• Local: Reykjavik, Islândia
  • Duração: 8 horas (aproximadamente)
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Avaliado por: Amanda W , Janeiro 2017

Great tour! Plan to get off the bus and go on an adventure (in other words make sure you dress for it). Our tour guide, Astor, was very knowledgeable and interesting. The bonus stop was a nice added bonus!

Avaliado por: Megan L , Janeiro 2017

Our tour guide was awesome!!! He was an extra on the show and was really into the show. It was great to hear all the stories!!! Thanks for all the memories!!!

Avaliado por: Melissa P , Janeiro 2017

Great tour to go on! A not so often explored side of Thingvellier park with fantastic views and actual filming locations seen in the show. Our guide was an extra from the show and he was very funny and great to your with. One of my fave day tours in Iceland so far!

Avaliado por: gmc8russ , Dezembro 2016

Had an amazing time exploring all the locations. The tour guide was great, had a good sense of humor, and was very knowledgeable. Would recommend this trip for any traveler. The sights were absolutely stunning, and it did not feel overcrowded at all.

Avaliado por: Tamara D , Dezembro 2016

We loved this tour. The sites and the landscape were breathtaking, whether you are familiar with GoT or not. We loved seeing the locations for some of the show's scenes in season 4, although they were different ones than what was described in the tour literature. Our guides were great and loved that they had still images from the show to jog our memory. Excellent tour.

Avaliado por: Robert S , Novembro 2016

This was easily the highlight of my entire week in Iceland. Worth every single penny/Króna. Even if you don't watch the show, this is 100 worth doing.

Some context: It's a mostly all-day trip if you go in the winter time. Get on the bus at 10am, finish the tour at 5 or 6pm, get stuck in windy/snowy conditions, back at the hotel at 9 or 10pm. Honestly, though, it's still worth the trip but keep that in mind and bring extra water and snacks to avoid spending too much at rest stops, and also bring a warm wind-proof coat. You'll stop at 3 locations, maybe a 4th with a cool view unrelated to the show if the group is making good time. Definitely try to go on a clear and rain-less day so you can actually see the sights.

Our experience was a great one, and 90 of that was from the host / tour guide. We happened to get one who: 1 is an extra on the show, for reals 2 Does viking battle re-enactments and makes his own viking clothing which he wears on the tour 3 Is super funny and has literally an entire day's worth of entertaining stories to tell, which is what will be the highlight. Seriously, that tour guide deserves a promotion and a 6-figure salary.
One of the sights you stop at, if you have the tour guide we did, will pose with you in his cool outfit and pretend to stab you with his sword in a photo. Very cool and fun.

Bottom line, you should do this tour if: You want to see the beautiful countryside of Iceland but don't want to bother driving to the sights yourself, love Game of Thrones even if you don't you'll still have fun, and enjoy hearing many interesting stories. 1000 worth your time and money. Do it!

Avaliado por: Michelle T , Novembro 2016

This tour was fantastic. The locations were beautiful and the tour guide was both friendly and very witty! They were very considerate of all passengers, ensuring every one was accounted for and able to do any hiking elements before relocating the coach. I would highly recommend this tour, even if you do not watch the programme because the stops are incredibly beautiful and worth seeing on their own! Without a doubt, this is the tour to go on!

Avaliado por: Marilyn M , Novembro 2016


Avaliado por: Lauren S , Novembro 2016

Our driver, Petra, went out of her way to take pictures of my husband and I so that we had some pictures together. Our guide, Swan, was and extra in a GOT episode and he had lots of fun facts about the different locations and places along the way. A must do tour for any GOT fan.

Avaliado por: Gillian B , Outubro 2016

This was a great trip! Our guide and driver were great and we saw a lot of cool things. Our guide, Swan, was very informative and interesting - some of us had never watched the Game of Thrones but the tour was interesting enough that it didn't matter! Swan told us a lot about Iceland, the country, its culture and folk tales. It was nice to sit back and enjoy the tour and not have to worry about navigating, too. Highly recommend this tour.

Avaliado por: Charles R , Outubro 2016

A great tour. The places film locations the tour took me made me feel like I was actually in the middle of The Game of Thrones. The tour guide and driver were awesome too ad included the soundtrack, makinfg the experience come to life.

Avaliado por: Suzie P , Setembro 2016

Brilliant. Even if you're not a big fan of the series they tell you all about the history of Iceland, great scenery, v funny guides, well worth doing

Avaliado por: susie q , Setembro 2016

It was a great tour and such a beautiful country. We saw many Game of Throne sites and the tour guide was super interesting explaining the country s culture and history. Fantastic tour!

Avaliado por: AMANDA R , Setembro 2016

This tour was amazing and beautiful! We loved each stop, especially the Gorge. We kept calling it an adult playground. Our tour guide was great, it was very cool that he was a Wildling extra among other types of extras in the series.

Avaliado por: Rianna V , Setembro 2016

A fantastic day with an incredible tour guide!

Avaliado por: Craig A , Agosto 2016

This is a must do tour even if you have never seen GOT. The tour goes through most of the golden circle and takes you to a few spots you might have missed otherwise. Beautiful landscapes and just a really great tour. Highly recommend

Avaliado por: viacor , Agosto 2016

I loved this tour! Our guide Aston was very knowledgeable and funny. The bus took us to gorgeous places that were not packed with tourists unlike most tours and had some breathtaking vistas. This tour requires a good level of fitness if you are going to do the walking off the beaten paths.
My only complaint would be the place where we stopped for lunch: overpriced fried vegetarian or healthy alternative...

Avaliado por: Jay R , Agosto 2016

The guide was highly energized and made the trip! Wonderful sights with a truly exceptional last stop . Worth every penny!

Avaliado por: Briana J , Julho 2016

Awesome tour with a very knowledgeable tour guide. Really great experience!

Avaliado por: Julie W , Julho 2016

The Game of Thrones tour was absolutely stunning. The scenery was amazing and the tour guide, Sindri, was really funny and very knowledgeable.

Avaliado por: Elizabeth S , Julho 2016

Really enjoyed the trip. De De was excellent and showed us some spectacular scenery with pictures to back up the film set.

Avaliado por: Steve M , Julho 2016

If you are a fan of 'Game of Thrones', then this is an excellent trip, accompanied by a true fan of the fantasy and sci-fi genre, our guide, Deedee Darling. Very personable and an enthusiastic Fan-girl, she is a cornucopia of knowledge of all things from the television series and the books. Also included are two additional stops unrelated to 'Game of Thrones' filming locations, that are simply spectacular and thoroughly entertaining. My most favourite tour during our trip to Iceland, I enjoyed it so very much.

Avaliado por: Terri T , Julho 2016

Iceland is beautiful. Game of Thrones fans will love this. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and fun. Very cool. Also, this is a great way to get our and see some of the spectacular scenery Iceland has to offer. Hotel pick up was a breeze and the coach was comfortable. Highly recommend.

Avaliado por: paola s , Junho 2016

I love it! The Tour guide is really cool

Avaliado por: Luke C , Junho 2016

If your a GOT fan and in Reykjavik you must go on this trip, it was brilliant, made even more so by the guide Dee Dee, she is just great , except no substitutes!