• Local: Orlando, Flórida
  • Duração: 2 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Jerry M , Julho 2016

Excellent show, will recommend to all friends and family members.

Avaliado por: Tara C , Junho 2016

Wonderful show, Very entertaining. My 9 year old niece loved it. Very family friendly. The dinner was good and the drinks were not overpriced. The show was very interactive and funny. Definitely something you should do if your looking for a family night of fun.

Avaliado por: spaak87 , Novembro 2015

Good value. Show was excellent. Would recommend to anyone. Food was a little disappointing though.

Avaliado por: christine p , Abril 2015

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Jay Y , Setembro 2011

Pirate's dinner show is one of the best I had ever gone to. My wife and kids love it. Both my kids got to go on stage at the end of the show.
I will do it again next year when I go back to FL.

Avaliado por: Mathew L , Ireland, Maio 2009

Great show, food lovely.

Avaliado por: doug38super , Junho 2016

Good food and plenty of it. Great show with audience participation, the night just flew by.

Avaliado por: thierry f , Abril 2016

spetacle tres sympas pour toute la familles , ou les spectateur participe a temps plein au spectacle pendant le repas , prix sympas pour passer une bonne soirée , le repas n est pas gastro ,cela reste une cuisine de base,salade composée en entrée puis roti de boeuf ou cuisse de poulet avec haricot vert et purée dessert gateau et boule de glace boisson a volonte vin coca sprite

Avaliado por: Alice K , Outubro 2012

The show was captivating, even my four year old grandson's were totally enthralled. The food, not so much.

Avaliado por: Kim W , United Kingdom, Junho 2012

Great experience

Avaliado por: SARAH R , Agosto 2011

great show they get the crowd into the show

the only bad side was the food it was good but it was rush on you

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Junho 2010

Our children 7 ,9 &11 thoroughly enjoyed the show. The food could have been better, but the evening proved very entertaining. It was a highlight of our week in Orlando.

Avaliado por: Diana F , United Kingdom, Agosto 2008

Very friendly entertainment for families. Lots of food and good interactive entertainment. Plus, they coped well with vegetarian daughter's needs.

Avaliado por: Diana F , United Kingdom, Agosto 2008

Make sure to get there early to avoid lengthy wait. This was a good night.

Avaliado por: Alejandro M , Julho 2016

It was ok. The reservation was not in the pirates dinner system. But we didn't have any trouble getting in the show. I was expecting doing the call just to reconfirm our reservation. And the lady told me that we did not have any but no that there was no problem at all and she did it. We had fun.

Avaliado por: Benjamin O , Julho 2016

Nice for the families with children-they will enjoy the show and loud music and sound effects. It was enjoyable.The food could have been better. Nice costumes and singing by the cast. Children were upfront for their best experience.


Avaliado por: oritshmulik , Setembro 2015

The show is nice. The food can be better.

Avaliado por: Brett C G , Janeiro 2012

One of the worst dinner theater experiences we've ever had. The food wasn't so great (the sauce they put on the pork made it unedible); they didn't even offer a choice of diet soda before the pitchers were on the table, and it just didn't seem like a lot of food was given. The chicken was mostly bones. Not pleased. The performances were ok. Nothing fantastic, although they did seem to involve the audience more so than other dinner theaters. The other good thing was the coconut drink souvenier :) Other than that, watch out for their "upgrades" - since we didn't get any of those, that could be why we were so disappointed, but honestly with the price we paid, we shouldn't have needed upgrades of any kind to enjoy the experience more. Save your money and go see something with horses!

Avaliado por: Clive L , United Kingdom, Janeiro 2009

We found Pirates Dinner Adventure to be spectacular, some laughs but all very confusing. If you have kids below 9 years I strongly recommend going to the early show. Certainly don't go and expect to be fed well. Unlimited wine and beer advertising is very misleading, don't believe it.

Avaliado por: Kevin P , Australia, Outubro 2008

It was a good night but seamed a bit rushed. You were eating and missed some of the show.

Avaliado por: Marvin A , Julho 2016

Uuuggghhh! No stars we showed up for an 8:30 show and were locked out because the show started at 7:30. If you are going to book shows with real times make sure they are accurate, otherwise don and #39;t specify a time and tell the customer he must call the show to get showtimes.

Avaliado por: Somphavanh L , Abril 2016

First time going to show. The Viator process was a nightmare. I bought tickets online for date, time and location and printed confirmation. When I got there 15 mins before the front desk asked if I reservation I said yes from purchase and she said No we need voucher that was sent thru email to make reservations and I had to print voucher. I told her i got confirmation and I had bad internet service so I couldn't log in. Then a couple next to me wanted to buy tickets and she told them they had to buy it online and go thru same process to get in that night. Basically the process is a real annoyance and would not go there if I had to do this process again. The show was really great but food wasn't that great and there was only 1 guy serving 40 people.

Avaliado por: Sharon DeSilva , Bermuda, Setembro 2011

I have been visiting Orlando for many years and this was my fist and last visit to this show. We could not hear one thing that was going on. The voices were unclear and could not be heard over the music. A great disappointment for myself and my visitors from N Ireland, and a total waste of money! Plus they charge to park!! What's that all about?