• Local: Simpson Bay, São Martim
  • Duração: 8 horas (aproximadamente)
A partir de USD 120,00

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Here's the boat!

Jeffrey M, USA, Setembro 2008

Here's the Lamada

Here's the crew, less the captain

Jeffrey M, USA, Setembro 2008

Awesome crew!

Beautiful Island

Jeffrey M, USA, Setembro 2008

We just sailed past this one, but the others looked just like it.

People on the boat

Jeffrey M, USA, Setembro 2008

Not too many people. Just right. Perfect views.

Putting Up the Sail

Patricia K, USA, Fevereiro 2008

They asked for some females to volunteer to put up the sail and my daughter volunteered. She is the one on the end. The two guys worked on the boat. The other ladies were also passengers that volunteered. Afterwards they all got a shot of rum. I let my daughter do all the work while I took the picture.