• Local: Oaxaca, México
  • Duração: 8 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Steffani C , Junho 2016

The tour was great. Too bad I foolishly bought it online and paid 4 times as much as I would have if I'd walked in off the street. Fool me once, yada, yada.

Avaliado por: tom m , Junho 2016

this was a long day but well worth the effort

Avaliado por: Jamie Y , Março 2015

This tour was a highlight of our trip to Oaxaca. In the description they don't mention you also go to see the Tule (widest tree in the world) and a textile maker. Oaxaca is famous for its textiles, so it was truly a pleasure to stop and see what they are all about. We loved Monte Alban. The views are incredible. Our guide took us right up to the entrance gates after passing many people hiking up the hill toward the entrance. Mitla was also fantastic. Try the ice cream outside of the gates.

Avaliado por: Darien Montanez M , Dezembro 2014

Experienced guides, great sites.

Avaliado por: Debra C , Março 2014

The tour was amazing!
Gabriel, the tour guide, was extremely patient and took his time to answer questions, allow picture taking and wait for people who were lagging a bit behind. Though I believe the afternoon portion of the trip took longer than he was scheduled to work, he never made us feel rushed or as though we should not satisfy our curiosity. Though I had been to the archaeological ruins before, it was still fascinating as well as a wonderful introductory experience for my companion.
The tour company in Oaxaca was amazing!

Avaliado por: Jessica D , Janeiro 2014

If you are in Oaxaca you undoubtedly need to take this trip. My boyfriend and I went on this excursion and we were accompanied by two other parties and an English speaking tour guide who was knowledgable and friendly. I recommend you wearing lots of sun screen because the only shade is in the van! Have fun!

Avaliado por: Martin G , Maio 2016

Apolo was an excellent guide, we learned from and enjoyed the experience...

Avaliado por: Hikerhamish , Canada, Março 2015

Tour schedule was upset by political activity in Oaxaca City, but the staff met the challenge and we had a wonderful day. The tour guide, Moses, was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. A very full day!

Avaliado por: judith m , Março 2016

I was unable to complete the tour but most of the tour was delivered in Spanish, not English. Because this is an all-day tour, I think it would be helpful if there were one guide to explain in Spanish while another guide speaks in English. It is too much for one individual. There was quite a bit I did not understand. It was a lot of riding in the shuttle and I felt the tour was very overpriced. I would not recommend seeing both of these amazing sites in one day. Still, the driver and guide were very congenial and helpful. Thank you.

Avaliado por: Rhian N , Novembro 2015

Our tour guide Antonio was good with loads of information in Spanish in English and happy to answer questions but be aware that you return to Oaxaca after the Mitla part to pick up people for the afternoon part of the tour. For us this meant we had a brief half hour to grab something to eat before heading off at 3pm to Monte Alban. It takes around 30 mins to get there and so by the time people in our group had bought tickets for those who didn't have them included in the price it was 3.45pm. Our guided tour lasted an hour and at 4.45pm the guards started blowing whistles and closing off areas to get people out of the site which shut at 5pm. We ran up to the top of the site to try and get some photos and were chased by security guards. It's a shame we couldn't have started half an hour earlier and been told to bring lunch so we would have had some time to wander, enjoy the setting and get some good photos as it's a beautiful place which deserves more than a quick hour to run around. We also didn't have time to even look in the museum.

Avaliado por: Sally R , Agosto 2014

The tour started very well. Our tour guide Moses spoke good English and was very helpful and informative. We went first to Mitla, which was really interesting, helped by the information Moses contributed. Then we went to the Tule tree, which we hadn't expected, and it is really huge. The final part of the trip, visiting Monte Alban, was unfortunately not as successful as it might have been. The plan had been to go back back into Oaxaca to pick up some other people and drop others off but because there had been a strike and the roads were blocked we were very delayed. The trip to Monte Alban went ahead - we could have gone the following day but we weren't aware that the site closed at 5 p.m. This meant that we did not have sufficient time at the site to explore or to see the museum which was there too. We were disappointed about this as Monte Alban is really fascinating place to visit and we would have been better advised to put our visit off to the following day. For this reason, we have given 3 stars.

Avaliado por: GEOFF F , Março 2016

Our tour guide was David and my wife and I were the only participants of this tour to see Monte Alban and Mitla. We were disappointed with the tour as David only shared sparce information about the history and culture. He did not seem enthusiastic about showing us the archeological sites. He concentrated mostly on the Zapotec but avoided the Aztec, Mayan and Spanish influences, and he was impatient with us asking questions, but we got to see the very impressive sights. When we asked a question, he usually began with, I just told you that already. He didnt take us to all of the important sights in Monte Alban and we did not get to see the museum. We asked him about a section of Monte Alban as we were leaving so he left us with 45 mins of free time and we quickly scoured the area to see what we had missed. We expected a highly knowledgable guide for this expensive tour. He did not seemed prepared and only seemed interested in giving us very general and minimal information. We knew enough about the history to know that he shared incorrect information at times.

Avaliado por: erinburns , Novembro 2015

This tour was not fully described. It included a brief stop at a 2,000-year old tree and a longer stop at a rug manufacturer, which was interesting, but also included some time at the showroom for shopping. The most misleading part of the tour is that it turned out to be two separate tours. After Mitla, where we had about an hour max, we went bacj into Oaxaca in heavy traffic to drop off some people an pick up others. By the time we got to beautiful Monte Alban, we only had one hour to explore. Out guide fir the day was not very informative.