• Local: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • Duração: 9 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: SHANIKA Y D , Dezembro 2016

Our travel guide Nancy was amazing!!! She was very informative and has a very pleasant personality. Would strongly recommend this tour, if you want to learn about the history and current facts about all 14 provinces in Jamaica.

Avaliado por: Christopher P , Novembro 2016

Our tour guide Steve was very entertaining and informative. I loved taking the old highway to Kingston and thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Bob Marley's home at 56 Hope Road. All travellers to Jamaica should take this tour.

Avaliado por: Whitney J , Junho 2016

Lady D made every feel as if we were all long time friends making it easy and fun to talk every second.Driver R Kelly was very caring and safe for passengers and others on the road.Out of all trips I have ever been on, I feel like I got educated!Lady D was very informative and Bob Marley tour was too.Respect!

Avaliado por: aladha86 , Dezembro 2015

Our tour guide was amazing, the trip was exactly what I had expected. Although there were no stops made in Kingston, the details provided as we drove around the city was enough for me. We also got the chance to stop over for some local patties and enjoy some shopping if you wanted to.

Avaliado por: Geoffrey R , Junho 2015

Nancy our guide is the best. Very informative and knowlegable. This tour is a must for any Marley fan. The ride to Kingston from Ocho Rios is intense but other than that I highly recomend.

Avaliado por: Jessica J , Outubro 2014

My husband and I highly enjoyed our trip to Kingston and the Bob Marley Museum. Fluffy was our tour guide and Earl our driver. They both made the trip enjoyable - Fluffy is very funny!

My only drawback is that if you suffer from motion sickness - take extra medicine well before your trip starts so it has time to be effective. The ride is like being on a roller coaster! I felt ill pretty much the whole way to Kingston but took extra on the way back and felt much better. Also, I wouldn't advise sitting near the front of the van either! The drivers and roads in Jamaica can be a bit scary but Earl had us under control :).

The Bob Marley Museum was interesting. I am not a huge fan but my husband is and enjoyed himself. We are from Baltimore and my husband found a ticket stub from a DC concert event so that was interesting. I did learn a lot that I really had no clue about. The guide at the museum was very nice.

Lunch was ok - I was still not feeling too well from the road trip. We ended up eating at KFC but there were a lot of choices and you had time to shop if you wanted to.

Ice cream at the Devon House was yummy and you get a lot - I got a one scoop and it was more than I could handle.

All in all - wonderful day. Got to see a lot of Jamaica and had fun doing it.

Thanks for a good trip! We had heard a lot about going to Kingston but we were safe all day and nothing to worry about!

Avaliado por: Sandra S , Janeiro 2014

It was an excellent tour. A day packed full and the tour guide was delightful :)

Avaliado por: Stephen M , Julho 2013

Wonderful tour. Would like to have more time at the Bob Marley Museum and to have eaten lunch there

Avaliado por: Elaine L , Julho 2013

Being a huge Bob Marley fan I was pleasantly surprised with the attention to details and facts along the way from Ocho Rios to Kingston. Loved Belinda our tour guide...very comfortable ride. So glad we decided to venture beyond the walls of our resort. I would definitely recommend this tour to all who travel to Jamaica.....Whether you're a huge Marley fan or just curious about his life....great tour and worth the money we spent!

Avaliado por: Kristian W , Maio 2012

Fantastic tour, it's a shame so many people avoid Kingston when there is so much to see. On our trip we went to UWI, Devon House where we stopped for Ice Cream , a Church in Spanish Town, toured the ritzy neighbourhood of Beverly Hills, and watched the guards change at the National Heroes park and toured the Bob Marley Museum. This was a full day with lots of sight seeing I did not expect, and we were even able to tour downtown Kingston from the bus. The only thing I wish we were able to do more of is sight seeing the university outside of the bus, and other parts of Kingston but I do understand it can be a difficult place to see when appearing as an obvious tourist.
Our guide was Dionne with Jamaica Tours Limited based out of Ocho Rios and she was fantastic!! Dionne gave us every bit of possible information about the country and narrated life, and the positives and few negatives of life in Jamaica in addition to pointing out the ways of life and sights on the beautiful drive from Ochi to Kingston.
We were lucky enough to have Dionne again as our tour guide for the Negril beach tour a few days later, and she was equally as good on that tour. I was also glad that we got to make rest stops on the journey at local jamaican stops instead of your typical tourist location and sample some of the intriguing cuisine.

All in all, this is a wonderful tour- at least with the guide we had... we hope to return to Jamaica again soon, and hope to have Dionne as our guide again, and revisit the sights of Kingston!

Avaliado por: Thomas A B , Janeiro 2012

This was a very interesting trip. The Marley Museum was wonderful . The Kingston City Tour was not too inclusive. Overall, it was a great day.

Avaliado por: Thomas M , Junho 2016

Great trip, very informative!

Avaliado por: B , Canada, Janeiro 2013

Drive there was crazy in the mountains, Red Stripe was nice, Museum was nice but areas I was interested to see were closed off (recording studio). Would have liked more history about Bob Marleys life and many, many, many women in it.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Canada, Março 2009

Bob Marley Museum was absolutely worth being on the bus so long.

Avaliado por: MILLICENT W , United Kingdom, Agosto 2008

For those frightened to go to Kingston on their own, doing the tour was excellent. Tour guide arrived on time and was very friendly.

Avaliado por: Lars Urban N , USA, Agosto 2008

The Bob Marley museum was worth it, there was not so much else to see, really.

Avaliado por: Emily K , Janeiro 2016

I enjoyed the Bob Marley museum and the drive through Kingston, but the rest was kind of so-so. I know Devon House is really important as a landmark and cultural thing in Jamaica, but it just wasn't that exciting for us. I would have much preferred a tour of Port Royal while in Kingston! Also, we went to a mall food court for lunch. That was pretty awful. I don't think any tourist in Jamaica wants to visit a mall food court for lunch. We could have just stayed at the Bob Marley museum and had lunch at the cafe. Almost anything would have been better than fast food! But our guide, Iyona, was fantastic.

Avaliado por: Stefany d , United States of America, Outubro 2015

Saw a lot of Jamaica but from a tour bus. We drove through without stopping, not even for pictures, Kingston, The Beverly Hills of Jamaica, which left nothing to be desired, then through the university. The Bob Marley Museum was great. It was humbling to be in the house that he lived and recorded in. Lunch was in a local strip mall followed by a tease of stopping by the Devon House only for ice cream. The guide was very informative and answered all our questions. The tour in general felt rushed specially at Bob Marley's, I needed more time to enjoy the grounds there and experience it, as it was really the only time you were off the bus and in my opinion the whole point of the tour.

Avaliado por: Michelle and Jackie , Setembro 2012

we were rush,didn't get to do more of the stuffs in the tour Devon's House Shopping,just for the ice cream.we are not kids and that was how the day was,on outting with your father who tell us what to do.We paid good money for this tour and it wasn't a memorable one.I could have taken the public transportation service into Kingston and get a better for my money.Will not recommend anyone to use this tour company for Kingston.use a next tour company.not so much the tour guide to blame but the driver have no patience and very miserable.He spoiled our tour to Kingston,especially for my friend who first time visit to Jamaica.We will visit Jamaica in 2014 but this time we will use from our hotel tour