours instead of the 8 as advertized.
What we did see was indeed interesting and would like to get back to see the balance.

Avaliado por: Munawar M , Outubro 2012

It is sorry to note that quality of the "guide" is not up to the any standard. He was not able to explain properly. The vehile used for the all journey is bad.