• Local: Osaka, Japan
  • Duração: 10 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Ciaran H , Julho 2016

Really great tour. Guide was fantastic and the lunch stop was good, compared to the quality of most tour lunch stops.

The guides were very informative and had a great depth of knowledge. Come highly recommended from me.

Avaliado por: George A , Abril 2016

Beautiful sights on this tour. The highlight was the golden temple.

Avaliado por: silverio r , Outubro 2014

great tour! Hiro-san wa taihen ii desu. great sense of history, of humor and was very able in assisting us for anything. will submit more later.

Avaliado por: daniel m , Maio 2014

Great tour ...

Avaliado por: waferworld , USA, Abril 2014

very nice to see, such a beautiful city, great and beautifully presented luhch it was an incredible experience.

Avaliado por: Maren B , Março 2014

The tour was organised perfectly. Everything was satisfactory. Lunch was jummy... what would you want more :-)
After some hours it was quite hard to keep all the info in mind - overloaded. But nonetheless in any case the best you can do if you like to see much in little time.

Avaliado por: Wolfgang N , Dezembro 2013

I enjoyed the tour very much, the tour guide spoke good Englisch and provided nice background during the bus rides. I'd recommend to take the whole day, but especially the morning tour is madatory for all Kyoto tourists.

Avaliado por: Forrest H , Junho 2013

This is a must do if you're going to Kyoto! Yes, it was exhausting seeing so much in one day, but it gave us the chance to see all the more popular sights at once and other days could be focused on the "out of the way" locations. Lunch wasn't great, but it was a planned meal that we did not have to worry about. The best part was that the final stop is a short walk to the Gion District, so we just left the tour (informing the guide of course) walked to Gion for sightseeing and dinner, and took the trains back to our hotel. All in all this is well worth the money!

Avaliado por: TEN-HUAN O , Fevereiro 2013

Very good and informative. We enjoyed it very much. Buffet lunch was good (tasty food) but time given for lunch could be shorter so more time could be spent on touring places of interest and souvenir shopping.

Avaliado por: BETTY G , Julho 2011

A MUST visit !

Avaliado por: Alain P , Novembro 2010

Beautiful places. Kiyomizu temple is a must see for the scenery and the shopping.

Avaliado por: Lutgart V , France, Maio 2010

Interesting trip but to speedy. Tourist need time to visit interesting places and not to visit like all japanese people are visiting whole Europe in 1 week.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , France, Maio 2010

Highly recommended if you have only one day in Kyoto or Osaka and haven't explore Kyoto. Great sightseeing experience especially Golden Pavillion, Sanjusangendo and Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Apart of that, Nijo Castle brings interesting knowledge about the Shogun and the Imperial lifestyle during the ancient time.

Avaliado por: MUN YUEN C , Malaysia, Janeiro 2010

Great English guided tour to some of the most famous attractions in Kyoto. The tour was very well organized and proceeded as planned. I absolutely enjoyed every single attraction and the tour guide gave an excellent explanation to every location.

Avaliado por: Anna M , Singapore, Agosto 2008

Fantastic tour. A must do whilst in Japan.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Singapore, Agosto 2008

very good tour, all the stops were wonderful.

Avaliado por: Henrik S , Março 2015

The tour was a bit too long otherwise terrific

Avaliado por: joe n , Maio 2014

This tour combines a morning and an afternoon tour of Kyoto, separated by a lunch. It is a very long and tiring day and would be better enjoyed if taken separately. The tour guide was excellent as was the driver, and the representative showed us where and how to take the subway after getting off the JR at the Osaka train station. She even showed us how to buy our tickets. This was very helpful for the remainder of our stay in Osaka.

Avaliado por: Macdara G , Dezembro 2012

Very enjoyable tour and friendly staff.

Avaliado por: Ludwig M , Setembro 2012

good tour, well organised

Avaliado por: CHANG CHOY C , Março 2012

I have booked with viator (Paris,Belgium and Amsterdam tour) before and I am satisfied with the services,very professional and would definitiely recommend viator to my friends.

Avaliado por: Julia K , Setembro 2011

The tour was great except for the Kyoto Handicraft Center. The luncheon buffet was "ok". We had thought that there would be more vendors selling merchandise but there were only a couple of stores with not the best of deals. The tour to the different areas were great though. Our favorite was the Golden Pavilion and Sanjusangendo. Great cultural experience!

Avaliado por: Anne T , Singapore, Janeiro 2011

The trip was quite rush, don't really have time for phototaking. The guide took time to explain every place we visited. Too bad we can't really hear her clearly as our group was rather big and her microphone was too soft and she walked really fast! We have to rush to catch up with her. ...but overall experience was good.... would still recommend the trip.

Avaliado por: David S , USA, Março 2010

I was not aware that October 12 was a Japanese holiday thus, missed one item that I really wanted to see!

Avaliado por: Robyn G , Agosto 2008

This was a good tour, although I was a little disappointed that we only went to shrines, castles, etcetera. The tour guide was a little hard to understand as there were so many other tours happening at the same time around us. I did feel a little rushed on the day, there was really no time to buy souvenirs at stops or to use toilets.