• Local: Paris, França
  • Duração: 5 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Kanika H , Novembro 2016

Wonderful trip, brilliantly organized.

Avaliado por: Patricia M , Outubro 2016

Beautiful day in a very special place! Max was our driver and guide and added to the joyful trip! We were lucky to have great weather too - definitely make this tour!

Avaliado por: Cathy C , Outubro 2016

I wasn't sure there would be many flowers this time of year but the gardens were full of flowers and beautiful. I am a garden enthusiast and loved this tour. Not sure it would be very interesting if you don't love gardening. I felt the time we had there on this tour was just right to see the gardens and tour the house. Bus was comfortable.

Avaliado por: brongard , Outubro 2016

Really enjoyed this tour, flower gardens were lovely as was the water garden. Great to see the house Monet lived in, actually could have done with more time to explore village as well.

Avaliado por: Karen D , Outubro 2016

Our tour guide was wonderful and Monet's garden everything we expected--just lovely.

Avaliado por: carolinenm86 , Outubro 2016

Great way to see the french countryside outside Paris. I wish the tour guide knew just a little bit more about the history. She gave us a little bit of info but I had questions she didn't know the answers to. We met them that their tour agency in Paris. They dropped us off near the arch of triumph since the streets were closed for a special holiday just for that day otherwise you get dropped off back at the tour agency. The van we were in help 9 people including the driver and guide. The price includes a ride and the tickets.

Avaliado por: Valerie F , Setembro 2016

Our guide went out of his way to make sure we 'beat the crowds' there form the riverboat cruises. On the way back to Paris we went off the highway through beautiful stone villages along the Seine.

Avaliado por: Paulette Q , Agosto 2016

The bus was very nice and half full for the trip. At the gardens the parking lot was a serious walk to the house and in younger days not an issue but challenging for us seniors. Easy quick access as a group and plenty of time for checking out the pond, the gardens and the house. After numerous trips to Paris in winter months I finally was able to enjoy the gardens in summer and the trip was well worth it. Bus was timely departing and returning and location drop off was perfect at Louvre-Rivoli intersection.

Avaliado por: Leandro , Agosto 2016

An unique experience... Excellent tour!

Avaliado por: olga.b2 , Julho 2016

Mycket fint ställe med vacker trädgård på lagom avstånd från Paris. rekommenderar varmt! Men åk hellre på förmiddagen lagom med folk, mycket större trängsel på eftermiddagen. Helt nöjd med utflyckten

Avaliado por: Carol S , Julho 2016

Very pleasant carefree trip--nice not to have to wait in line for tickets and we had enough time to see everything.
Gardens and site were well worth the rip!

Avaliado por: viator , Junho 2016

What a beautiful and almost magical place. Loved it!!

Avaliado por: Matt H , Junho 2016

Highly recommend doing the Full Day Tour if possible. This tour was the highlight of our trip to Paris. However, with travel time and traffic, we only had a little over 1.5 hours to explore the gardens and Monets house.

The tour guide did a great job. He spoke to us about Giverny and its history on the way down. After we arrived, we were issued our tickets and we were allowed to explore Giverny. It is a truly beautiful place that you will want to take the time to enjoy and not just rush through it. Our only regret was not doing the full day tour.

Avaliado por: lindaclark154 , Maio 2016

Giverny is something to experience! The gardens are exceptional and the house told the story of the amazing Artist that once lived there with his family.

Avaliado por: marluce_silva , Novembro 2015

Absolutely beautiful and meaningful. The guide was fantastic and very friendly and helpful.

Avaliado por: V M , Novembro 2015

A Really good tour. Time enough to visit and buy some souvenirs.

Avaliado por: p_yingwan , Outubro 2016

Very convenient traveling. The tour guide is helpful

Avaliado por: Iris T , Agosto 2016

My husband and I chose this tour despite not having much of a background in Monet or art in general. However, I do like gardens and we wanted to explore a bit more of France outside of Paris and the half day tour seemed like a good way of doing it.

We took the morning tour. Our tour guide is a young art student and she gave the bus a brief introduction on the way there in both English and Spanish. Once there, there's a brief walk from the parking lot to the actual House and Gardens where she left us after giving us a brief run through and route recommendation. We had a bit over an hour to explore which is more than enough time. The gardens were beautiful and the house was quite large. There were a good amount of people there but by the time we were leaving, there was a line to get in. I would recommend the morning tour during tourist season. I'd say this tour is worth it if you have the time.

Avaliado por: Jasmine A , Agosto 2016

Nice day away from Paris and had ample time at the gardens. Only downside for me was that the price of the tour seemed a little much considering how cheap the entry to the house/gardens is. So you're really just paying for transport. But it was an enjoyable trip nonetheless!

Avaliado por: kblatt9990 , Agosto 2016

Just wish we had a little more time and a somewhat more organized end meeting spot. It is a very beautiful spot!

Avaliado por: Bernadette J , Agosto 2016

A well organised half day trip with a very informative guide

Avaliado por: whitaker.becky , Julho 2016

This was a really nice tour. We took the half-day option starting out in the morning which I think was definitely the way to go. It only got more and more crowded as the day went on so I'm glad we got there first thing in the morning. We met outside the France Tourisme office and left promptly at 8:30, if not a little before. We got to Giverny around 9:30. We took a small 8 passenger van. Two people had to sit up front with the driver. The drive was fine. Our driver gave us a little information about Monet and impressionism on the drive up to Giverny, but once we were there we were on our own. He didn't accompany us through the gardens and house. It might have been nice to have a guide with us during some parts of it but ultimately it was nice to go at our own pace. We had several hours in Giverny which gave us plenty of time to get through the gardens and house. Overall, it was a lovely visit and we were back in Paris by 1:00 pm.

Avaliado por: Debra C , Junho 2016

Good tour guide. The weather was terrible but the bonus with that was that Monet's Garden wasn't very crowded. Monet's Garden was beautiful. On the way back to Paris we went to some other Monet related places

Avaliado por: Clive R , Junho 2016

Our day out was lovely. The guide was very informative about Monet and the gardens were truly lovely and worth the money that we paid for the tour. Being garden lovers, we should have taken the full day tour as the trip from Paris is quite long and swallowed up most of the day with only a very small amount of time left to see the gardens. All in all very nice.

Avaliado por: Barbara Dolter H , Junho 2016

Excellent, but due to traffic delays, our time at Giverny was short. The time spent at a location should not vary, it should be fixed. If it takes longer, or shorter to get there, is nothing that can be controlled, but how much time you have at a place can. A little disappointing!!