• Local: Penang, Malaysia
  • Duração: 5 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: audi2111 , Agosto 2011

We were picked up from the hotel and taken to the lobby of another hotel. We were then taken to the beach and dropped off without telling us what to do, except "wait for boat here". After 45mins of waiting i called the tour company and told them what had happened, at which point a boat appeared. We were the only 2(plus 2 yr old daughter) on the tour, and the tour guide (boat driver) was lovely. We spent 30 mins fishing and caught 5 fish. We then went to the beach and relaxed there while a BBQ was prepared for us. The food was plentiful and tasty. The tour took a total of 6 hours and was definitely worth it.

Avaliado por: Chia Hau T , Novembro 2010

def worth doing, very relaxing! not much to do except swim & laze around in hammock, some guys there also had jetski's which we took out for 15mins for around 100MYR for the 2 of us. boatman was friendly, huge yummy bbq lunch, a day well enjoyed. didn't see any monkeys tho!

Avaliado por: Patsy R , Australia, Julho 2010

Monkey beach was great as we were the only 2 on the boat. Was a great private tour. The fishing was great, we didnt have to bait or touch the fish, he did it all. The chef was great, he cooked a great bbq meal, just dont expect anything too flash and drinks are not included. He offered us drinks and then when we got off the boat he gave us a bill, lucky we had money with us. But overall would definitely do again

Avaliado por: Esther T , United Kingdom, Julho 2009

This was amazing, lovely people and great scenery. And the BBQ was brill.

Avaliado por: Esther T , United Kingdom, Julho 2009

This was really good. The fishing on the boat was fun, the barbecue was excellent, the tour guides were excellent and funny, and we saw loads of monkeys and fed them.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , United Kingdom, Agosto 2008

This trip was so much fun. We had a great time fishing and Monkey Beach was lovely. Our guide was great, very friendly and fun.

Avaliado por: Jenny C , Dezembro 2014

This was a great tour, we very much enjoyed fishing with the guide and his friends. It was a beautiful day and the views were breathtaking. We saw some sea eagles up close, sea otters, and then were dropped off at Monkey beach for a superb BBQ lunch, surrounded by the monkeys and a hungry monitor lizard. The food was great. We had a variety of food: prawns, satay, sausages, chops, chicken, and a simple salad, followed by fresh fruit. The weather was just right for a dip in the ocean (at the beach) too. Overall a very enjoyable day.

Avaliado por: Becca , Dezembro 2013

The beach is dirty but aside from that it was a great experience getting the boat over. We stopped to fish which was rather exotic with eagles soaring down nearby! The lunch was nice and the monkeys were fun.

Avaliado por: Davin C , Australia, Junho 2010

Fishing off Monkey Beach was great as was the BBQ lunch provided on Monkey Beach itself. Got to feed the monkeys after lunch.

Avaliado por: Debbie Anderson , South Africa, Agosto 2008

This was a fairly nice outing. It's a pity the water is too dirty and had so many jelly fish, so we were unable to swim.

Avaliado por: CRAIG W , Australia, Março 2009

Nice day out & our tour operators were young men who did a wonderful job cooking our lunch. We bought a fresh coconut from a local and drunk the coconut milk. The monkeys were tame but not very friendly. One gentleman from our tour had his book taken by a monkey but it dropped it again, so be careful of any loose items.

Avaliado por: Simon G , United Kingdom, Fevereiro 2008

Enjoyed the trip but it would have been better if we had a guide with us as the two gentleman who took us on the boat didn't speak English. However, they cooked us a nice lunch. They didn't show us where the monkeys were but a local peddler selling peanuts did and we enjoyed hand-feeding the monkeys. Very picturesque.

Avaliado por: Derek M , Outubro 2016

It might have been ok at half the price. Food was minimal and took over an hour and a half to cook. There was no drinks provided. The fishing trip was ok but we were catching guppies. Overall the experience was there but not for that price.

Avaliado por: Mark C , Australia, Julho 2010

This was disgusting, I do not recommend any Aussies who are use to clean beaches to do this trip. The litter on the beach from different tour operators was horrific. The water was dirty, you wouldn't dare swim and there are jellyfish anyway. We were told we couldn't go for a walk in the jungle as it was dangerous and there was no guide. This is an absolute rip off for the money!! I spent my time picking up the rubbish on the beach. The toilet was a hole in the ground with no toilet paper.