• Local: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Duração: Puffin cruise: 1 hour
    Whale-watching cruise: 2.5 or 3.5 hours (depending on boat) (aproximadamente)

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Avaliações em outros idiomas

Avaliado por: Knut-Christian G , Setembro 2016

Vi var mycket nöjda med både Puffin tour och Whale-Watchin tour. Lunnefåglarna var så charmiga och vi fick riklig tid att betrakta dem. Valskådningsturen blev en succé tack vare en knölval på riktigt showhumör, som verkligen visade allt. Dessutom utmärkt kvinnlig marinbiolog som guide. Stort tack!

Avaliado por: Terrence Z , Agosto 2016

The tour group did a professional job. We were fortunate to see several humpbacks and several minke whales. The puffins had pretty much cleared out for the season, but we did see some. If you want puffins, go earlier in the summer

Avaliado por: telbaz , Julho 2016

I loved it. We saw its of Puffins. We got lucky and saw 5 whales. Dress Warm. It gets very cold on the boat.

Avaliado por: Richard H , Julho 2016

Despite the high winds, seeing the puffins was a in their nesting location was a treat.

Avaliado por: Marilyn Kay J , Junho 2016

Great puffin viewing, great, knowledgeable guide.

Avaliado por: Krisztina T , Junho 2016

I had the two tour on one day, whale watching from 9, and puffin watching at 12:30. There were a 30min break between them. It is useful to pick up the receipts from the sales office, than use the viator voucher on the boats. The staff was very helpful, and kind!

Avaliado por: Christian M , Setembro 2015

Great trip loads of puffins very active.
Whales were amazing. Was exciting to see humpback and minke

Avaliado por: James K , Setembro 2016

Make sure to be at the front of the boat on the whale watching tour as the boat tends to chase the whales

Avaliado por: Roger R , Agosto 2016

Tour operator is well organized and on schedule unfortunately the time of the year we visited was the end of the puffin season

Avaliado por: Britt S , Agosto 2016

Nice facilities on the boat, warm cloths. Guide very knowable. Puffin tour too short.

Avaliado por: David S , Agosto 2016

Hard to hear guide talking about the puffins at times, especially when turning to address other visitors. Maybe some sort of headphone/speaker system?

Avaliado por: Rosemarie S , Agosto 2016

Was a good small boat trip. I expected more puffins but did get to see some. Would do it again on a small boat.

Avaliado por: nico v , Julho 2016

This tour was amazing!

Avaliado por: Andrew C , Junho 2016

The tour was so much fun! We saw probably 6-8 Minkes, 3-4 dolphin families, and tons of different birds. The crew were very curteous, answering any questions and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The only isue I had, was I'm not sure if I ever went on the Puffin Cruise. I went one the Whale-Watching Tour and it was about 4-4.5 hours. When I got off the boat, no one mentioned anything about the Puffin Cruise, and frankly, I forgot to mention it. No real loss, as I really enjoyed myself on the Whale-Watching Tour, just would have been nice to get my money's worth.

Avaliado por: John P , Junho 2016

Whale watching was fun. The guides were helpful and knowledgeable. We had brief sightings of two humpbacks. The best part was the family of dolphins that joined us. Very fun. The guides on the puffin tour worked very hard to get us the best view of the birds, both on land and on the water.

Avaliado por: Craig A , Agosto 2016

I can't really say anything bad about the tour. We seen a few whales and we did see the puffins but it was a very lackluster tour. The tour hosts were great so I won't say it was bad just not very exciting. Don't go into this expecting to see whales leaping out of the water. Realistically you might spot a few whales just cresting the water.

Avaliado por: Andrea H , Junho 2016

Hi...we really enjoyed the Puffin cruise and the Whale Watching. I did think that we would have got a closer look at the Puffins but it was nice to see them flying around, The whale watching was excited each time we sited the humpback whale, so good to see them in their own environment and free!

Avaliado por: Alina I , Maio 2016

The puffins cruise was stunning. I really liked it. We could see a lot of puffins during our trip so it really deserved.

In what concerns whales watching I can tell you that I'm somewhere between enjoying and not all, because we paid for 3.5h and we stayed only 2h. The problem is that the captain of the ship really went to fast I think the speed was around 80km/h and I started to not feel good I really had problems half of the trip and I could not really enjoy the whales as the others did, I mean half of the boat enjoyed and the other half, well you know what I mean.

Overall the experience was good to excellence, and we really enjoy it. The crew was there for us whenever we needed.

Bless, bless!

Avaliado por: cally h , Agosto 2015

It was very cold and sometimes you don't get to see things because of which side of the boat you are on. I only saw one whale and that was it. I am glad that I did it, but I probably wouldn't do it again.

Avaliado por: Kenneth B W , Junho 2016

Didn't see any whales, spent far too long chasing dolphins though on the Whale-Watching tour. The puffin cruise was excellent!

Avaliado por: Brenda G , Junho 2016

Guides were friendly enough but not enthusiastic or helpful.

Avaliado por: gretchen.alonso , Maio 2015

Since winter season has been longer this year we saw a few whales and only 5 puffins. Even though before going on the puffin tour they advised that there only a few puffins.

Avaliado por: Charles , Maio 2015

I was very disappointed for the two cruises. The whole 3.5 hour whale-watching cruise was feeling the strong wind from sea without any whale. For the puffin cruise, we supposed they could take us to some island to observe puffin closely, but the fact was overlooking puffins from boat. Pictures are very misleading.