• Local: Paris, França
  • Duração: 2 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Donna B , Janeiro 2017

This was an amazing tour, our guide was so entertaining and interesting. The skip the line was a real treat as the line was very long. The louvre is so enormous that had we tried to navigate on our own, we would have been overwhelmed and missed so much of the historical information we received from the guide, 100 awesome! I highly recommend this guided tour!

Avaliado por: KevinD , Dezembro 2016

Great guide! I was the only one on my tour and the museum was not busy at all - glad I went in the winter!

Avaliado por: John R , Novembro 2016

Took the 6 passenger tour and we were the only two on it! No worries about waiting in line to get inand tour guide couldn't have been better. Went there on Metro which is fantastic - so easy to use - very foreign tourist user friendly. Word of warning and this is real important - there are two Metro exits to the Louvre get off on the Louvre Rivoli exit which is right by the Tourist Office where you meet the guide. The office is at one end east end, I believe and real hard to find if you get off at the other Louvre Metro exit. Wish I knew that before I went as we got off on the other exit. Don't miss the Louvre!

Avaliado por: Barry J C , Novembro 2016

Quality, experienced guide able to skilfully blend humour with informative detail

Avaliado por: Natalia , Novembro 2016

Very good!

Avaliado por: Richard E , Outubro 2016

Well worth it! The guide we had was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the louvre and her enthusiasm certainly rubbed off on all the group making it an enjoyable tour. Personally if you are doing the louvre and not an art expert this is the best way to do it as the guide tells you all about each area of the louvre and points out significant paintings as you go along.

Avaliado por: LCP , Outubro 2016

I am so glad we decided on this tour. Without the luxury of having days to spend discovering the many masterpieces of the Louvre, we opted to get our bearings and an overview in this two hour tour. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining as he shared his passion for art and love of the Louvre with our small group of 5. Even if you have visited the Louvre previously we hadn't I'm very sure you will come away with more than you expect. Yes, we saw the Mona Lisa, but we will remember so much more of the experience because of having been on this tour. We did the 9:00 am tour which gave us about an hour before the crowds arrived and allowed plenty of time after the tour to continue. They tell us that it would take nine months of daily visits to really see all of the exhibits on display at any one time, so I think we'll need to come back again! I highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: Bryan S , Outubro 2016

The tour guide was very knowledgeable and very nice!

Avaliado por: abi_thijsen , Setembro 2016

Our tour guide was friendly, had humor and a lot of knowledge. Louvre is big so this was an excellent choice to see the most important pieces. A must do!

Avaliado por: Hazel C , Setembro 2016

Everything went as planned ! Our guide was knowledgable and funny !!! Just do it :

Avaliado por: karlbethel , Setembro 2016

Be prepared...this place is packed. I only recommend you visit here with a guide. Our guide was super energetic and did a great job. Don't forget to turn 180 degrees when you look at the Mona Lisa and see the largest painting in the Louvre!

Avaliado por: Shannon F , Agosto 2016

Our tour guide was very welcoming and full of knowledge! It was totally worth the price to do the tour, we were able to hit all the important things within the 2 hours and then had time ourselves at the end to explore. Highly Recommend!!

Avaliado por: Tamar R , Agosto 2016

This was a wonderful tour. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable.

Avaliado por: Rohit K , Agosto 2016

This was an excellent tour...the group was 6 including the 4 of us which was perfect. Caroline Lagarde is an excellent guide and if you can try to contact France Toursime who run the tour to try and request her...especially if you have kids ours are 10 and 9. She was able to bring the Louvre alive with her descriptions and managed to fascinate my children leaving them wanting more. HIGHLY RECOMMEND her and it was pity that she was booked for the entire time were in Paris else we would have definitely tried to do another tour of the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay with her.

Avaliado por: Tom , Julho 2016

It's the Louvre ! Tour guide gave a great insider look at the world's most famous museum.

Avaliado por: barbi_torres2000 , Julho 2016

It was perfect for us. It hit all the highlights and we finished just in time for lunch and a nice break in the afternoon.

Avaliado por: Billy W , Julho 2016

Wonderful female tour guide for a small group of us. There were a total of five folks and the tour guide. so glad we took this tour as the Louvre Museum is so large one could easily get lost.

Avaliado por: Wendy W , Junho 2016

Our guide whose name I cannot spell Anauld? Anu? was simpy the best --witty, informative, enthusiastic. One of the best guides I've ever had. There were only 3 people on the tour so we were able to interact a lot. I recommend this highly!

Avaliado por: Brian W , Junho 2016

If you are a lover of history you will thoroughly enjoy this tour. So much phenomenal art and so much history. You will feel like the paintings come to life in this museum. The tour guide was overflowing with information to share and it makes the experience even better. I will do this again when I visit.

Avaliado por: Pamela T , Junho 2016

I gave it five stars because I loved our guide. We signed up for the tour with no more than six people, but it actually wound up jus being my daughter and myself, so it was really a personalized tour. In the time that we had she gave us what we needed, just the basics. However, the only problem, and maybe it was my miscommunication, I thought we were to meet at the Louvre, but it was actually at their office,
which was being the Louvre and then I guess there are two offices so all our questions on where to find the office were all the wrong directions. We finally called and she literally talked us to the office. Thank God it was just the two of us, but in all the confusion, we lost time on our tour.

Avaliado por: Saori M , Junho 2016

I highly recommend this tour for a quick overview glance at the Louvre. I learned a lot that I didn't notice initially walking around alone.

Avaliado por: Wendy N , Junho 2016

The best way to see Louvre is with a guided tour to make sure you see the top artworks without spending the entirety of a day finding them. Joelle had great insights for us on everything we viewed.

Avaliado por: bird , Junho 2016

Our tour guide, Joanna from Moun Beau Paris was well, simply amazing. Her knowledge and enthusiasm about the Louvre made the tour so special. It was our favorite tour in all of Paris thanks to Joanna!

Avaliado por: sumei_9 , Junho 2016

Great time at the Louvre. Julie was an amazing tour guide who structured the tour increadibly well from the history of the different wings of the palaces to meaning behind the different art pieces.

Avaliado por: Lenny , Junho 2016

Our guide was excellent, my husband has a bad back and she was patient and kind waiting for him as he was a bit slow in traversing the steps at areas of the museum. We were only two in this group tour and I can not begin to say how knowledgeable she was. We truly appreciated the tour she gave us...perfect !