• Local: Fênix, Arizona
  • Duração: 2 dias/1 noite (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Janet L , Outubro 2016

Surpassed our expectations. The drive from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon was wonderful. Great guide. Loved the stop at the Navajo reservation where we stopped to eat the lunch that we bought in a lovely restaurant/bakery in Sedona. Overnight accommodations at the Canyon were terrific. We able to watch elk out the window of our room. Highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: kathleen r , Julho 2016


Avaliado por: Kelsey S , Junho 2015

Great experience!

Avaliado por: Marcela B , Janeiro 2014

Everything was perfect!! It was a really good choice.

Avaliado por: Shirley J , USA, Dezembro 2013

Both tour guides were well versed in the sights we saw, plus history of the region. The slight stop in Sedona was disappointing, because we could not stop on the highway to photograph any of the scenic views. However, the Navaho Indian reservation was a nice stop at their trading post. Once we arrived at the Grand Canyon things slowed down and we were treated to several stops to take photos, prior to making a late lunch stop at Bright Angel restaurant, then on to Masswick Lodge where we spent the night. The next day we enjoyed time to explore on our own, until we were picked up at the Lodge for the return trip back to Scottsdale and our condo.

Avaliado por: Dellie S , Junho 2011

it was wonderful the our guide Tom gave us a history lesson not just of the canyon but of the Arizona territory as well. He made a point of stopping at great places for pictures and souvenirs. So much to do next time we will take the three day tour.

Avaliado por: Clare H , United Kingdom, Fevereiro 2010

Fantastic staff, knowledgeable and friendly. Good tour!

Avaliado por: Michael M , United Kingdom, Fevereiro 2010

The actual visit to the Canyon was a once in a life time trip and words cannot explain this wonderful experience.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , United Kingdom, Outubro 2008

I really enjoyed the trip. Staying overnight was definitely worth it; I had a full day to explore the canyon after a good night's sleep. The only problem I had was getting back into the canyon the second morning--the shuttle driver told me he was not supposed to honor the pass I had, and it would've cost $25 to get a "valid" one. Otherwise great trip, got to see and learn a ton! Our guide on the first day was outstanding too.

Avaliado por: Claire B , United Kingdom, Setembro 2008

Both days we had wonderful tour operators. Very knowledgeable, and made the trip there and back to Sedona/Grand Canyon a lot more enjoyable with their jokes and trivia of everywhere we passed through. I'm so glad we took the 2 day trip after reviewing the 1 day trip being too short by everyone. The hotel Grand Hotel was very clean, there's a cheap continental buffet for about $7 per person in the morning for breakfast before heading back out to the Grand Canyon, or you can just go literally a 2 minute walk to plenty of other restaraunts/fast food places. We avoided the helicopter ride due to the additional cost 160.00 per person for the 20-30 minute ride, but the 4 from our 12 team that did go had a good time.
This tour made the perfect trip for myself and my husband, we had no real interest in hiking or riding the rapids at the Little Colorado river at the bottom of the Canyon, so the 2 days were more than enough time to enjoy ourselves. The second day we had from dawn until 3.15pm to enjoy the sights by ourselves without feeling like we were there too long. I would give 5 stars, but the top rating is 4 stars, so that will have to do! If you're trying to decide between 1 or 2 days, 100% go with the 2, the 1 day simply doesn't have enough legal driving hours to take in everything that you'll want to!

Avaliado por: Sheila S , USA, Agosto 2008

The hotel was not great but OK. Clean and decent bed, food was awful. Guides were great, very professional. Your staff was very cooperative!

Avaliado por: Michele H , USA, Agosto 2008

This tour was definitely worth the price. Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. I am so glad that I didn't attempt the drive from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon. I would have missed so much of the scenery and history info provided by the driver, not to mention being stressed out by a difficult and long drive. The stop in Sedona was timed just right. I must go back there again for a longer stay. Sedona is just beautiful! The Cameron Trading Post on the Navajo Reservation provided great refreshments and the gift shop was wonderful. I purchased most of my gifts there. The staff made you feel very welcome. Even though our tour bus had a flat tire there in the parking lot, our driver still managed to get us up to the canyon in plenty of time. The 2-Day tour was all I had time for on this trip to Arizona and it worked out well for me. But I am definitely going back for a much longer stay at the Grand Canyon. It is just too awesome for words to do it justice!

Avaliado por: PIETRO E , South Africa, Abril 2008

I loved the unforgettable overnight in the Grand Canyon so much! I felt lost at Angel Lodge the first time, trying to get back to the Grand Canyon Hotel, as I didn’t know that taxis were not yellow with strange names; I missed two, but would have stayed longer. My tour guides were fantastic - thanks a lot! I’ll come back next year with Sedona and Monument Valley at the top of my list. I love Arizona!

Avaliado por: AMITOJ S , Setembro 2016

It was well organized. The guides on both the days were very nice and explained a lot about all the attractions on the way.

Avaliado por: Ada , United States of America, Setembro 2016

The trip was fantastic. We got the information we needed on time. I had some questions about accommodation that were responded in a very informative and accurate way. The guides were excellent. The hotel at the Grand Canyon was very good. Everything went well. The only exception was the transportation on the way back to Phoenix. It was a small mini bus the passengers that had booked for the day had taken the best seats. We were uncomfortably seated. This lasted for half of the trip. Fortunately we changed vehicle at midway. Apart from this everything went really well. Thanks.

Avaliado por: Jill H , Abril 2011

Long trip but not enough time spent in Sedona enroute,such a beautiful town, if had known would have stayed 1 night there instead of 1 night at Canyon. Could have caught the same tour the next day, less driving, and then come home late that same day. Canyon was majestic, so beautiful whets your appetite to return .

Avaliado por: PHIL P , Abril 2011

The trip overall was very good. I lucked out and had great weather up at the Canyon, which allowed for me to experience sunrise and sunset at various locations along the south rim. Having a meal at the El Tovar is a must but is not cheap.

The drivers were very knowledgable about the northern Arizona area and had great insights into things that may not be known by the average person. Only thing I would caution if staying over at the canyon is taking a flashlight. It is not well lit due to the attraction of animals. I am going back again in the future as I want to hike further down into the canyon as the 1.5 mile hike only allowed for so much of an experience.

Avaliado por: Anônimo , Junho 2010

We loved our trip to the Grand Canyon. Our dirvers were very knowledgeable and considerate of all passengers. They were on time and gave good directions. The accomodations at the canyon were very nice.

Avaliado por: Kaye P , Canada, Dezembro 2009

My friend and I enjoyed the chance to leave Phoenix, which was very hot, and travel in an air-conditioned van to the higher altitudes and slightly cooler temperatures. Our driver gave us interesting bits of information on the geology, geography and history of the areas we were travelling through, which made the trip enjoyable. The Grand Canyon was amazing, and we saw some fantastic views while we were travelling in the van and later as we walked along the rim to enjoy a fantastic sunset. We stayed in Grand Canyon National Park overnight and saw the sun rising the next morning. The return trip was not as much fun. First of all, the van was loaded with tired people who had tried to see the Grand Canyon in a one-day trip. Maybe this is doable if you are very young, but I would never recommend it. Our driver was friendly, but we had no commentary on the trip back to Phoenix. It was just 4 hours to be gotten through. I felt this could have been changed if the driver had perhaps asked us to introduce ourselves to the other travellers, or had pointed out some of the things we might have missed on the way up to the canyon. All in all, it was definitely a trip worth taking...and there were a few things could have made it better. We didn't get much information from anybody about what the trip would be like.

Avaliado por: John W , USA, Junho 2008

The guides were great and the van was comfortable. Folks should know, though, that you spend eight hours on the van and about three hours at the Grand Canyon; no more than thirty minutes or so at any one site. Prospective buyers should calculate whether or not it's "worth it" for such a short time at the Canyon. Staying overnight was definitely worth it, otherwise, we'd have been spent the majority of our day in the van.

Avaliado por: Camilla D , Junho 2016

Dreadful start redeemed when they changed tour guide and driver. 45 minutes late on collection then drove like the clappers, scaring everyone on board. In Sedona a new driver took over than goodness and he couldn't have been better informed, or more careful. The accommodation at Grand canyon was good and it is an excellent place to stop over with so many free activities to do arranged by the park rangers. Providing this company have addressed the driver issue then I think it is a good tour.

Avaliado por: Wenbo Z , Julho 2015

The trip is great. Tour guide did not share much information other than providing transportation services.

Avaliado por: Catherine S , USA, Junho 2010

We thoroughly enjoyed the guide who drove us to the Grand Canyon. He was extremely knowledgable and gave us much information regarding the history and geography of the region. He pointed out areas of interest during the entire trip. Our only issue was with the overnight accommodations. Your confirmation indicated that we would be staying at the Grand Hotel or Best Western which, I assume would be in Tusayan. Instead, we spent the night at a cabin at Maswik Lodge. While there are some advantages to staying inside the Canyon, we would have appreciated having a choice. The accommodations were rather primitive no air conditioning and no hot water the following morning. While we very much enjoyed our ride and the Grand Canyon experience, the room left much to be desired since we do enjoy the amenities of air conditioning and hot water! We would really have preferred choosing our room and being given the option of paying extra for an upgrade.

Avaliado por: Trudi , Julho 2016

First, driver going was a bit unprofessional. Did not get a clear vision of the trip. Driver on return trip was fantastic and explained every stop and many sights along the way. Sedona visit was way too short. Too bad a fire prevented us from seeing the RED rocks were blurred. Did not know we'd be stopping at a great ethnic restaurant for lunch. Thought our stop in Sedona was it. We ate on bus and missed out on a great meal. Hotel is not for seniors. We were lucky to be in a room with air, but it was a hike uphill to our building 4 we changed it from 5 as they had nothing closer. Unless you are young and could go to bottom of Canyon, you miss a lot. I would not recommend anyone make this trip unless they can afford the helicopter tour or can get to the bottom of canyon.

Avaliado por: Youn-ho L , Junho 2016

Car picked us up was ragged, and 45 minutes behind the schedule the driver never apologize for it.
I would recommend giving a through thought on why you are choosing this option.
The tour includes transportation and one night stay in Grand canyon. Tour guide did not cover Actual grand canyon, and made me wonder exactly what they do to cost me that much money.