• Local: Osaka, Japan
  • Duração: 6 horas 30 minutos (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Mattheos K , Julho 2016

Very pleasant tour.

Avaliado por: Mohammed B , Junho 2013

It's a must

Avaliado por: Alain P , Novembro 2010

I would like to do this tour again during a different season to see the different colours of the scenery.

Avaliado por: zarina a , Dezembro 2016

I enjoyed this tour very much. The tour guide was informative and timing was on the spot which is always the case in Japan!. However, it was a little tiring to make the trip to kyoto first then only to nara. This is because there are others who join this half day tour Nara having completed their half day tour in kyoto itself. Whilst it works well for them, it doesnt for those who only join the Nara tour.

Avaliado por: Lawrence T , Junho 2016

Very impressed with the Buddha temple and the statues on display. The tour was marred by heavy rain which would otherwise be a fun and interesting place to visit. The place was also overcrowded with students which somewhat caused a congestion within the temple.

Avaliado por: P. L , Novembro 2015

There are many interesting places in Nara, but we had only limited time.

Avaliado por: Ludwig M , Setembro 2012

good tour guide, well organised

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Abril 2009

Nice trip!

Avaliado por: Erin C , New Zealand, Agosto 2008

Very worthwhile as I wouldn't have been able to fit Nara in otherwise. I was the only person to join the tour from Osaka, so I had a very informative guide to myself on the way to Kyoto and back.

Avaliado por: Anna M , Singapore, Agosto 2008

Great afternoon though a bit busy. Good overview of what the area has to offer.

Avaliado por: Vicki B , Junho 2007

We loved everything we saw, although we were fighting crowds all the way.

Avaliado por: Robyn G , Junho 2007

This was a well-organised tour, and the guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. A most enjoyable afternoon.

Avaliado por: Gerry T , Dezembro 2016

The tour guide was more focused on keeping time and other logistics requirements where to meet, where the bus is parked, maintaining order, keeping quiet, etc...., rather than sharing insights about the temples and shrines.

Avaliado por: Giulia R , Junho 2015

Tour was to short considering the other stuff that could be seen in Nara given a whole day instead of half a day.

Avaliado por: Edmond C , Janeiro 2012

Excellent tour guide who have provided lots of information. However, the tour was quite short for the price paid.
Did not spend much time in the Kasuga Shrine at all (only 15-20 mins). Couldn't go inside the shrine due of the new year preparation.

Avaliado por: Samuel K , Junho 2016

The trouble with this tour is not so much the content of the tour but the logistics of doing it from Osaka. They send you via train from Osaka station to Kyoto 45 minutes where you wait 20 minutes for a bus to Nara 1 hour - so it is 3pm by the time you are actually doing anything. There is quite a lot to do in Nara, and while this tour will cover the highlights, there is no time to look at the treasure hall or the botanical gardens.

This is the second half of a full day tour beginning Kyoto operated by the same company. That may be more worthwhile since you'll already be in Kyoto and just lose the hour on the bus each way - but you can take a train directly from Osaka to Nara in under an hour and get a local tour for less money and have more time to spend.

Avaliado por: Mary Sue A , USA, Agosto 2009

For my experience it was not good. I had taken the all day tour on Monday to Kyoto, with lunch included and it was wonderful. I was not pleased with all the travel involved with the Nara tour. I was coming from Nisinomiya. I found my way through Osaka to the Hilton, then my greeter who was wonderful and helpful took us by train to Kyoto, back on the bus and then to Nara. My time in the Nara area was around 1 hour and 45 minutes. We then were guided back to the train and the Namba station. The greeter was extremely helpful and got me on the train back to Nishinomiya to help cut back on the extra travel time. I wish I would of known how much travel was involved. I would of liked a little more time in the area.