• Local: Palermo, Itália
  • Duração: Excursão no verão (junho a setembro): 3 horas
    Inverno (outubro a maio): 4 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Heather E , Dezembro 2016

Alessandra was great! The tour included more than just food- she also pointed out sights around town. Alessandra also advised us to go to Cefalu the next day and arranged for a driver to take us to Erice and Segesta the day after that.

Avaliado por: Mark T , Novembro 2016

A fantastic experience - Marco was an amazing guide, had great insights into the history of both Palermo and Siciliy and showed us some amazing sights and some even better foods to try!

Avaliado por: Anthony C , Novembro 2016

This tour was excellent! Our tour guide Marco was amazing. I highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: Gillian O , Outubro 2016

Everyone was very friendly, and there was lots of inter conversations. Nothing loosens up a group like good food a lively host and interesting surroundings!

Avaliado por: Vishalini Mona V , Outubro 2016


We took the Palermo food tour and our guide was Francesca, whom we loved. She was enthusiastic, and managed not only to pronounce everyone's name but also remember them till the end of the trip. We had street food, like spleen sandwiches, a drink at the tavern, and Sicilian pizza among other things.She also told us about the buildings we passed, which was a bonus. I would recommend it for sure.

Avaliado por: Donna T , Outubro 2016

Very good intro to different districts of Palermo. Francesca is extremely knowledgeable about the history and background of her city. The foods we tasted were not what I would have selected off a menu but we we all delicious, even the most exotic, so it was a good learning experience for me. I would highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: wendy l , Outubro 2016

great food tastings wine and icecream. would recommend.

Avaliado por: Rob M , Setembro 2016

awesome tour, amazing guide, Marco!! had a great time, met great people, learned so much about the history of Palermo and markets and food, while laughing so hard to the fun loving sense of humour of our guide. Would definitely recommend this. Tried so many unique and classic dishes!!

Avaliado por: Timbers , United Kingdom, Setembro 2016

Informative and entertaining tour. Marco was a great guide. We ate some very tasty food and also some nearly inedible food, but it was all a great experience.

Avaliado por: Tracey F , Setembro 2016

Excellent way to see the town and taste the local food. Our guide was great company and full of local information.

Avaliado por: sarabeth r , Setembro 2016

Marco, your charming guide, will take you on an entertaining and delicious tour of the back streets of Palermo.
You will be treated to a variety of street food from authentic vendors, ending with a delicious gelato.
You will leave feeling full, charmed, and delighted with this glimpse of the real Palermo as seen through the eyes of Marco.
A wonderful experience which I recommend 100%.

Avaliado por: Nancy R , Setembro 2016

Marco is a wonderful enthusiastic guide. Perfect way to begin your visit to Palermo and get yourself oriented. He will give you tips and walk you through the street markets for tastings along the way. Save your appetite at breakfast and pace yourself for a little taste of everything. Molte bene!

Avaliado por: Kim F , Agosto 2016

This is an absolute must-do. While not all of the markets of Palermo are the busy hubs that they once were, there is so much rich history surrounding them.

Saying that Capo market is still full of fresh, beautiful produce. The smells and sounds give you a real sense of Palermo as a city. Nadia, our guide, was able to adapt the tastings easily to the vegetarians and non-drinkers on the tour I'm guilty of being both of those without making us feel left out.

As we wandered the streets Nadia would also point out places of historical interest. The quality of the tour was one of the best I've had anywhere and is definitely the best value for money considering how much food you also get to try.

Avaliado por: gary s , Julho 2016

Marco was great ! Although we got there a little late as Palermo has two opera houses please remember to go to the one where the G-D Father was filmed ! This was a very interesting fun way to see the Palermo Market, learn a lot of history, and really try things and see the best of the market you simply could not figure out on your own! It was the perfect amount of time and so much food to try. Our guide Marco was a lot of fun, made the experience fun and memorable thank you so much !

Avaliado por: Charlyn R , Julho 2016

We loved this tour. Our guide was wonderful in pointing out different types of street foods, interacting with participants on the tour, and explaining Sicilian culture. I would highly recommend this tour in the future to anyone travelling to Sicily.

Avaliado por: Anthony R , Julho 2016

Marco was an outstanding tour guide and we got to taste even more local specialties than we were expecting. May have been better to know what they were after we had eaten them! Arrancina the best.
Highly recommended if street food what you are looking for with excellent historical tales.

Avaliado por: Ebenger . , Julho 2016

This tour completely changed our impression of Palermo and set the tone for the rest of the trip. Palermo is a vibrant exciting city filled with friendly people, but if you are only there a couple of days, it might be difficult to tap into the true experience. The city can be noisy, chaotic, and off putting. Before Marcos food tour, we were ready to move on after our first day. After the tour, we wanted to stay in Palermo much longer. It was truly one of the highlights of our trip and a great way to start our three weeks in Sicily. We love food tours and this was one of the best weve done.

Marco is a top notch guide with a good sense of humor, great rapport with merchants and vendors, and the ability to connect personally with his clients. As a native son of Palermo, he also provides great local knowledge and history, as well as personal insights. The tour was fun and interesting from the first moments. You get lots of food and drink, and a good mix of the more exotic foods such as spleen sandwiches and snails, along with much more standard fare of pizza, arancine, etc. Even if you are not an adventurous eater, you will have plenty to enjoy. This tour should be done as soon as possible upon your arrival in Palermo. It is a great education to make the most of your time in Palermo, and the rest of Sicily. He even provided us with a restaurant recommendation that turned out to be one or our best meals of our whole trip. Buona Vacanza!

Avaliado por: Katrina R , Julho 2016

Marco is truly fantastic on this tour. Nothing was too much trouble, and his humor and knowledge are boundless.
We bumped into him later in the week, and he remembered us.
recommended 100

Avaliado por: Bryan T , Julho 2016

Marco was wonderful. He really gave us a great understanding of Palermo, the food, the culture, the history. Walking around with him was insightful and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend this tour!
My family is from Palermo and still I never knew half the things I learned in an afternoon with Marco. It was truly great!

Avaliado por: Kate D , Julho 2016

Great tour! Everyone enjoyed it, even the picky eaters!

Avaliado por: Tina R , Julho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Laurelle C , Julho 2016

March was great . Answered all our questions , moved tour at a good pace , catered to every whim , kept us out of the sun , delicious food . Good value . Punctual

Avaliado por: Joanne K , Julho 2016

Brilliant! A real highlight of our trip to Palermo and about so much more than just the food - you get a fascinating insight into the city and its culture. Marco, our guide, was a friendly, fun and informative host. There is absolutely no pressure to try anything you don't want to, but he will dare you to sample the infamous 'spleen sandwich' from Vucciria market! The 'food passport' you get to keep as a souvenir is also a nice touch, the challenge is to fill it with stamps from the various vendors you meet along the way, and try all the delicacies on offer. I noticed that this tour, along with Marco, has recently got a great write up in Jamie Oliver's magazine. Book it, you won't be disappointed!

Avaliado por: ETHEL A Y , Julho 2016

Tour guide was excellent. He makes the tour alive
with his vibrant characteristics of people and food of Sicily. Marco made sure everyone was involved and managed to leave an unforgettable image of Palermo.Enjoyed every minute
Thanks Marco

Avaliado por: Linda F , Junho 2016

Marco was wonderful! This tour is worth every penny don't have a big breakfast! In addition to the food experience, you also get a mini walking tour of Palermo.