• Local: Nova Orleans, Luisiana
  • Duração: 5 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: mkdtand , Janeiro 2017

I would highly recommend this tour. The plantation was very informative! The staff was very friendly and were able to answer all questions we had.
The swamp boat ride was awesome. Our guide was informative and shared great stories of growing up in New Orleans. He also brought live turtles and an alligator on our boat for people to look at and hold. Everyone young and old seemed to be enjoying themselves!
Our guide on the bus Ryan was informative and hilarious! He shared with us a lot of information on the city of New Orleans - new and old. He also incorporated humor into his talk which keeps people interested!

Avaliado por: Eva R , Outubro 2016

I loved it! The guides were amazing with lots of stories and real insight of the life of people who lived on the plantation and the swamp.

Avaliado por: Lynn F , Setembro 2016

Great boat trip, very knowledgeable guide, full of interesting facts.
Plantation house tour informative.

Avaliado por: Brenda B , Agosto 2016

Very interesting ride. It was a little warm but our guide was great!

Avaliado por: Grace A , Junho 2016

Southern Plantation Tour guide, Frank, was very informative he provided quite a bit of history and he was dressed for the part! The Swamp Boat Ride with Capt. Brandon, was also very educational and entertaining. Capt. Brandon engaged the entire group and made it interactive.

Avaliado por: Beverly D , Junho 2016

It was fun and informative. We had a wonderful time - especially on the swamp tour, seeing the wildlife and feeding the alligators! The boat captain was very knowledgeable and entertaining.

Avaliado por: Valia K , Setembro 2015

Great day trip! Lots of history on New Orleans and Louisiana. The plantation was interesting, probably not one of the best ones out there, but the swamp boat tour was fantastic! Guide was superb, really engaging and very knowledgeable on all the wildlife you see in the swamp. Plus, its the home base of Mugsy, the alligator slapping cat!

Avaliado por: Nicholas T , Setembro 2015

Great tour, very knowledgeable and friendly guide. The swamp tour is a whole lot of fun.

Avaliado por: Jan L , Abril 2015

The plantation tour was lovely and covered a great deal of history. I personally felt it was too short. The swamp boat portion was absolutely wonderful! The river guide,Nolan, was hysterical!! He had many stories to go along with his intimate knowledge of the swamp. Would definitely do this again!

Avaliado por: leighdobbin23 , Dezembro 2014

Great tour with very informative guide. Liked both places and was better finishing with the swamp tour as was perfect way to end the day.

Avaliado por: Cheryl W , Junho 2014

The tour really starts well before you get to the Plantation, on the ride out our guide really explained what we were seeing, explaining what had occurred when Katrina did so much damage to the wetlands. The Plantation itself incredibly beautiful and very serene, sad ending to a dynasty. The slave quarters really hits home about how people can be treated so differently just by the color of their skin... OMG on the Swamp Boat ride, very informative beautiful place not what I expected, who would of thought alligators like marshmallows. Don't miss this tour you will be missing out on a fabulous time.

Avaliado por: Lynnette M , Julho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Victoria P , Junho 2016

Small bus group on this tour which means you aren't fighting for the best seat. Chance to see a plantation, followed by a tour on the swamps. Not an onerous drive and plenty of time at both the plantation and swamp - could have had a little longer at the plantation to look around as we were waiting at the swamp. The bus is guided as well so you get a potted history of New Orleans - was a shame this wasn't our guide for the whole thing as felt a little disjointed. Both additional guides at the venues were fab though.

Avaliado por: Zhuo Z , United States of America, Março 2016

Good tour. Captain Tom on the swamp boat tour is a real character. A true cajun swamp people, just like the TV show. Enjoyed the tour

Avaliado por: Steven N , Julho 2015

Excellent half day tour introducing plantation history, and wildlife cruise. Must do for anyone's first visit to New Orleans. Great guides, lots of excellent information.

Avaliado por: Terry A , Outubro 2016

Interesting. Plantation was not as grand as I expected. Swamp tour was okay. Pouring rain kind of ruined it.

Avaliado por: Tracy H , Novembro 2015

Our tour guide Stacey was awesome. The only suggestions was that there was no where to get any food over the 6 hours we were gone. And there was a delay with the swamp tour leaving and we waited a long time when we could have stayed longer to explore the planation.

Avaliado por: Sara S , Setembro 2015

Swamp tour was amazing! It was a great time.

Plantation tour was roughly 1 hour which included a 10 min video with too many names too remember, a tour of the house, 5 min to view the property and 10 min black smith tutorial. There was no time to visit the store, maybe 4 min if you're quick. Evelyn was our tour guide, and she was a darling. She is very knowledgeable.

Avaliado por: alessandra.m.king , Junho 2015

My husband and I did this late May 2015. First, the tour says 4.5 hrs, it ended up being over 6 hours. We expected the plantation to be a lot of original structures however, the only original was the actual home, which was redone many times. the acting was hit or miss with the many tour guides you get different from room to room. It was just a let down we were expecting a lot more. The swap tour was fun, but once you've seen one alligator, you've seen them all. And it was VERY long. The guide however, was so great. Both just ended up being a bit 'boring' for how long we were there...

Avaliado por: Jean V , Janeiro 2015

I thought this was not worth the money. The plantation tour was boring and when the tour was over the tour guide told us we had 15 minutes to view the entire area. The swamp boat tour was better and the best part of it was holding the baby alligator. This tour would be better priced if it cost half. I would never recommend this one.