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Avaliado por: Lyndall F , Agosto 2016

A very good tour Highly recommend for all war buffs from Australia and Canada. Had an excellent young guide who made it even more enjoyable.

Avaliado por: sport_gal_000 , Julho 2016

This tour was phenomenal, our driver was friendly and knowledgeable and flexible. He asked us what our expectations were for the day, listened to us, and then made it a reality - excellent tourism service. The historic sites were in credibly powerful to see. The day was well laid out and each stop was budgeted well for time. Our guide really stood out, he catered to make this experience memorable for us. I can't thank you enough, simply fabulous.

Avaliado por: Tom J , Australia, Julho 2016

An amazing tour thanks to Silvan who was very friendly and knowledgeable. I particularly liked how he adapted the tour to suit the interests of the participants. Thank you Silvan, Tom

Avaliado por: Sheila K , Junho 2016

Superb experience with knowledgeable guide, Sylvain. Personalized to our request - Canadian and Scots war sites and cemeteries. Incredibly skilled driver in Paris traffic. Clearly bilingual guide, helpful, friendly.

Avaliado por: Garry G , Australia, Outubro 2014

Excellent value for money. Driver arrived on time and was a very knowledgeble guide. The tour was very interesting and took in all the sites of importance to Australians.
I would recommend the tour to anyone

Avaliado por: fjwil , Agosto 2014

My husband and I chose this tour especially because we family who fought in this area during WW1. Our tour guide took us to the places that were important to our interests. We found that he had an in depth knowledge of the campaigns which he was able to bring to life for us using vivid descriptions of what took place at each location we visited. He had excellent communication and driving skills and was passionate about conducting the tour. He also added a new understanding on what our people and the French people went through.

Avaliado por: Gerry , Junho 2014

Fantastic trip with a very knowledgeable guide, lucky enough to have just one other couple from Australia with us

Avaliado por: Janet Anne T , Dezembro 2013

This tour was magnificent thanks to Bertram, his extensive knowledge and wonderful sense of humour was much appreciated. Because it was a small group- only 2 we were able to spend a longer time in places of personal interest and shorter times in others. We missed the heavy traffic both coming and going and while it is a long trip to the battlefields the scenery was interesting. Would highly recommend this trip.

Avaliado por: D Mark F , Setembro 2013

This was the best tour we went on during this trip - the guide was on time, courtious and knowledgable. Our guide gave us a running commentary of all the historical and not so historiacal sites we past or visit during the entire trip. This was further supported by a local expert guide re the battle fields we picked up in Ypres who came fully prepared with photos, maps and diagrams. This expert's knowledge and communication ability was not only enlightening but delivered clearly and effectively. The guide and the expert adjusted the tour to visit areas geared to our country's participation and our interests which further enhanced our knowledge and appreciation of the past events. During our independent time in Ypres we explored the musium and the cathedral as well as the local town area around the Menin Gate. This tour spoiled us for any other tours we took this trip and became our measuring stick (set our expectation levels) for all other tours.

Avaliado por: macdona , Agosto 2013

A very emotional day! The enormity of the sacrifice made by our Canadian and Allied Veterans is at once poignantly obvious. We are so proud of Canada's contributions and of the spectacular war memorial erected in honour of these brave people who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Our Parisian driver and our very knowledgeable guide from Belgium made this trip a most educational and enjoyable day.

Avaliado por: finlander , Agosto 2013

A great tour for history buffs, and a good way to get a taste of the Ypree Belgium area. Excellent guide with a very small group.

Avaliado por: Jac , Australia, Agosto 2012

The best and most profound tour I have ever experienced. A special "Thank You" to both Noel and my other wonderful and patient guide whose name I will not begin to try and spell. Your knowledge and reverence will stay with me forever. A life changing experience.

Avaliado por: Terry S , Junho 2013

Good tour with a very good guide