• Local: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Duração: 11 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: open_it_fast , Dezembro 2016

The ice climbing is definitely one of the highlights of my trip! And the guides were greats: funny and knowledgeable

Avaliado por: Danielle L , Dezembro 2016

The guides were excellent- very prepared,knowledgeable, and engaging! The views and overall experience were incredible - and we loved the ice climbing introduction!! We were the envy of our friends when we got back - ha!

Avaliado por: rmoraza , Dezembro 2016

Absolutely amazing experience. Walking on the glacier was really fun. A bit scary at first but once you get used to the crampons it is really enjoyable. The views are spectacular. The ice climbing was a bit harder than I thought but still manageable and fun. Overall this was a brilliant experience and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys a bit of adventure and doing something a bit different.

Avaliado por: Paul C , Novembro 2016

Amazing amazing is there word we used all day our guides ARMAN and GABRIELLE were fantastic we were quoted £1080 for the 4x from a dif tour, it only cost £695 worth every penny so professional felt safe all day , there knowledge is vast all mixed In with great humour all we can say is THANK YOU !!!

Avaliado por: Rob V , Outubro 2016

Absolutely amazing! Easy for beginners! The tour guides were great, friendly and a lot of fun! I highly recommend going. You can pack a lunch or buy some food/drink at a gas station/rest stop on the way. I suggest packing a sandwich and some snacks. You can bring a full backpack, but pack light. Also, do not wear baggy pants to avoid cutting them.

Avaliado por: Nicole V , Setembro 2016

Our guides were fantastic, I went alone on this tour as the group I went with was interested in something else. I was so comfortable going alone, we had great weather on our side when we arrived and got to stay on the glacier for hours. Our guides were very knowledgeable and had safety on their mind. Highly recommend this tour!

Avaliado por: Sydney H , Setembro 2016

This trip was a BLAST! Pick-up was very easy and the drive to the glacier was through fantastic scenery. The guides professional yet fun and made the ice climbing, and caves very enjoyable. Be prepared for a chill but nothing too uncomfortable. They provide you with only the necessary gear for walking and climbing on the glacier so be sure to have your warm cloths necessary with you.

Avaliado por: Yenting Y , Agosto 2016

The view from glacier is awesome. This should be in everyone's bucketlist. Our tour guide are nice and professional. I really enjoyed this tour.

Avaliado por: Jessica M , Agosto 2016

The tour guides were good! They were nice and safety oriented. It was a very special opportunity to climb a glacier and have a couple tries at ice climbing.

Avaliado por: Christen D , Junho 2016

I saw the day tour on Viator for a Glacier Hike and Ice Climb and I instantly knew that I had to do it. I was a bit nervous as I'm not in peak physical shape, but I do work out on a regular basis. I read the description and review and it said it was open to beginners. I knew it would be a demanding challenge, but it looked so fun that I could not pass it up.

I was one of seven people led by Hawk on our hike. He had lots of knowledge about glaciers, volcanoes, and many other sights around Iceland. He had lots of mountaineering experience and made sure to lead the group so that everyone kept up. It was a demanding hike, but the crampons, helmets, and ax provided to us were a great help. Not one person fell or slid on the ice.

The ice climb activity was incredibly hard, but also fun. Hawk showed us the ropes and helped us as we repelled into a crevasse and then climbed out of it. I want to go back and do it again! I have never been so tired, but so happy after a day long adventure..

Things to know:
-Bring snow pants, a snow jacket, good gloves, hiking boots, and a hat or head band for the cold.
-Make sure to put on sunblock.
Bring lunch.

Avaliado por: Silas E , Junho 2016

Great tour guides Jono and Adi made for a fun, incredible and memorable experience. Definitely recommend for all those looking for a memorable tour in Iceland.

Avaliado por: katlin1105 , Junho 2016

The tour is awesome! Juan and Haukurelis are experienced guide, very professional, patient and friendly. Mostly they are fun! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who visit Iceland. An unforgettable memory for me. I am so glad I did it! =)

Avaliado por: Leah M , Junho 2016

This was hands down the best thing we did in Iceland. Arctic Adventures picked us up at our hotel and off we went to the south coast. The drive itself was breathtaking with waterfalls in every direction. The hikes are run in small groups of no more than 8 people which is perfect for being a social activity while still getting a personal experience. The drive to the glacier was about 3hrs, we stopped at a rest station along the way for a food and bathroom break note: this is an all-day activity and there is no meal so bring lunch with you or be prepared to eat gas-station selections. Once we reached the glacier the company got us kitted out with appropriate hiking boots, cramp ons and ice picks. Our guide, Jono, was both informative and entertaining. He made sure we got a good balance of fun and education about the area and the glacier - specifically how everything is constantly changing with climate and volcano activity. If you haven't done something like this before you need to try it, this is unlike any other experience. And it's so unique to this part of the world as the glacier sits on top of volcanic ash. You can see the flakes of fresh-looking ash frozen into the now-melting ice. That ash is thousands of years old, which is absolutely mind-blowing. The views from the glacier are out of this world. There is a lake and green cliffs in one direction, snowy mountain peaks in another direction, a waterfall coming off a cliff in another direction... seriously every way you look is overwhelmingly beautiful. The hike is just challenging enough to make it worthwhile without being out of reach and the Ice Climb itself is an experience for the bucket list. I would do this excursion again a million times over. Can't recommend this highly enough...

Avaliado por: Gregory W , Abril 2016

Knowledgeable and informative tour guide and driver. Great itinerary, once in a lifetime experience in glacier hiking and ice climbing. I would definitely recommend it

Avaliado por: faith , Abril 2016

This was not only a blast, but the clarity of the water, the colors, and nature's architecture made this experience the highlight out of many potential candidates of our time in Iceland. Don't let 38 degree fahrenheit temperatures stand between you and this excursion. The only part of our bodies that got cold our index fingers. Go figure. Although you're given a thermal onesie and a wet suit, I'd recommend wearing leggings and a warm shirt for an extra layer underneath the equipment. You and your clothes will not get wet. My daughter and I were the only ones to take the tour this day. Val, a certified diver who guides you on the snorkeling, and Sigrun, who drives you ALL OVER the Golden Circle, are wonderful. They are warm, engaging, and personable. Plus, they photograph the entire swim to prove to your family and friends you did it! I couldn't recommend this tour highly enough.

Avaliado por: faith , Abril 2016

Excellent! The guides, who are very entertaining, know the glacier inside and out -- literally -- and oh, so patient. They did their best to give us the total experience. Don't be put off by the ash covering the glaciers. There's a fascinating explanation for it.

Avaliado por: jaz.trujillo , Março 2016

This was EPIC! My husband and I had a great time. Our tour guides Linas and Ayver I hope I spelled that correct were hilarious and great at explaining directions and cautions the whole time. I would highly recommend this to all.

Avaliado por: MARTA C , Março 2016

Highly recommended - great trip and great guide.

Avaliado por: David D , Fevereiro 2016

It was a wonderful trip. As a climber, personally I would have enjoyed more ice climbing, however it was a nice introduction. It was a beautiful and much appreciated experience.

Avaliado por: Brannah B , Dezembro 2015

What a beautiful experience! This was worth every penny! My husband and I both had such an amazing time. Our guide, Loki, was super! Knew so much! Would recommend this tour to anyone!

Avaliado por: Rachel F , Novembro 2015

Fun trip! The guides were very friendly and knowledgable. Really felt like we got our money's worth. Make sure to bring lots of layers and wear good boots.

Avaliado por: Daniela P , Novembro 2015

Great day trip. Arman was well informed and shared his knowledge with us. He also had great patience with us older folks attempting to ice climb.

Avaliado por: Mike S , Outubro 2015

Great activity. Quite a bit of walking to get to glacier 30 minutes and then of course hiking on the glacier, but not strenuous. The ice climbing is difficult and requires significant physical strength. We had a great time!

Avaliado por: Myron M , Julho 2015

This was a highlight in Iceland. Danny was our guide. Great humour and informative. The glacier was intimidating and achievable. The Ice Climbing was physical, but fun.

Avaliado por: Emily M , Junho 2015

This tour was amazing!