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Dean F, Outubro 2015

Strokkur regularly erupts aprox every 5- 10 mins


JAYNE S, United Kingdom, Março 2009

Before walking the slippery walk to Gulfoss

Better than Old Faithful!

Lauri S, Janeiro 2016

This is just after the geysir exploded!


Hannah, Novembro 2015

I just couldn't get the timing right to take the picture when the geyser erupted, which it did every few minutes!

The Waterfall

Hannah, Novembro 2015

The Waterfall

The Geysir at Strokkur

Stephanie G, Abril 2015

Shots of the geysir in action, goes off every 5-8 minutes so you can see it go off a few times while visiting the site.


John A, Outubro 2014

Pingvellir, the oldest functioning parliament in the world